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Ozito PXC 18V Cordless Cylinder Mower Kit $219 (Was $249) in-Store Only @ Bunnings


Essentially an Ozito PXC 18V 380mm Cordless Cylinder Lawn Mower but with a 4.0mAH battery & compact fast charger. Fairly niche product. It is not recommend to pick up this mower if you are looking to leave your grass for a long time to grow. It has a difficult time with tall grass unless you are going to use a trimmer first, then go over it with this. Online reviews say this gives a great scissor action cut, so take that as you will.

Discontinued / Deleted Line and is no longer accessible on the Bunnings website. Feel free to follow through to check stock around Australia and the item number is: "0497957" if you want to ask about it.

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  • +5

    Great little machine. Except for the catcher. The catcher sucks balls.
    Plenty of online community to show repairs/mods & offer help too.

    • +2

      Agree with all you said. The key is to stay on top of your lawns. It’s actually easier/quicker to mow more frequently

    • I never considered using the catcher. Been using one of these mower for a few years. Happy with it, but I still need to use the regular mower from time to time.

  • +1

    Is this the machine with the lawn cult following?

    • I believe so. It's just a good alternative to buying a gigantic real cylinder mower which is like $1500-3000 ish. A lot of people seem to really like it.

      • Better cut than any rotary you'll get for the price but nothing compared to a proper, heavy cylinder mower

    • Yes it is. I have one.
      It’s a much better cut than a rotary mower. It’s light and quiet. Catch is terrible, but you don’t need to use it all the time either

  • +1

    Dammit bought one last weekend after I saw they were deleted lines.
    Castle Hill NSW H
    had heaps on Sunday.
    Works well, I used it without the catcher and left the clippings as mulch

  • So i can stripe my lawn with this?

    • -2

      No. Not enough roller weight.

      • Noted..thanks blokes!

        • People have upgraded these with steel rollers, rollers filled with concrete, 20kg dumbbells and a whole lot more! There is a Facebook page that is worth checking out.
          'Some' do get stripes, but in my experience I have not with weight alone (20kg of potting mix sitting on the mower)

    • +1

      Plenty of people get stripes with these, just gotta add some weights to the top

    • I have one and it does faint stripes. There is a mod you can do that gives you better striping. A common mod is to put dumbbells, sandbag on top to give it more weight to assist with striping as well.

    • Not really, but kinda.
      Add an orange Bunnings temporary fence foot ($22) will help, but also make mowing harder. Some have put carpet or artificial turf on the bottom of the terrible catcher which seems to both help striping and prevent the stitches from wearing out.

    • Yes it can be done by adding weights or heavier roller. Check this fb group out for help. https://www.facebook.com/groups/309289604201182/?ref=share&m…

  • +5

    I have this mower, it's awesome. I have couch with some buffalo mixed in. Front and rear lawns on less than one 4ah battery.

    I chucked the catcher as soon as I unboxed it.

    Very light and easy to push. I hang it from the handle so takes up essentially zero shed floor space.

    I was using a push reel mower for about the last 10 years that was end of life. I got sick of the bulky pull start petrol slasher victor before that. This Ozito was cheaper than a new push model and I already have the batteries so got the skin version.

    Just need to be a bit careful not to mow where there's sticks or rocks that can jam it and damage the blades. Twigs are fine though.

    I wholeheartedly recommend.

    • How big is your yard and how often do you have to cut? I have the normal 18v basic one and I go through the batteries mowing my lawn. If I could do front and back on one battery I might be up for cutting a bit more often, especially if the result was better

      • I have a small lawn, this mower handles the nature strip and back yard on a full 2ah PXC battery… just.

    • Haha how good is a rock going through it! Sounds like it's going to explode. 😂😂

  • Needs an upgraded roller and additional weight to get the best out of it.

    Google the handle bar mod also to get a bit more reach.

  • Just a noob question what it the benifit of this kind of mower compared to a traditional battery mower from ryobi (I have a 18v mower)

    • +1

      This is similar to the mowers used for a tennis court or golf course green. It can produce manicured results if you top dress your lawn to level it out and tenderly love your grass to avoid any patches or unevenness.
      One for the amateur green keeper or croquet aficionado. Not so good for a lumpy suburban back yard with gum tree sticks, a few rocks and the odd hot wheels car in the grass you let get too long.
      Can get magnificent results if you want to spend the time and effort, but more fussy than most people need.

    • +1

      A better cut, grass cut by two pieces of metal coming together in a scissor like cut rather than slashed by a blade. A properly sharpened reel mower will actually cut paper like scissors if you slowly turn the reel by hand and slide paper in. Check this video for an explanation : https://youtu.be/z96Vh5tfZsI?si=gPXZoSSIwVlBy3oW&t=399

  • +1

    It can do faint stripes. The result looks better than the rotary mower because of the clean scissor cut and it's supposed to be good for grass health.

    But I had returned it twice in the last two years because the cylinder stopped moving. I finally gave in and got the brushless rotary one instead. I think the problem is more about my lawn and gumtrees than a bad product. It should be good if

    • Your lawn is relatively flat
    • No hard objects, e.g. no rock, exposed tree roots, gumtree nuts and branches
    • which brushless rotary one did you get?

      • +2

        I got the cheapest 300mm rotary on last Monday because the cylinder mower died on me on Sunday.

        Too bad I missed the better deals in the last two months: 330mm brushless with 4a Kit with much better price at $149.98, 370mm telescopic mower kit with better width and the brushless steel deck mower kit with better performance.

        I forgot to mention one important thing on the cylinder mower. Don't forget to put on the thick gloves when doing anything on the cylinder, e.g. removing the stuck object, adjusting the blade. It's dangerously easy to have the fingers trapped between the blades when turning/spinning the cylinder manually.

        • Even switched off the cylinder has taken a good bite at the side of my thumb into the nail while I was dislodging something.

        • +1

          Yeah..doesn't seem like a super bargain… maybe in a couple of weeks it might drop further..if there is still stock around.

          According to nrby.. some stores have heaps…most have none.

  • How does this compare to 36v mower?

    • +1

      This is not really made for mowing tall grass. If you want power and you’ve got a big yard, then the 36V is more suited. If you’re someone wanting to get that manicured lawn look without buying a giant cylinder mower that golf courses use for $1500-3000, then this is for you.

  • +1

    Anyone wanting to pick up a steel roller for it in Perth SOR, I got one from these guys in Canning Vale. (In other states too, be aware that they charge different prices in store and online but can order C&C. They have multiple branded web sites also so worth googling the part as sometimes one is cheaper than the other.)

    • did you find that one was a simple install? sizing and everything was good?

      • Yeh size is good and easy to install, though I'm not sure if there are heavier options. It's a little better than the plastic one but would have been good if it was heavier.

        You can't close the rear catcher door all the way with it installed (maybe depends on cutting height) but for me it it's a good thing to as I pretty much every time would forget to open it when I cut the grass and now I just leave it open :)

  • +1

    Saw a post on the FB group that these were going for $150 in Noarlunga SA (but OOS now). Here's a repost of the pic though if it helps anyone for a price protection claim or whatnot.

    • I tried price matching this in VIC a couple of days ago and had no luck, unfortunately.

      • Yeh gotta get lucky for them to price match their own clearances. But for anyone with price protection here's a an even better deal someone got.

        • Thanks, I’ll try my luck at another store!

    • Snapped up one for $140 this evening… was listed at $150.

      The trick is to try and find a store with two in stock (there will only be one left on display with the other being the infamous non-existent last one). With some luck the box will be pretty beaten up since it's the worst one left over. Take it to the tool counter and ask if they have another one whilst playing up the poor condition of the box. They'll say it's a deleted line, no more left etc etc, ask if they can knock anymore off and they definitely will … the amount seems to be at the complete discretion of the cashier.

  • Great little mower! You may need to train your lawn. Don't expect to be cutting your over grown lawn with this.

  • +2

    Bought one this morning from Rynella SA for $120. Seems like they are really trying to clear them out.

    • Sounds like SA has all the cheaper ones but NSW has too much stock that they're all around $219.

      • Yeh, someone posted a price from Mt Barker on the FB group, $89.95!

    • Many there @SniperSam?

  • -1

    Managed to get one for $175 Rothwell QLD :)

    • Marked down? Or did you have to do some haggling?

  • +5

    Picked one up yesterday from the Parafield SA store, that had it priced as $219. I'd noticed the Edwardstown SA store had one left and they had been slowly reducing the price down over the last week to what ended up being $70 yesterday. Parafield store was happy to price match. It helped that this item was still showing on the power pass app. Even better that I had a $50 gift card, so only $20 out of pocket.
    Receipt if this helps anyone.



  • What happens if i remove the catcher and use it for overgrown lawn? Will it cut tall grass?

  • I've had mine for about a year, even at full price they're pretty good value for money. Cuts grass well, easier to cart around than my old scott bonnar (which is pretty much not used now).

    I've done the steel roller mod and found marginal improvement. The main problem that I had and others is the belt snapping. You can replacements from ebay, I chose the cheapest option from overseas but have been waiting for nearly 2 months (ozbargain tightass mentality kicked in because they were $10). Bunnings can order the replacement belts apparently but not worth it. Buy from ebay and save a packet (maybe not slow boat from china like me).

    In saying that, I bought the mower and charger 2nd hand (but practically new) for $20!

  • Bought one at Bunnings Canberra Airport for 110
    I saw 2 left

    • Deleted item but not all stores are price matching. Seems mainly NSW enjoying the benefits.

      • Bunnings Rydalmere declined to price match.

  • Hey folks,

    Do you recommend this for a yard with a slight slope?


    • +1

      Should be ok, but as others have mentioned you would not want to have too large a space or leaving grass too long

  • +1

    Got it price matched to $99 at Bunnings Oakleigh South in VIC today. Spoke to the trade desk, who then got the OK by calling a manger. The guy at the desk noticed it was deleted stock so he just rang to get an approval to match. I asked one of the customer service staff earlier, and they flat out told me they couldn't price match another store - I'm assuming because they couldn't look at a screen that showed it was deleted. So I guess my tip is talk to someone in front of a computer where they can look up the inventory system.

    • Hi funky monkey
      Which bunnings store did you say had it for 99 for oakliegh to match too?

      • Used the receipt from this post. It was a store in WA

        • Cool thanks for letting me know.
          Looks like its been taken down.

  • Can someone please repost the reciept at $99

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