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[WA] "& Juliet The New Musical" at Crown Theatre Perth, $75 Tickets + $9.75 Booking Fee @ Ticketmaster


Last tickets to this musical are only $75, with the final show on 8 February. Plenty of availability for both matinee and evening shows. Unless it is extended, offer ends 12pm Thurs 25 Jan AWST.

I missed out on this one on Broadway recently, so am looking forward to seeing it locally. Have heard good feedback from friends who have seen it in Melbourne, and also on Broadway.

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  • +1

    It’s a fun show! We saw it in Melbourne when it was there. Gonna see it in Sydney again.

  • +1

    & Juliet - I don’t need no Romeo that’s going to cause me to die? 😅

  • -6

    Unless this really appeals to you I think you should save for a big budget show instead. Budget theatre always is a bit disappointing. Hardly any set changes, small cast, prerecorded music. I wish I lived in New York and could afford to live there and see Broadway shows :(

    • +1

      Budget theatre

      Does Romeo cost more than Juliet?

    • Prerecorded music? No

      • -2

        Well for this show it makes sense, can't really do pop music live except the vocals. But when you go to the theatre and instead of having an orchestra they pop in a CD recording of music that is usually played by a live orchestra, it kinda cheapens the experience. Theatre holds a few thousand people, wouldn't add much to the ticket price to have live music, though it does cost a few seats to make room for the pit.

        • They used a band for the show

        • Show is in Crown Theatre, I wouldn’t call it a low budget, not low enough anyway to use a CD to play the music. Plus, they play Pop music, so they don’t necessarily need a full blown ensemble to pull that off.

          Sounds like you are making a pretty bad generalisation here on what seem to be something you haven’t even seen personally

    • +8

      Could not disagree more. Big budget shows are great, but the creativity and skill needed for this particular show to work is amazing. Top 3 of my favourite shows I've seen (we went twice).

      This show makes you feel like no-one had ever told you the pop songs from the 90s were all linked and written to tell this story.
      And the live band and cast are superb.

      Definitely a show to see if you grew up enjoying 90s pop.

    • What are you on mate? It’s def not what I would call a small budget production. And the whole thing is live, with a band playing the music live and the performers all singing live.

    • +3

      Deal Lord another triggered rightwinger. Ya know that trope does come in handy when you use it against them.

      Pity that these sort of tickets are used for almost every show as they begin to wind down, including Harry Potter. That show was a monster.


      At this point a lot of people who wanted to see a show have already been once. Ya drop the price for the people who are ambivalent or might want to see it again.

      However, don’t let the truth get in the way of your ideological rant. It does say more about you than the show.

      • -1

        If you enjoyed it then that's all that matters.

        • Don’t disagree. Put ya hard earned downs and enjoy yourself. If ya can get it cheaper even better.

  • -2

    Cancel cast in a Cancel world. Time to cancel the show. Perth ain’t ready for this nonsense.

    • +1

      How is this show cancelling anything? Go on, tell me what it is cancelling. It is about inclusivity and respect.
      You are the person trying to cancel it.

      Honestly the nonsense from the rightwing is astonishing.

  • -2

    Maybe you’ve been to too many smoking ceremonies. Beheading statue of James Cook and burning down the old Parliament House is all about welcoming, respect and inclusiveness? Happy Australia Day, wokeRs.

    • Exactly who is the “you” this comment is aimed at because it really doesn’t make any sense in the context of this show.

  • +1

    FYI for anyone who missed out there is a backup offer.

    Here’s how to see & JULIET and save! Simply select the ‘4 X Ticket Offer’ when selecting your seats and save $120 off Premium, A and B-Reserve.

    Only on Tues / Wed / Thurs / Sun shows, and excluding Sun matinee. Unsure of expiry.

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