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40% off Flavour Syrups (stacks on top of current sale prices) + $12.50 Delivery ($0 with $20 Order) @ SodaStream


Got this via email today, 40% off will stack on top of current sale prices.

40% Off Flavours - Use Code: 40OFF

***Syrups are currently on sale and this 40% off code will stack making it better than 50% off
credit to smoothymcmellow

6 pack @ $36 comes down to $21.60 after sale and 40% off

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    no USA flavours !

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    Thanks OP, most of them are already on sale, with the code they were coming up as $2.60-3.30ish per bottle, got 6 delivered with free delivery for $19

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      How’d you score the free delivery? I got it now individually bottles added not whole six packs! Thanks

      • Ah so needed to be individual bottles, i had no idea, just added code and it came up free :)

      • Orders over $20 appear to have free delivery.

        • thanks, updated

          • @closed: Can't get free shipping. hmmm what am I doing wrong?

            • @faraz4oz: Not sure as I ended up buying some, $21.60 for a 6 pack delivered.

              Maybe your area?

        • $20 didn't work for me. Had to order up to $75 (before discount) to get free shipping.

          • @damnable: I believe it's $20 after the discount is applied.. so $30 or so pre-discount. But I guess it might depend on delivery address as well.

            • @xmail: I think it depends on delivery address. It needs me to spend $45 after discounts for free delivery.

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      oh nice i didn't actually buy any but you are right, this 40OFF code stacks on top of the sale prices

  • What flavours can people recommend? I tried Pepsi and it was awful. Didn't like Mountain Dew either.

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      Pepsi, Pepsi Max, 7up and Classics Lemon Lime Bitters are all good to me
      Classics Creamy Soda - weird green colour, wasn't bad but wasn't good
      Classics Lemonade - not great when 7up tastes so much better
      Waters Zero Orange/Mango - was ok, not something I would buy again
      Classics Ginger Ale - I have but not tried yet
      Classics Summer Lemon - I have but not tried yet

      I am a Coke drinker so very rarely have Pepsi which is why it might be acceptable to me. I made a bottle of Pepsi for a friend who drinks it all the time but she also didn't like the SodaStream version.

      The gas bottle that came with the machine made it taste weird, after replacing it with one from a local Aus store I did notice I no longer tasted the weird flavour. That also might have been why my friend didn't like the Pepsi.

      • Interesting, so you replaced it with a non-Sodastream bottle? Or do you just mean different to the one that came included?

        Cool thanks for the reply, can't remember if I tried LLB but perhaps I should.

        • Well as someone mentioned below this is made in a war zone, maybe their gas is tainted? Maybe the gas bottle was old? Either way the problem is gone now.

          Replaced with original SodaStream bottle exchange at 7 Eleven

  • -1

    Who is making their products now that they have banned all Palestinians from working in factories in the West Bank and Gaza? Blood on your hands buying from this company.

    Stop Apartheid Now ! Ceasefire.

    • +1

      I bought mine a year ago and noticed the label on it 'made by Palestinians and Jews working side by side'. I thought the same thing just out of interest, not for the politics, I am more concerned about my soda supply.

    • -8

      They haven't banned them from the factories so much as banned them from crossing the border - which then prevents them working in the factories.

      If I had to guess as to why, I'd probably go with that time a bunch of people crossed the border and raped and murdered a thousand-odd men women and children.

      It is an absolute tragedy that they keep doing this to each other.

      • +6

        Maybe look at the murders
        Of Palestinians by Israel (not just some Hamas militants) since 1948. Over 120000. Didn’t just happen in a vacuum. Years of economic blockade and deliberate theft of land and destruction of all economic activity has led to these animosity’s. If you think apartheid is ok and the denial of self determination of a people is ok then perhaps you should look at history to see what happened. Free Palestine Now!

        • +5

          Guess who is being charged with genocide in The Hague? Nothing justifies the deliberate annihilation of a people by the most powerful military in the world. If you aren’t sure of their intent, read what they say about their intent in their own words. Check for sources for accuracy.


  • Oh great, they even have Lipton Ice Teas (low calorie) now. Thanks OP!

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