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[NSW, NRMA] Up to 11% off Total Electricity Bill + Free $300 Elec. Credit on 1st Bill (NRMA Membership Req'd) @ Simply Energy


The deal is back.

Simply NRMA plan
- 11% discount
- $300 welcome credit.

For myself, thats approx 4 months of free electricity for family of 4 with fridge, freezer, washing machine x 3 weekly, fans on 12hrs per day, etc

Can confirm that remaining of credit carries forward to next bill as i recieved my bill today from previous deal..

Works with NRMA blue membership, most ozbargainers have it anyways from the multiple freebie posts.

You'll receive a 11% Guaranteed Discount off our electricity usage and supply charges. Plus you will receive a welcome credit of $300 on your first electricity bill for this offer. This credit includes GST and is not redeemable for cash.

Unlike gas, electricity is churned within a week. So if you have an active free credit offer, make sure you time it right so you dont loose out on it. What i do is i monitor the meter and multiply unit price , and daily supply charge.

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  • +10

    Will now churn back to AGL, $125 credit + $125 prepaid card (Another free 3 months) and time my churn to 30 days to use the remaining $50 simply energy credit.

    Who needs solar when we have free electricity

    Thats approx 2 years free electricity with the latest churn.

    • Have u had any issues claiming the gift cards etc. how do ya keep track of all the end dates etc?

    • +1

      What was the $50 simply credit

      Also do you churn every 3 months to take advantage the agl and simply energy offers

      Also do you wait for the $300 to clear on the bill and then churn straight away

      How did you get 2 years free electricity if you dont mind me asking, I thought the op was $300

      Also just curious, how long you been churning for?

      I only noticed these sign up offers now

    • Yeah …but with solar you would be making money with churning.

    • +1

      Hey OP, $300 for 4 months (before savings) for a family of 4 is really low. How do you do it? Do you not use aircon?

      • +1

        That's crazy low.

        I'd be very curious

      • +3

        I rarely need aircon as out house is double brick and we have a nice breeze most of the day due to living one street away from a open park thats over 2km long . Night time we open the room windows and its nice cool air.

    • Does switching electricity provider frequently affect one's credit ratings? Switching mobile sim/plan provider certainly does. Wonder if it's same with other utility providers too?

      • Switching mobile sim/plan provider certainly does.

        Do you not use Prepaid?

    • Been churning credit cards for years and now starting with utilities as well. Do utility companies have a waiting period like the 12/18M between cards for these credits to be applied?

  • Does anyone know if the Agl promo would apply if you previously taken advantage of past promo?

    • AGL may exclude accounts from receiving more than one upfront credit per fuel in any 12-month period.

      Not sure whether they actually enforce it

  • But do you also have solar as well, but forgo the FIT?

    • +4

      Havent needed to have solar. I considered it when i bought my house a few years back, but we havent needed to pay for electricity due to multiple deals so i have put it on hold.

      I guess with all the electricity savings, 2 more years and we will have enough money for a free 6kw system

      • Noice 😀

        • I transfer all the savings on electricity, gas, and private health insurance into a bank account, so those saving can be used for other house upgrades (like solar) later .

          • @easternculture: what sort of deals for private health

            • +5

              @Anonymous18: I just look whats available at the time .
              Previouly was with qld country health fund (free 6 weeks, no paid weeks required) and now im with st lukes (free 6 weeks after one paid month).

              Also claim 3 times per year.
              On start of the year, i renew to a fund thaf resets limits on Jan. Mid year i renew to a fund that resets limits in july. And Qld country fund resets limits on aniversary date.
              Thats $900 worth of contacts, lots and lots of massage, etc

              • @easternculture: Do you have a system for tracking offers besides Ozbargain?

              • @easternculture: i like your style!

              • @easternculture: How do you know when the fund resets limits? Is it in the PDS? Or you have asked every fund directly?

              • @easternculture:

                Mid year i renew to a fund that resets limits in july

                I thought all funds renewed limits based on a calendar year, I have just learnt something new, thank you!

                • +2

                  @resubaehtgnolhcs: Funds reset either

                  • Yearly 1st Jan (Majority of funds)
                  • On start of financial year 1st July (AHM, People care)
                  • Anniversary date (Hunter Health, Qld Country Fund)

                  So technically you can claim 4 times a year if you join the 2 funds that reset on anniversary.

                  • @easternculture: can you join 2 different funds at the same time, i thought you can only have one at a time?

                    • +2

                      @huntress_love: You alternate. Say X fund on 1st Jan, then after 3 months to Hunter Health, then AHM or people care 1st July, then QLD country 3 months after. But also depends on other factors and free weeks/gift cards that funds are offering, but theoretically thats how it works. Generally i churn about 6 times a year and only really end up paying for 4 to 5 months. Rest of the months are free, add $900 contacts, $1500 massage, gym membership fully paid as part of health management by asking GP to complete form that you are over or under recommended BMI, and add to that a few $100 to $300 gift cards a year.

                      But i was with 2 funds at one stage (when i was doing orthodontics) and didnt have an issue claiming the federal rebate and alternate claiming at my dentist.

                      You can apply the concept of churing to anything. Car insurance, home insurance, gas, etc. As long as you keep tabs, you will save thousands a year and get thousands back in gift cards and benefits.

                      I was considering writing a book to help people during inflation periods, but if this information becomes public knowledge, the corporations will wake up and close all the loopholes

                  • @easternculture: I was told that churning private health insurance is not advisable as you may lose benefits or coverage over time. E.g bronze plan let’s say 10 years ago was much better than today’s plans. Your thoughts?
                    Also what’s the fund reset ? How does it affect switching health insurance?

              • @easternculture: Don't they check your extras spending when you switch private health insurers? When I switched, they needed consent to get a statement of usage from previous insurer. Somehow they didn't allow to claim optical extras. How did you manage to claim $900 of opticals?

                • @Porco Rosso: Extras get renewed yearly depending on method used by fund. Most funds reset lmits on Jan, a few do July and 2 funds do anniverary date. Which means when you join them at those date, the extras limits renew automatically. Just have to switch between funds.

              • @easternculture: Wouldn't that put you back on waiting period every time you switch health fund? Looks like your claim may get denied when you need it the most, be careful.

                • +1

                  @ameyas7: Waiting periods carry over.
                  You supply new fund with previous funds, they get the clearance certificates

            • @Anonymous18: Just look at the cover first…. The gov comparison site

              Then look for deals.

              Shouldn't f around with private health.

    • What do you mean forgo FIT? They have a plan with 12c FIT or am I missing something. Just signed up. Not cheapest rate but will churn in 3 months time to someone else

      • I'm not sure, I'm not in nsw sorry. But the post didn't mention it so I thought there was no fit on the plan

  • +1

    74.4c peak, yikes. i feel like that will eat the $300 credit pretty fast.

    combined with no midnight-6am 8c/kWh EV charging this is a nonstarter for my needs :(

    • Depends on what area you are. Im on a single rate.

      Obviously , the offer wont suit everyone but should suit most people on a single rate with no solar who take advantage of churn offers

      • +1

        I am on a single rate with controlled load and the rates are astronomical compared to Red, who I am currently with. Peak usage is almost 10c higher, 30c higher supply charge, almost 8c higher controlled load charge. I guess the $300 credit is still worth it but I honestly don't know if I can be bothered going through the hassle.

        • $300 is alot of money.
          You can use that money towards something else

          • @easternculture: But it’s not $300. For me Red energy is $70 cheaper a month. Need to take that into account when you’re talking $300 saving. It’s a $150 saving on red energy maybe. Still good but not amazig

            • +1

              @BarryBargain88: How much is your daily and kw rate.

              With simply energy, you also get 11% off total bill

              After GST and discount, mine are

              • $0.338 per kw
              • $0.91 daily supply charge

              Compared to red energy plans below

              • Fixed saver
                Service to Property 121.000 c/day
                Anytime 35.145 c/kWh

              • living energy saver / qantaa red saver / red taroonga flex / red ev saver
                Service to Property 75.625 c/day
                Anytime 30.635 c/kWh

              So maybe a 10% to 12% price difference, not 50% as you quoted above

              • @easternculture: Those rates are much cheaper than my Red Energy Qantas Red saver rates (NSW)
                Anytime: 35.695 c/KWH
                Controlled load (off peak) 17.54 c/KWH
                Service to property charge $1.45 per day

    • +2

      I agree rates look horrible in my area too compared to my current provider Ovo , so the $300 credit will get used up in a month or max 2 months time. Not sure how it would last op 4 months considering a family of 4 unless they are all outside most of the time, it doesn't quite add up. Might have been applicable pre- covid times when everyone is at office/ school for considerable part of the day and all 5 days a week but with wfh and increased rates, our energy bills are going through the roof :)
      So highly recommend to compare your rates before switching.

      | Item | Simple energy | Ovo |
      | ———————————— | ———————————-: | —————-: I
      | Supply charges | 116.42c | 91.3c |
      | General rate | 37.32c -39.19c | 29.81c I
      | Controlled load | 27.30c | 18.7c |
      | Solar FIT | 5.5c | 7c |

  • I assume no bill credit for gas only?

  • what if you don't reach $300 in the first bill?

  • +1

    How to get NRMA membership for free?

    • Try this


      Use a prepaid card with $1 balance if you have one.

      • +1

        No need for prepaid. They don't actually charge you at the end of 12 months.. Just several emails

        • I agree, they don't charge any money at all neither they asked for any credit card detail… !

          how do you get 5c fuel discount at ampol using this membership? any idea?

      • Thanks I will try this.

        Rates are too high for simply energy but will use membership for discount gift card… !

      • Just signed up and they don't ask you for credit card details

  • Does it only work with NSW addresses or meters, or other states? Thanks.

  • good

  • I have CTP policy with NRMA. Can i apply for discounted plan?

    • See above, signup to NRMA blue.

    • Need NRMA membership number so I don’t think so

  • -4

    I live in WA but put a fake NSW address to get this deal

    • +5

      VPN to Pakistan to get real savings

  • +1

    What are the daily rates for supply and per KWh?
    I couldn’t find these anywhere in their website.
    No point of the 300 bucks
    If they charge say double or triple kWh bs other retailers.

    • Click on the About the Electricity Rates > Learn more about the rates > Reference rates

  • +4

    Red Energy - Living Energy Saver work out better for me. Single Tarrif + CL

    Service to Property
    75.625 c/day
    30.635 c/kWh

    Estimate for 2207
    Simple Energy $590/pQ
    RedEnergy $480/pQ

    ~$300 Simple Energy - Credit ends up being the same over the Quater with lower rates

    • So simple energy $290/pQ after rebate? So a $190 saving then switch to red?

      Or am I missing something

      • Those are pQ costs including Discounted + Credit rates.

        • But annually? No one is suggesting you sign up for a full year. If it’s just per quarter then your calc is wrong

          • @BarryBargain88: The promotion aims to get people in and stay after that.

  • +1

    People need to stop sharing promos from big energy retailers. Even with this offer. Its middle of the pack at best.

    Checkout momentum energy, red energy, powershop, nectr first

    • +2

      It's not middle of the pack if you churn as soon as your $300 credit is used up.

  • didn't seem to work for my area. i switched to AGL recently for the $250 credit+$150 mastercard.

  • I am with AGL for gas and simply energy for electricity for a long time. Can someone please suggest what’s the optimal way for me to take benefit of recent AGL and this simplyenergy deal? TIA

    • +1

      Find a better deal for yourself with another provider and sign up with them. During the process, typically you should get a call from your existing provider's retention team. You can then try to negotiate a better deal with them or continue with the switch.

  • Is it possible to join delayed, e.g. in 4 weeks time?

    • You may have to call them to organise this

  • Family of 4 and washing machine only 3x weekly? WOW

    • +1

      Benefit of having a large washing machine

      • +1

        Yep some people get the cheapest washing machine without yhinking about the frequency they use it. Defo get the bigger washine depending on kwh you use per week and of course it should be a big discount

        • My next washing machine will be 15kg lol, once i find one at a decent price

        • Bosch is not the cheapest..

  • +4

    Does anyone know when this will expire? I am not sure who to sing up with first AGL or this?

  • +1

    Im with globird (almost 50% cheaper), can i switch tk this, use the 300$ over ~6 months then switch back to globird or other for cheaper rates? Am i missing something here?

    • can i switch to this, use the 300$ over ~6 months


    • +4

      I was with globird and they increased the price by quite a lot from 1st of Jan

  • only $200 welcome credit for Vic

  • Also with glowbird. Not keen on churning every couple of months. Was the best way to compare other energy retailers with lower rates than Globird (post 1-jan price hike)

  • +1

    thx got this

  • Globird not cheap in postcod 4205

  • If im reading correctly they have a 10kw solar limit so that rules me out. Strange, usually the limit is higher for 3 phase

    • think it’s just for the 12c FIT
      the standard 5.5c doesn’t have the limit I don’t think

    • I think the limit is on the inverter's output, not the max output of the panel that you see on the ad. Usually panels of max output of 13.3kw are matched with a 10kw inverter. So maybe you are still eligible.

  • 10% for me, but i'm already on their 7% plan. it looks possible to change my plan over, so I'll give it a try tomorrow.

    • my mistake, it's 10% for gas and still 7% for electricity.

  • [NSW, NRMA]

    Is it state-limited? I thought not from the discussion in the comment sections.

  • Thanks EC , have signed up and going to try your churn method for electricity.

  • My churning journey begins

  • +1

    Noob question - do the electricity supply and usage charges quoted on the Simply Energy website include the 11% discount?

    My interpretation is that the discount is applied on top of the published rates - but would like to check my understanding…

    • +1

      The rates shown do NOT include the 11% discount. You can see on the top right for the selected plan the "estimated cost". If you calculcate the total per month, you see it matching the price BEFORE the discount

  • Any idea on when this offer expires? I looked through the terms and I couldn't find it

  • So does mean cancelling after 4 month is the best way to go?

  • +1

    Anybody tried signing up via shopback econnex and got tracked?

    • -1

      Good luck. Read previous econnex deal. You will get your answer

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