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Prometheus (Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Copy) (BigW Exclusive) $22.82 + Shipping at BigW


BigW exclusive with art book. I believe shipping is $2 for the capital cities. It says the deal is online only so I'm not sure if it will be available in store.

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    About the same price as getting it from Amazon US and about a dollar more expensive than Amazon UK and you will get it much faster from Big W so a great deal on a brand new bluray :)

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      It seems local distributors for Hollywood movies are beginning to pay attention. Gone are the days of charging $35 for a new Blu-ray when it's much cheaper inc air mail from UK/USA.

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        One of the reasons these prices should be supported.

      • New blu rays have been around this price since Iron Man 2 on blu ray or earlier

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        Unfortunately the cheap prices don't necessary last long. Yesterday I saw The Avengers blu-ray at JB for $40 which is just crazy.

        Still, good to see movies are reasonably priced at some point in their release cycle.

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        Local distributors are not lowering there prices; Big W, JB etc are lowering their prices on certain new releases and losing money on them which they call 'loss leaders'. These key titles are to get people in-store where they hopefully buy other products which have margin in them. I can guarantee the new release prices from distributors have not changed.

  • Only $2 delivery to my place (metro Melbourne), so that's pretty cool. Would be better if there was a deal on the 3D version too, but not a big fan of 3D anyway. Ordered! Thanks OP!

  • Great deal except after the Avengers debacle I wont be preordering anything with Big W. There's every possibility the price will decrease before its released and they wont come to the party and you'll be forced to call them and cancel the old preorder and make a new one.

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      What happened with the Avengers debacle? Just curious.

      • They put the price up for the 3D version as a preorder at $32. Then a couple of days later dropped the price to $27. They refused to automatically drop the price for those of us who had already preordered and instead you had to call them up on the phone, cancel the order and make a new one which was a lot of stuffing around to save a few bucks.

        • Can't seem to edit the above. But thought I should add a bit more. I'm not saying don't preorder or buy from Big W.. just be very wary of their policy when you do. Personally if Big W are going to get into the preordering game they need to meet the policies of most other online (and B&M) retailers that the price you pay is the cheapest price they've offered. Gives you a peace of mind when preordering.

          Least with B&M you pay for it when you pick it up so that you can price match other retailers. With you paying immediately you lose that ability to barter.

  • They have the same version on there too for $39. Only difference is the BigW has an art book and is exclusive to their store.

    I'm sold!!!


    • You sold your soul ? How's sad!

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    this movie was crap. so much potential - first 30 mins = cool. then the rest is terrible

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      Agree - absolutely rubbish movie with a very flat plot. Felt like a total waste of money & time after watching it.

    • I haven't seen it, but I saw a review on TV that said the bluray is much better than the theatrical release because of the alternate beginning and alternate ending.

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        Is Ripley in the alternate ending?

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          Prometheus (Year 2093) Alien (Year 2122)
          So probably not.

      • The cut on the bluray is exactly the same as the theatrical cut. Alternate scenes are under deleted scenes.

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      Totally. I'm sure the blu-ray will look great, but why buy it when it's got zero rewatchability because of the awful plot?

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      I thought it was great. Intelligent sci-fi.
      If you were expecting Alien (horror) or Aliens(action), yes, you would be disappointed, but as a stand alone film, I thought it was excellent.
      I'm looking forward to the sequel, to see how they bridge this to Alien (1979)

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        A lot of people seem to disagree, especially with "Intelligent sci-fi".

        • give me something people do not disagree on( and I'll make a a rich man)
          * terms and conditions apply

        • Folks on blu-ray.com were more sympathetic. As in most of the (eight) people liked it.

      • Thank you, I think the film is a great standalone and would have had much more positive reviews if it wasn't an alien prequel.

    • I agree its hard to follow and has a lot of question unanswered but its far from a bad movie. It just leaves a lot of room for a sequel (which I read somewhere is coming).

    • 100% agree. This move blows. Shame on you Ridley Scott.

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      I'm surprised at the hate for this movie! I personally thought it was a stellar sci-fi. I went in having no idea that it was related to the Alien movies and loved the way it built connections with those movies along the way. I loved the atmosphere and found the movie to be genuinely engaging and "post-movie-conversation" provoking. To each their own but seriously - saying "crap movie, not even worth to put here" doesn't really help anyone - hell, it's not even English.

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        I suspect the haters heard Alien prequel, and thought it would be an action film.

        Or maybe they were Alien fans, and disappointed that it didn't lead directly into Alien.
        Myself, I loved that it didn't lead directly into Alien, and left gaping holes between the two films. Normally that's a bad thing, but in Prometheus, as Johnno07 said, creates "post-movie-conversation".

        And that can't be a bad thing.

        So….haters, specifically, what was it about the plot you hated. It had just as much of a plot as any of the other Alien films (and more than AvP)

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          Aliens was more of an action film, Alien was more suspense horror I thought. But there were so many things left unexplained, which is why they've been advertising the deleted scenes on the bluray which are supposed to "Answer all the questions".

          This just about sums it up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x1YuvUQFJ0

          I don't think it's comparable to Ridley's previous Sci-fi's.

          I was still pretty amazed watching it at IMAX Sydney in 3D though.

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          You really need to watch that link Shaun put up. It sums up us "haters" to the letter. We did not hate it because it was not action/build up to Alien/other "non-intelligent" reason. It was a terrible film put together with not only plot holes, but stupid stuff like geoligist getting lost in a cave when he had a 3D layout of the place and was directly connected to the guy who they could ask, and … too many reasons.

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          I didn't hate the movie but there were plot holes big enough to drive a truck through.

          The fact that the trillion dollar mission had some of the most incompetent crew i've ever seen before is the real kicker (oh look there's an alien snake looking thing. he must be friendly)

        • That was always my main annoyance at the original Alien film. "Here Kitty Kitty!!" Enough said.

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    I like the movie, cant wait for part 2

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    didn't realise i had mistakenly stumbled onto ozmoviecritics.com.au

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      Yes, we're supposed to discuss the deal not the product like good little peons, but the reality is that you cannot know if the deal is good without some reference to the quality of the product. Plus some people wanted their movie ticket prices refunded, they thought the movie's plot was that bad, so I guess they want to vent ;-)

    • ^This made me LOL so hard it pissed off the missus (who was asleep beside me)

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        When I first read that, I read I…….ON the missus. whoops.

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          That's normally Thursday nights…

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    I bought the Prometheus 3D (4 Disc Collectors Edition) 3D Blu Ray/Blu Ray/Dvd/Digital Copy just recently for $35 on eBay its also a steal @$22 for 2D :)

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    Wayy more than I'm used to paying for a bluray since on Ozbargin, I would expect a boxset for this price however I am a big fan so sold

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    I am not surprised to learn this is a not so great movie (I could use much worse language). It has a great theme,and started quite well, however it ends abrouptly with a cheap plot.

  • I pre-ordered the 3D, 4Disc edition off of Amazon (US) for $24.99. Received it last Friday. I urge fans to go for the 4 Disc Edition, purely for the bonus features. This is a great deal from Big W though and nice to see a new release at a below $30 price. Might recommend this to the old man who thoroughly enjoyed this film.

    • 3D worth it to skip this offer?

      • Well you get the 4th Disc so to me that makes it worth it. I don't believe you get the special features disc with the edition in the Big W offer. 3D is fantastic for this film as is the sound quality. Having the 3D disc there doesn't hurt anyway, almost future proofing yourself somewhat.

        • I think I'll go with either Amazon.com or .co.uk then Cheers.

  • How much is the art book, or is it exclusive to Big W? Might check Amazon.

    edit: Is this it?

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      No way. I'd put money on the fact that it will be a flimsy slim 8 page stapled thing like the Avengers comic that was exclusive at Big W. In other words, not really worth bothering with.

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    The problem with this deal is that the movie sucked.

    Apart from the plot holes, $1 trillion dollars will only buy you dumb-asses for a crew.

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    Here's the honest movie trailer for Prometheus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBaKqOMGPWc&feature=plcp

    The movie only stunk cause Damon Lindelof was the writer for it.

    • Good watch ;)

  • average movie so im passing but great price though

  • Just noticed it's the same price in the catalogue, so I assume it will be available in store at this price also. Could have saved $2 on shipping and gotten it quicker but meh.

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    The movie was absolute crap. I can't believe I went to IMAX to see that (Yes, I am a big Alien/Aliens fan).

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    A 7.3/10 on imdb.com from 183,000 votes suggests it was very good.
    I saw it at the cinema and really enjoyed it. I'd give it about 8/10. Alien and Aliens are worthy of 9/10

  • Its a good movie, especially if you didn't realise it was an Alien prequel.

  • Why buy this when the Directors Cut will be out soon.

    • Supposedly Scott has said there wont be a directors cut.

  • +3

    Good price.

    As a side note, having seen the trailer I thought this film was pretty disappointing. It starts off intriguing but the acting is poor, characters are shallow and plot holes are everywhere.

  • Surely this will be in the TOTALLY ALIEN blu-ray remastered pack next year for $35 from Amazon.

    BTW, DVDfab still can't crack this baby…

    • It doesn't use that Cinavia protection does it? The one where a watermark is embedded in the audio stream.

      • Use something other than a Sony product and you wont have a problem.

    • Care to link to this "totally alien" blu-ray?

  • Just saw Blu-ray at the BigW(Belmont, WA). It was same 22.82 dollars in the store too.

  • $22.82 in store today (wednesday)

    Booklet is 18 pages of screenshots and artwork/sketches.

    Big W is going to be the cheapest for this and if you're not interested in the 3D then go for it if you want the movie. Price matching is probable.

    Prices today (wednesday) for the Triple Play Kmart $35 Target $29 JB $35 (I think)

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