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Ozito PXC 18V 330mm Brushless Lawn Mower 4.0Ah Kit $149.98 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ OnePass) @ Bunnings


Part of Bunnings Black Friday sale.

Cracking deal on this small mower. Ideal for smaller well kept areas.

A friend of mine has this mower and she is very happy with it. Mainly because of its light weight and ease of use.

I have used it at her place and it works well if you manage expectations. It will bog down and occasionally cut out in long grass if you push it too hard. But it's fine if you just go a bit slower.

When her lawn is mowed frequently, it does it very easily. Battery life is good, her lawn area is about 60-70sqm and one battery does it easily when doing maintenance cuts.

Plenty around but a few stores nil stock. https://nrby.in/bunnings/0503331

I/N 0503331 for when Bunnings website inevitably has a dummy spit.

Here is a link to everthing else I could find at Bunnings for Black Friday. Just have to do some scrolling.


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +5

    legend OP.

    just laid lawn. need to wait a few more weeks before I mow but it's already twice the height in over a week.

    • Don't wait too long, if it's rhizome grass it will become really thatchy and waiting will ruin it.

    • at this time of the year, is it better to cut more frequently? OR, cut it short?

      • i've laid kikuyu. about 30sqm. it's almost at 'pest' level, that's how quick it's growing.

        • +8

          kikuyu is an invasive pest. Wish I could get rid of it from my lawn 😂

          • +2

            @EarlyBird: it's beautiful though. and great under foot.

            • @Carrian: Lol agree, if I had full sun I would have waved the white flag and laid Kikuyu. Why fight it?

          • +1

            @EarlyBird: Use Tenacity… ;)

          • +1

            @EarlyBird: I used glyphosate to replace it with tiftuf last year, but it is still not fully dead.

    • you can mow but dont do turns on the grass which can pull/dig holes and dont mow it wet or cut too much off 1/3rd is a good general guide

  • +11

    I have the 36v version, honestly could do with more grunt so not sure how good 18volts will do

    • +1


      • +2

        I grabbed the 36v from the deal a couple weeks back. Totally agree. 36v on a fairly easy lawn is already asking a bit of the mower. It just snags on things easily and chokes. It gets the job done but I can't imaging using anything any more underpowered than that.

    • Depends on how thick the grass is, I have the 300mm 18V version, which does a good job. I also have the 40cm brushless ryobi for comparision and Ozitos are better for the buck. But if the grass is dense, wouldnt recommend it. The 36V version you have is not brushless version probably (unless its the steel deck). They have the released the brushless version of 335/370mm now. The steel deck has plenty of grunt.

    • I don't think battery mowers (certainly at this price, perhaps higher too) are a great option for many people. A knackered old Victa mower may be a pain to maintain and run, but it'll typically manage any lawn. We have a good quality petrol mower and I hate it. Noisy, smelly, a pain to get started after a winter in the shed, need to make a trip to the servo to get fuel etc. I'd love it if a battery mower had the same amount of grunt as a petrol one but we're nowhere near that if you're even vaguely matching purchase price.

      I'm tempted just to get a corded electric mower as it will be cleaner, quieter and powerful enough. I'm almost as tempted to rip the bloody lawn up. Boring waste of space those things.

      • +5

        I have a (much) more expensive mower for my lawn and will never go back to petrol. Its so much better its worth the expense imo

    • I bought a used one the other week for $120 to mow a relatives small nature strip (As I didnt want to move mine back and forth and get my car all dirty).

      It can just about do a nature strip if you dont let it get bad. So if you indent on using it you need to be pretty vigilant not to let it get to long.

  • +3

    Avoid this model unless you have a really tiny lawn.

    • +1

      60-70sqm is "really tiny lawn"?

      • +6

        Yes ?

      • +18

        Super tiny. Unless you live in Sydney, then it is practically a golf course.

      • That is 6-7 x 10 metres. Yes, very small. Most verges at the front of most people's homes would be larger than that.

      • Yeah be ok.

  • +1

    What's the normal price for this?

  • +6
    • Definitely looking forward for that, but considering its a completely new and thier topend model, not sure how it goes.

    • This looks like the perfect replacement for a petrol mower.

    • not a black Friday deal though just regular price

    • only 80mm cutting height is a bit of a limiting factor

      • Maximum cutting height (mm.)
        Minimum cutting height (mm.)


        • buffalo likes to be left high, everyone in australia thinks their lawns are off to the military and give it a crew cut

  • -1

    Will it work for my sloped 500sqm yard?

    • Be prepared to be mowing all day.

      My 200cc petrol one can get that job done in less than 10 min

      • +4

        Off you go then, Bdawg will appreciate the assist

  • +12

    I have this mower. It's actually perfectly acceptable in terms of power so long as you don't let the lawn become overgrown. Even then you can tilt the mower up (it's very light) and work your way through it.

    The catcher is quite small. I only need to do a small area and need to empty the catcher frequently.

    For a courtyard or townhouse lawn it's ideal. For anything bigger I'd get something bigger / better.

    • -1

      Well said. I would only add that it is overall very light (easy to use) and cheaply made (so easy to break/early to fail)

    • how long does the battery last on a full charge? 30 min?

      • The time is not an issue.

        The issue is it is not powerful enough. It is always stuck when mowing in the middle.

      • depends on load. Can easily do my front and back lawns, plus edging with 3AH battery unless I've let it get too long and it needs two. It's not great on my buffalo that gets pretty thick. Sometimes need to do two runs at different heights or go slower. You also need to bring the garden bin next to you due to small catcher.

  • -6

    These ozito mowers are junk and aren’t worth the trouble. Go a ryobi in similar price range for better quality

    • +1

      Go a ryobi in similar price range for better quality
      Please share the link?

        • +3

          almost double the price

          • -4

            @bluespider: Half the headaches.

            In terms of mowers, it’s a similar price point.

            I had one of these ozitos, sold it for $50, was happy to even get that.

            • @davef: I bought a Ozito about 7 years ago (the 36V model) and I bought the cheapest because I was tossing up getting a gardner vs mowing my own lawns. 7 years on this Ozito hasn't missed a beat, not sure what the issue with the height adjustment is but I haven't had any issues. There's some patches on the nature strip that this struggles with, but my neighbour had a go with his ryobi and it struggled as well… Don't think there are major issues with the model that I have.

        • +4

          That's not brushless and doesn't come with a battery. This is the equivalent in Ryobi: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ryobi-18v-one-33cm-brushless-law…

          • -2

            @Frashal: Yeah you’d be much better off with that one.

            Just the height adjustment mechanism alone on this ozito is hell

    • +1

      Similar to $149?

      • -2

        No, about $250.

        • +1

          Stop digging.

          • @Eeples: Why do you think Bunnings deletes all the reviews of that mower lol

    • +5

      You need to have a look inside Ryobi gear. They have lost it. Ryobi pole saw bar holder is a few mm plastic tab..yes a plastic tab holding a chainsaw bar. Mine broke off in first hour. Wrote to them regarding this being a safety issue (working over head) and warranty. They had no interest in either. Bunnings took it back and chucked it.
      FYI - new model came out with metal bar holding tabs. But the companies response…dead to me. I grabbed a few Ozito tools. Chainsaw and Line trimmer are Amazing.

      • I have the Ozito line trimmer (its the one with the plastic blades) it died after 5 years. Worth the money, and I'm pretty sure its fixable but wasn't able to find some place that could fix it. Bunnings guy couldn't recommend anyone in the area who could fix it either, they basically said for the price and how long I've had it its had a good run - so basically chuck it and get a new one.

        • I melted the fan blades in mine at around 4 years (clearing a huge block, stinking hot day). It did some serious work in 4 years. Then the motor had no cooling, cooked it.
          Got it changed under warranty. Replacement has some big shoes to fill. I did notice the blades arent as good, but the trimmer itself has the same wizadry.

      • The worm drive on their thicknesser is made with a metal screw and plastic gears … so you can guess what happens. No questions asked warranty replacement which was great, but that lasted all of ten minutes until the cutter heads siezed … some numpty hadn't tightened them from the factory. Second replacement has remained sealed in it's box while i've enjoyed my Sherwood from Timbecon instead.

    • +5

      Ryobi is overrated for the price. I have both.

    • +1

      Ryobi is junk nowadays. Have been for a few years now and still trading on their original name and exclusivity at Bunnings. Total waste of money. Ozito puts Ryobi to shame from a quality and price point.

      Think you're on the wrong train, looking for validation

      • Just my opinion after using both, previously having this mower and now the ryobi.

  • -3

    I have a tiny yard but sone idiot decided to plant buffalo grass. Will this one handle it?

    • +5

      what's wrong with buffalo grass?

      • Very thick stems and offshoots.
        I have the cheap Ryobi Whipper snipper and it can't handle it well. Moving it takes forever.

        • +1

          Why are you trying to move your lawn?

          • +2

            @Muzeeb: coz this is not a self propelled one… so you move the lawn under the mower.

    • I think it would handle buffalo but I don't think it would handle Cooch.

    • buffalo is the good stuff though

  • +2

    My only issue with this is that it doesnt cut low enough even though im at the lowest setting. I suspect because it is not as heavy as other mowers, there is insufficient pressure to "go deeper" as it just runs over the surface.

    • -2

      Ozito battery mower is very bad.

      You cannot cut low and you cannot let grass grow a bit longer.

      And it keeps stuck in the middle of mowing.

      It is like a toy, not a tool.

    • +1

      mowing high is where its at and mowing regularly is so much easier then letting it grow out for 2-4 weeks with a struggle to push, lots of catcher dumps etc

      mine is lush and green where everyone who scalps theirs every 1-4 weeks is various shades of dead to lime green

      I mow at max height on a honda mower which should be around 100mm/4''

  • This is better than expensive ryobi craps. These are essentially German Einhell. https://www.einhell.de/en/tools/power-tools/

  • Wonder if someone can tell me how many mins they get out of 4.0Ah using mower?

    • +2

      Depending on your length of grass, i typically get 30 to 45mins run time on a lawn that is about 3 inches.

  • I am looking at the leaf blower. I have Ozito 18v trimmer and batteries and also other garden tools from Ryobi (but relatively older 18One batteries).

  • Thanks bought one OP

  • Crossing my fingers for a PXC Line Trimmer black friday deal…almost out of blades for my regular 18v trimmer and don't want to buy more!

  • I got one of these for my eldery parents earlier in the year - they love it as they were really struggling with their old heavy petrol mower. They have a tiny amount of lawn though (2m x 15m strip out the front, and 2m x 2m square out the back).

  • +1

    Not very good to use on thick grass type like buffalo. Had to upgrade to wired one for good power.

  • I have to say I bought it before, but it is horrible.
    Completely useless as long as your grass is a little bit longer, such as 10cm in height.
    And you cannot cut the grass near the root.

    I have to return back to bunnings and buy the 36V version.

    36V version is a lot better but still not as good as the electrical one.

    Eventually, I sold the 36V version in gumtree and bought an electrical mower.

    Overall, 18V version is useless at all. 36V version is a little useful.

    • +1

      I have to say I bought it before, but it is horrible.

      do you have to say it 27 times in the one thread though?

      • +1

        Yeah sounds like operator error to me.

        Source: Been using an Ozito battery powered mower for 3 or 4 years, no problems.

    • +1

      yea its cheap but the 250 ferrex one seems like better value if your shooting at the bottom of the barrel

  • Note Aldi has a 2x 20V 370mm mower kit with 2 batteries and charger for $249 if you need more power. It used to be $229 in the past and had been discounted on clearance in the low $100s.

  • Thanks OP, only have a nature strip so have been looking for a small electric mower to deal with it as the manual mower I have has hit the bricks. Perfect timing.

  • Waiting for the cylinder mower to go on sale https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-380mm-cordless-cyl…

    One can only hope

    • $192 without the kit.

      Apparently you can mod it with a heavier rolller for striping!

      I am waiting for GPS auto mower by ozito. It's coming soon.

  • +1

    Thanks, got one. Small lawn 50m2 and not thick grass.

    • Just picked up. Bit smaller than I thought. Also the screws and so on is inside the cover for battery. Was looking for them.

  • +1

    Is the Bunnings return policy still if it ain't open and you got the receipt you can return any time?

  • +1

    extra 6% if you get the gift card exchange credit and convert to bunnings gift card


  • Thank you! got one.

  • Got one, had a $30 off afterpay deal to use and had a free coffee left from the Onepass deal, nice days work

  • Went to get one today, just to do our nature strip (currently use a whipper snipper), walked away after seeing the size of the cutting blade - 30cm. I'll stick to the whipper snipper.

    • +1

      Picked mine up today. Yeah it is small. But mowed lawn really good. Around 50m2. Used 1 out of 3 of battery light. Doesn’t go very low though. Wanted it to get the bindis we sprayed. But got most of them. Pretty happy with it.

  • Sent my Dad in to get the $229 version as he has just downsized and only has a small lawn now, he was wrapped to see this for even cheaper when he got to the counter. Cant go wrong, surely.

  • I'm happily using the 18v brushless mower. Nature strip, front lawn, rear lawn on a quarter acre block Take it slow and don't let the grass grow long and it does the job. I don't miss the noisy petrol 4-stroke Victa with its carcinogenic exhaust fumes.
    Only dislike is the small grass catcher that fills quickly.
    Great value at $149 including the 4AH battery kit.

  • Seems sold out everywhere

    • Try this link. Its up to date as of 15.18pm. Plenty still around but quite scattered now.


      • Thanks! Looks like Syd and Melb are the OzB hubs. Brissy got plenty of stock still.

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