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$30 Reward for Referrer & Referee after Referee Made 3 Eligible VISA Debit Card Purchases @ ANZ Plus (App Required)


MESSAGE A REFERRAL below to be referred. From previous promo you can make 3 purchase with Google pay and receive the 30$ in 30mins.

Here’s how it works:
1. Go to the Profile icon in your ANZ Plus app and tap on Refer a friend to share an invite.
2. Once invited, your friend will need to download the ANZ Plus app and accept your invite when they join.
3. They’ll also need to set a goal and make 3 eligible transactions using their ANZ Plus Visa Debit card.
4. You and your friend should both get $30 paid into your ANZ Plus accounts.

All the steps above will need to be completed by 19 March 2024.

You can only send an invite if:

you are an ANZ Plus customer at the start of the Promotion Period and
we have activated the Promotion in your ANZ Plus app.
You can refer your Friends who are eligible to join ANZ Plus, but you won’t get a Reward if your Friend:
is or has already been an ANZ Plus customer or
if they have already accepted an invite as part of this Promotion or a previous ANZ Plus Refer a Friend promotion.
You will not be eligible to invite Friends or receive a Reward once you have closed your ANZ Plus and ANZ Save accounts.

Today have noticed that anzplus refer a friend program active but this time with $30 instead of $50 and limit to 5 rewards($150 in total)
Refer to the previous deals.


Need to ask referrer to invite and its targeted offer.

T&c - https://www.anz.com.au/plus/refer-a-friend/send-invite/?pid=…

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    Send a referral a PM for their referral code

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      Thanks for posting OP! Got targeted to send out referrals too

  • Is the link in the same screen 'Profile' where you see legal name, date of birth, mobile, address etc etc?

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      Just click the little person icon top left in the app, and should say refer a friend.

      • Thanks, I have:
        - Account details
        - Profile
        - Payment Settings
        - Notifications
        - Security
        - Statements
        - Data Sharing
        - App Settings

        Log out

        Guess I'm not targeted this round

        • +2

          I got an email

          You’re invited to take part in our exclusive referral offer

          • +1

            @Silentninja7: Thanks, good luck in the referral lottery! May RNGesus be with you

            • @cook99: Yes I've also got the referral offer.. Might be targeted or try updating your app.

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    Assume you mean Google Pay and not Google Play?

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    I have the email that allows me to refer a friend. The title of the email is "You’re invited to take part in our exclusive referral offer". I am in the referral system along with others.

  • Why is this deal tagged targeted when the ING deal was also referer targeted only not? They both work the same way…

    I reported it and it was closed with no action.

    • It auto populated as Targeted when i posted, i didnt put targeted in the title

      • +2

        I actually think it's correct and the ING one should be fixed 🫣

      • LOL, Nothing is auto-populated. Staff are fixing things 24 hours a day.

        It's a good point though. Half the deal is targeted, half of it isn't. Given the benefit should always be focused on the referee, e.g. the one who receives the deal, probably best to removed targeted.

  • +1

    omg, only 30?

  • I don't have that option in the app. Why is it?

  • Didn't even realise this thing was still on. Did get targetted this round as well as the last.

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