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Nutrabolics Hemorush Pre Workout Powder 1.3kg - $39.95 - Limited Stocks - 3 Flavours


Nutrex HemoRush Pre-Workout Amplifying Matrix

HemoRush Strategy: The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Weightlifting is war! If you want to win, you must attack the weights with furious intensity. Success in the weightroom is determined long before you crank out your first set. Research shows that when the nervous and muscular systems are primed before your workout with key performance-stimulating nutrients, size and strength gains occur much faster.

The lesson here is simple. Spike blood volume with key ergogenic ingredients to be at your mental and physical best before the workout starts. Don't wait until half way through to start feeling good. You should be busting at the seams to hit new personal bests. Each time… every time!

HemoRush Tactics: Patented Formula Spikes Force Production and Energy Metabolism

The rapid accumulation of neural, metabolic, and muscular fatigue is clinically documented to reduce peak power output, rate of force development, and absolute strength. Each of these qualities play a critical role in the rate at which we are able to achieve greater size, strength, and performance. Nutrabolics HemoRush attacks muscle performance on three fronts; energy metabolism, blood volume, and neurotransmission. The result is a heightened ability to lift, grow, and recover.

The Nutrabolics HemoRush Pre-Workout Power Matrix is specially designed to create a synergistic effect between all ingredients. The result is an uncompromising formula that does what no other product on the market can do:

Increase plasma nitric oxide for extreme skin-bursting pumps*
Boost energy*
Enhance mental clarity and focus*
Delay the onset of muscular fatigue*
Improve strength output via neuromuscular activation*
Promote better body composition and fat burning *
Nutrabolics HemoRush is a pre-workout beast designed to deliver results that will get you noticed.

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  • 50 servings (2.2lbs / 1KG) - not sure why it says 1.3KG in title.

    Shipping to VIC-Melbourne : 1.6 kg(s) AU$12.00

  • Is this just advertisement?

  • HemoRoids!

    Or at least that's what it looks like in the picture associated to HemoRush…

  • Hi

    The label says 1.3kg - it might be a new formulation - will check it out.

    RRP is over $100, we sell it (usually) for $69.95, and we are overstocked so offering it $30 cheaper than usual.


  • http://www.proteinking.com.au/Shaker-Bottles-Mixers/Vortex-P...

    Vortex portable mixer looks cool. Do a deal on this.

  • What's it like compared to Jack3d?

    • It's much smoother than Jack3d - you won't get as much of the high and the crash effect with this. There's no DMAA, which means it's not as strong, but you'll definitely feel it working, and it should last a good hour plus (rather than the concentrated ones that give you a 20 minute rush). Also because it's a larger serving size, it's got proper amounts of beta alanine, arginine and creatine, for example

      • may i ask which jack3d are you referring to?

        The old one that got banned or the new formula?

        • Hi

          There's no DMAA in the new Jack3d formula, but it is quite high in stimulants as per the previous one. Also, with a 3.6g serving size, you aren't going to get a high enough dose of the ingredients on the label, you will have to double or triple the serving size.

  • Not sure how good is it, it reminded of me of iForce HemaVol that Hodge Twins reviewed recently (Actual review at 5:00 Mark)


    • Dont care about the product anymore - I only care about the Hodge Twins. Thank you 'Super8Tab' you have brightened my life - God Damn hilarious!

  • "Research shows that when the nervous and muscular systems are primed before your workout with key performance-stimulating nutrients, size and strength gains occur much faster". Links to the primary research articles please? Been looking for these!

    • Hi

      I dont have links to the primary research studies, but they can be found at Pubmed online.

      They are probably referring to studies on caffeine with this quote - it has been shown by plenty of research to enhance nervous and muscular system response.