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TP-Link Tapo C400S2 1080p Smart Wire-Free Security Camera System (2-Pack) $99 @ Kmart


Bought last one in Airport West, but seems like you can add to bag and get it delivered for free as well. 😁

Selling in other shops between $300 to $400.…

Happy Hunting!


Smart. Secure. Easy.

Install the Tapo C400S2 anywhere with up to 180 days long battery life. 1080p Full High Definition captures more detail and the Smart AI Detection identifies people, pets and cars, notifying you as needed.

Feel extra secure with the C400S2's Sound Alarm. This can be triggered to frighten away unwanted visitors.
Never miss a delivery again! Two-way audio allows you to communicate remotely with people at your front door.

Save recorded videos locally to the hub-installed microSD card (up to 512GB) or use Tapo Care cloud storage to keep your videos secure.

The Tapo C400S2 is IP65 weatherproof and dustproof for flexible placement outdoors.

Easily set up your cameras through the Tapo app within minutes.

Product Details
2 pack
Dimensions/Size: 22.5cm (H) x 35cm (W) x 10.9cm (D)
Includes Tapo C400 cameras (battery included), Tapo H200 Hub, USB adapter, USB adapter cable, DC power adapter, mounting screws, mounting templates, camera brackets, quick start guide and RJ45 ethernet cable
Product weight: 1.25kg
180-day battery life: The rechargeable and removable battery with a low-power protocol extends your usage
1080p full high definition live view: Check 24hrs clear live view through the Tapo app
IP65 weatherproof: Helps Tapo C400S2 perform well even in harsh environments with rain and dust
Sound alarm: Trigger sounds as an alarm when motion is detected
Wire-free placement: No wires means you can place the cameras almost anywhere inside or outside – whatever works for you!
Two-way audio: Communicate in real-time through a built-in microphone and speaker
Activity zone: Notifies you when activity is detected in your specific zone
Smart AI detection and notification: Smart AI identifies people, pets and cars, notifying users as needed
Flexible storage choices: Save recorded videos on the hub-installed microSD card (Up to 256GB) or using Tapo Care cloud storage service
2-camera system
Works with Amazon Alexa and Hey Google

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  • So this is like eufy? No monitoring system needed?

  • Does it have night vision

      • +5

        There is, why u lie
        Night Vision:
        850 nm IR LED up to 49 ft/15m

    • The specs say it's got an ir led, but I'm assuming it takes a huge dump on your battery life to keep it on during the night. Also you typically need a tiny motor powered momentarily to move a small filter out of place when you begin night mode. (The IR-cut filter)

      • +1

        I have a eufy wireless cam (so no, not this one) and battery life is respectable.

        The eufy one uses a PIR motion module, and only turns on the IR lights when it senses motion.

        • +1

          battery life is respectable

          What is that in days?
          Thank you.

  • How does this last 180 days on battery, that amazing really.

    • +4

      I had this on my driveway with corner block house it only last 20-25 days, bcz it gets triggered a lot bcz of activity, you can select zone and wake up options but still won’t last more than 40-50 days.

      • How is this camera overall? Good enough to buy a few kits and secure your home?

        • +2

          With this price really good, but get one extra battery to always ready to replace.

          • +3

            @Magna2600: The A100 battery is $49 so might aswell buy another kit with 2 cameras for $99

            • @thorpef1: Next: Need a deal on the battery. But of course 2 sets are great too at this price.

            • @thorpef1: Any cheaper battery options on eBay?

  • Awesome! Thanks OP!

    Apparently I was looking at the 420's pre-release but I guess the 400's will do?

  • Thankyou.

    I was about to get the 2k version during black friday but didn't, for this price it's a no brainer

  • Out of stock at Morayfield , site says low stock

    • +7

      Zero is famously quite a low number

  • Good find OP

  • Good find. Does Tapo charge any subscription fees?

    • +2

      There’re some advanced features requiring a sub but that’s optional

  • Not this one but I'm using Tapo 2k C420S4 cameras with hub, so far its insanely great.
    Recording gets stored in my local MicroSD card (256GB) and the battery life is much longer than I've expected.
    I've been using Arlo the 1st gen for last 8 years, maybe, and lucky I was able to switch to Tapo before their 7 days free Cloud gets sunset soon.

    The Tapo App is not quite straight forward compare to Arlo, but not too bad.
    Ask me for any questions.

    • How often do you need to charge the battery?

      • +1

        Been using this set for 1 week now only lol but it was set to record 24/7 cause I was not aware of all the settings so by default it recorded whole day for any movements.
        Now the battery % is 98.

        You can also buy a battery pack (Tapo A100) and swap it when you need so very convenient compare to Eufycam.

        • Hi, if set to record 24/7, how long does recording last before the hub storage is full? And how much storage are you having?

          • @bargainfinder: It depends on the storage size of SD card and the movements detected. I haven't made it full yet but it gets automatically over-written.
            So far, for 1 week of 24/7, recordings taken about 2GB

            • +1

              @Dalgona456: Thats for continuous footage from 2 cameras? Extremely low for 24/7 recording.

              • @bargainfinder: 4 cameras, all in 2K resolution. Please note that 24/7 means it detects and record movement only in 24 hours so mostly have recordings during morning, afternoon. Now I changed the setting so it only records when it gets dark.

                • @Dalgona456: Oh i get what you mean now. Can it be set to record continuously?

                  • +3

                    @bargainfinder: No you can turn it on to detect any kind of movement for 24/7 and record, but not continuously.
                    I don't think any of these "wireless" security camera can "record" 24/7

                  • @bargainfinder: Battery wont last one day if it's set to record continuously.

    • Can you access the local recordings via the Tapo app? The Arlo does not let you access the local recordings via the app.

      • +1

        Yes you can do in the same network or remotely (when you are outside)

        • +1

          Thank you for taking the time to reply. Much appreciated.

    • can this be plugged in permanently so we dont need to worry about charging?

      • With solar panel? Yes

    • @Dalgona456, Do you know if the push notifications/alerts would work in Arlo after the EOL date?

      • Arlo? I guess the notification might work but there will be no recordings available, if you pay for the Cloud, then it should be Yes I guess.

        • Thanks. That's exactly what I gathered from their announcement but I was not sure. For me if they at least support the notifications then I can continue to use it without the subscription. I can probably live without the cloud recordings.
          I was not aware of the EOL until I saw your comment above.

          • +1

            @Ronney: Consider Eufy for Tapo if you want to upgrade ;)

            • @Dalgona456: Thanks @Dalgona456. Yes I would have to go for Eufy if I needed to upgrade. I am trying to delay that as much as possible. I have 5 Arlo cameras with solar panels and don't want to start things all over. Your mention of the micro usb port on the Tapo made me purchase a couple from this deal and hopefully I can at least repurpose the solar panels if the Arlo becomes completely useless. Thanks again for your help.

    • Hi, do you find that 256gb card enough? How long many days does it take for your 4 cams to fill it up? I am deciding whether to get 256gb or 512gb. Thanks

      • I have a 256gb card in mine and have 1 camera (c400 1080 resolution) and 1 doorbell (ds230 2k resolution) configured at the moment. Between the two devices I'm getting around 60 recordings a day.
        So far it's 2.4gb full after 9 days. I should get 2 years at this rate

        • Wow, thank you for letting me know. Thats is a long time. And do you have much movement during the day? I have my mum at home so it detect her alot at the back during the day. As the 512gb cost about 2.5 times the 256gb so i am learning toward 256gb if it last for such a long time. Even with my 4 cams setup( 3 now as 1 is dead) it should last a fair while then.

        • How do you find your c400 at night vision? I check all 3 of my cams live view at night. At first 3 second it is very clear with colour, but after that some light/sensor/ mode kick in and it make part of the cams looked affected by some glare, and all colour turn black and white. I have look around but have not found a way to fix this issue.

          • @bargainfinder: Night mode will be black and white.
            I think you can manually set it if it's night or day mode so if you have sufficient lifting you can set it to stay in colour mode
            I also get some glare off the eve that it is near

            About 60 recordings per day between both devices.

            Just remember more movements/recordings per day will drastically reduce battery life

            • @thorpef1: Will have a look again. I dont mind black and white, but it is not as clear and that glare is annoying. Thank you for your reply

      • 256 should be enough

  • Placed an order for one.

    Do you know if you can place them outdoors which will take rain and sun?

    Can you plug a solar panel like the ones for Eufy devices?

    • Yes to both

      • +1

        So there’s a charging output at the back of the camera to mount the solar panels? I thought you have to open the device to get to battery and then charge.
        For example Eufy has USB C port and all I did was connect Solar panel which it working very well.

        • +1

          At the back of this camera, there is microUSB port that you can connect solar panels cable to it.

          • @Dalgona456: Can you please link me a solar panel that can help charge it? Or the one U use IF you do

            • +3

              @gapa11302614: Tapo A200 is the solar panel for this camera.

              I dont know if other generic ones would work with this or not

          • @Dalgona456: Thank you so much mate.

          • @Dalgona456: So does this mean if you have a PowerPoint you can plug this in to it and not rely on the battery at all?

            • +2

              @bravyboy: If that power point can hook up with microUSB with USB adapter I think Yes.

  • -6

    Got the last 2 in Broadway suckaz

  • +1

    Just ordered 2 for delivery, fingercross if it get fulfilled

    • delivery? slim chance, should have ordered pickup

      • +1

        My 3 local store are oos

  • Thanks op.. i too hope my order goes through👍

  • -5

    They need router, WIFI, mobile phone, app, ethernet, internet. Too many stuff. Just sell your camera like video recorder to the SD card. Gees

    • -1

      It seems that Reolink Go Plus 4G LTE works without WIFI and ethernet.
      But not sure after the initial setup, if it still needs sim card in it and data usage to record SD card without live streaming or other functions?

  • They have cancelled my order already

    • did you order for delivery?

      • My C&C was cancelled so I have tried delivery now

    • Did you order click and collect?

      • My click and collect was cancelled and so I reordered for delivery with no further update so far

  • -1

    brought 2 thanks OP

  • Out of stock at Burwood, placed online order instead which hopefully gets fulfilled

  • Ordered 2 THanks OP

  • Is it legal to have these facing towards the front lawn which can record people walking past?

    • +3

      Yes dad

      • +1

        As long as not recording someone's else private property should be safe. Thanks son :)

  • I'm still waiting for my C210 from amazon, I guess this is quite better for the battery and usb plug. Thanks OP.

  • Without subscription with these (or others) can you view remotely whenever you want via phone while it stores locally, and if you fire up the phone to view but there's no motion does it turn on for viewing and record?

    • +2

      Just turn off my phone's wifi and still be able to stream it without a subscription.

    • +1

      Yes and yes, except it won't autorecord if you just want to check it. But when it comes up, you can hit the record button.

  • Out of stock online, not sure about at the shops

    • Just ordered 2 x online

  • Thanks OP. Just ordered 2.

  • Thanks OP purchased a set, I don't really need them - but when does that matter when you're getting a bargain :-)

    • +1

      same ahahahah thanks after pay.

    • KMart just cancelled and refunded my money, oh well,

  • +1

    Thanks for shopping with us. We'll notify you when your order ships in 3-5 business days, with delivery tracking details. Availability is confirmed only when we pack your item/s.

    Let's see what happens.

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