Never Ending Cold/Flu Causing Other Issues

Hi everyone, just want to talk to the people who are going through similar problem as me.

Twelve years ago, I joined a new company, next day I had a very bad cold with so much coughing. It was long before COVID and I had many COVID tests with negative result. I think it might be A/C vent pointing at me. It lasted for a week and then became mild but it didn't go away.

Since then, I noticed it becomes strong if I eat any sweets or fruits or go out in cold, so I very much reduced eating them and mostly wear proper clothing. Form last 6 years I noticed I can't concentrate on my work and have constant Tinnitus in my ear.

Using elimination, I found it is due to wheat and rice. I stopped eating them and started eating oat and other millet. That helped a lot but every now and then if I make a mistake of eating any of them, I have to payback.

I talked to many GPs and specialists, all they do is prescribe Amoxyllin or stronger one which does nothing. Some suggested I am allergic and prescribed Claratyne which also didn't help. One GP suggested nasal cleaner that made it worse. I tried Yoga but that also didn't help. I am Vegeterian and I don't smoke or drink.

Any suggestion is welcome and very much appreciated.



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      Go to an eastern medicine/Chinese medicine practitioner if western medicine isn't doing anything. You've got nothing to lose

      Except money.

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        Is it more or less that the money they have lost with the other guys?

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          I'd say more. Monthly check up and adjustment to the powder/pills cost 3000 for initial diagnosis and 2000 monthly. What a rort. Tried to convince family member, after $15,000+ they gave it away.

          • @BartholemewH: Wow, that's a lot. Your family member must have been desperate?

            • @EightImmortals: Not desperate. Had had a near death experience with Chrones related illness. The practitioner they were seeing mainly catered to Cancer patients, hence the extortionate fees.

              Edit: Also being regionally based, flights and accommodation monthly was on top. Who knows the total cost.

              • @BartholemewH: Did it fix their chrones?

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                  @EightImmortals: I think it got them in the right mindset to manage it. A lot of the things the practitioner suggested in addition to the herbal stuff are conventional dietary recommendations.

          • @BartholemewH: Were they going to one of the Beijing Tong Ren Tang Chinese Medicine centres? They are sooooo over priced compared to the independent centres

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      I tried Ayurvedic medicines like turmeric, clove, honey with cinanmon but no success. I didn't know here we have chineses medical practitioner. I will definitely give it a try. Thanks

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          Yes I have, as I have mentioned, I talked to many GPs and specialists, all they do is prescribe Amoxyllin or stronger one which does nothing. Some suggested I am allergic and prescribed Claratyne which also didn't help. One GP suggested nasal cleaner that made it worse.

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            @BuyIfNeed: What about old school decongestants with the stimulants in them? You can't get over the counter anymore but they could try prescribing it.

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            @BuyIfNeed: Typical GPs doing the lazy thing prescribing antibiotics as a cure to everything. I hope that you didn't take antibiotics willy nilly, or if you did take them that you took the full course.

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              @Ghost47: I took full course two times with an year's gap then I gave up and stopped taking any antibiotics

              • @BuyIfNeed: I would try another antihistamine, I use Telfast as Claratyne does nothing for me. If you take it daily you can build up a tolerance and it is less effective.

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      If Alternative Medicine worked, we'd just call it medicine.

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        Not sure but afaik TCM has thousands of years of history - only popularized as chinese but used in many ancient cultures. Only reason it’s pseudoscience is because they can’t drug prove its success in a lab.

        Some handy basic knowledge if ya wanna live healthy imo

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      Not sure why you got downvoted. I would certainly do or suggest the same thing.

      Prob bunch of white folks who don’t believe in TCM which is completely fine 😂

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      Sad how this got so many down votes. My partner has been allergic to fish most of his life. He did TCM and was able to eat most fish which is insane along with other health benefits he experienced.

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    I am vegeterian

    That's your problem. Shoot down the pub for a 700g T-bone counter lunch.

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      And a packet of Winnie Blues out the back?

    • Probably low iron too. Eat some red meat.

      • or you know spinach/legumes/pumpkin seeds

        you dont have to kill something for your iron and OP said they were veg

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    "I noticed it becomes strong if I eat any sweets or fruits "

    That's a clue right there, sugar smashes your immune system and all of the antibiotics you've been taking will be doing the same thing due to the way they decimate your gut microbiome which is critical in terms of your immunity. Also as others have mentioned, vegetarianism is OK but it's not for everyone, think of adding some occasional quality meat into your diet. Also look into improving your gut health, plenty of resources out there. e.g.…

    This could also be related to your concentration issues, there are more neurons on the gut than in the brain and so much of our general well being is related to proper gut health. Also if you've had the covid shots, they are studies showing how the spike protein (or some other mechanism, I forget now) also smashes the gut biome, especially the biffo strains which are kind of critical just by themselves.

    I also got a blurb about immunity from these guys the other day, I haven't watched it yet but I trust the quality of their products and the passion they have about them.

    I am not a doctor, this is not medical advice, merely some ides you can follow up on.

    And get out of the way of the aircon vent, I can't handle being in constant airfow all day either. And give yourself some time, months, maybe years for your body to adjust and start operating as it should.

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      sugar smashes your immune system

      This is a favourite of alternate health proponents (and wellness, chiropractic, and other quacks). Not a lot of good science to back up these assertions.

      there are more neurons on the gut than in the brain

      Yes, but the inter-connectedness and complexity is nothing alike.

      Also if you've had the covid shots…. also smashes the gut biome

      Ahhh… now we are getting to the core of your response.

      or some other mechanism, I forget now

      And I admit my memory may be failing, and I can't be bothered looking it up, but I seem to recall your handle in Covid discussions in the past.

      Besides…….. WHY EVEN MENTION IT HERE??? The OP clearly states: "It was long before COVID" Unless the OP just miraculously had the Covid vaccine - before it was invented!

      You just wanted to shoe-horn in your pet conspiracy bs here.

      The YouTube link….

      Nootropics. Geez. More quack/alternate/wellness bs. (From Wikipedia on Nootropics: "In 2018 in the United States, some nootropic supplements were identified as having misleading ingredients and illegal marketing.")

      I am not a doctor

      That's for sure and certain.

      this is not medical advice

      But yes, it is. You are making very explicit medical suggestions.

      years for your body to adjust and start operating as it should.

      There is no "should". Some people's bodies work really well. Some don't. There is no 'perfect' state which everyone can attain, or some ideal 'Garden of Eden' state that with just a few supplements, and lots of $$$, we can all be super-healthy athletes who live to 100.

      Further, using "should" implies intentionality and meaning. The human body, and indeed all living organisms, exist on a spectrum of health and capability, determined by many factors (including genetics, environment, diet, etc), but there is no 'ideal' or perfect state which every person can attain. And to suggest that someone's body 'should' be at a certain level, this is plain ridiculous, and places emotional, psychological (and guilt) stresses on people.

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        Yep. Should probably get tested for fructose intolerance - all that fruit seems to be the main dietary trigger.

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      there are more neurons on the gut than in the brain


    • There are several billion more neurons in the brain…..

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    Probably some vitamin deficiency of some type that isn't picked up in the blood tests.

    I had the same issue when I was fasting with fruit and vegetable diet only, but my blood tests came back clean.

    Some vitamins are not bio-available if you take them in vitamin form too, so that probably won't help. As you age, your requirements become higher so whilst you are young, you can stay a vegetarian, but you need to be skeptical about whether that is the best choice ethically for your health. That's why I recommend vegan, at least add some cheese or some fermented foods which have live bacteria, which are technically meat-like, it's alive, so maybe you might not like that.

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      Did you just confuse vegetarian and vegan?
      Because vegetarians can eat cheese.

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      I eat youghurt and cheese.

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    Some suggested I am allergic and prescribed claratyne which also didn't help.

    Did you get a full allergy test panel? Yes, you probably need to pay for it yourself, yes you might have to wait awhile for a spot, but at least you can see if you have allergies or not.

    Sounds like from what you have described you have taken the path of least resistance through the doctors. Go to a new GP that likes to work with people that have chronic undiagnosable problems and go from there.

    You might also benefit from seeing a phycologist and talking through what has set these problems off and how you are processing them in your brain. You could be manifesting these symptoms.

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    3-6 months of non-dairy carnivore is what I would do to clear up the underlying illness followed by a unrefined, low carb (<100g day), balanced diet.

    That’s what I did when I had similar symptoms, plus other symptoms, and it’s the only thing that worked. All the antibiotics and steroids the drs prescribed only made me feel worse.

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    Has your dr sent you to get a blood test to check if ok, including any allergies?

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    does it start to clear up / get better when you take holidays AWAY from work?
    (most doctors are useless, find a better one)
    good luck

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      I tried so many GPs, its really hard to find a good one.

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        You didn’t answer the first question..

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          It remains same on holidays as well

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    maybe u are patient zero for covid…….

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      Or have long COVID

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      As I said, I had many COVID tests with negative result.

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        as in 12 years ago u got covid
        u are patient zero!

        send you to the labs and get the tests ready. u hace the orginal anti bodies!

        u are the key!
        we will sejd the agents over. expect a knock soo

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          I am surprise how desperate are you guys for fun, you can even find it in other peoples misery. I wish you also have some taste of what I had been through

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            @BuyIfNeed: chill bro
            this is nbd

            i have a colleague who is always sick - she just gets on with it

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              @ChatCPT: I am sure she must be empathising other peoples problems. You need to suffer yourself before you understand other.

              • @BuyIfNeed: Suddenly I don’t feel bad for you anymore

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                  @ChatCPT: I don' t want you to feel bad for me, I don't need any sympathy. I am here to find some solution from everyone's experience. People like @MinimumChips are the honours of our society and people who find amusement in it are disgrace.

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            I am surprise how desperate are you guys for fun, you can even find it in other peoples misery. I wish you also have some taste of what I had been through

            You have a cold.

            I have dilated cardiomyopathy. My ejection fraction is 35%. I broke my hip a couple years ago. I picked up Golden Staph in hospital. September last year I was diagnosed with a SCC on my nose. Had two surgeries where a decent part of the bridge of my nose was removed. Recently had 17 radiation treatments. Now waiting to see the Oncologist, ENT and Plastic surgeons.

            Do I whinge and complain about it? Never. I just get on with my life.

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              @CurlCurl: I am also not whinging, all I want we have so much experience among us, if we share we can find soluion for many of us.

          • @BuyIfNeed: Do you really wish that ?

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    Do you get regular exercise? When I'm not doing any cycling, I have respiratory allergies and asthma (therefore illnesses are worse). When I am regularly cycling I don't have those issues because everything just works better.

    I'm recovering from my second COVID (both brought home by my kid). Hope you don't get that - both times I was sick for two weeks, then it took a month to get my full lung capacity back, but I'm 100% and back to cycling after that. Hope you find what works for you.

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      I go for regular walk after dinner for about 5km, that helps my digestion but not the cold.

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        Thats like 2 hours of walking everyday. You must be fit as!

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          That’s about a one hour walk, max.

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          If it takes you 2 hours to walk 5km and you aren't 80+ you really need to start walking more.

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        That's not exercise.

        I walked daily for years thinking I was looking after myself. Then I needed to do a fitness assessment for a job, where I learned that exercise needs to lift your rate rate, which walking didn't do for me.

        Try getting your heart rate up for 30 minutes per day, and ensure you eating a well-rounded diet.

        Also, I'm not sure whether you fully considered the point made above, take a holiday somewhere else e.g. Qld, and see is symptoms fade. It might open another door of inquiry: is it the job, is it the office, is it the climate….

        I have a friend who moved from the country to the seaside which helped a lot.

        • I learned that exercise needs to lift your rate rate


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            @RSmith: I don't know what possessed me to skip a word and type the next one twice, but I reckon you can work out what I meant.
            hint: check next sentence.

            I would fix it, but now that you're replied I can't.

      • You are just wasting time if you think that sort of "exercising" is doing you any good.

        • You got more information than "OP regularly goes for a 5km walk" to back up that claim? Like maybe how fast they walk, what their heart rate rises to, the terrain, any other benefits etc.?

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    You should get a referral to an immunologist.

    Also check your house for mould.

    • I will definitely try it. I didn't know, they exist. None of the GP suggested it.

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        I would also second that you look for mold. My daughter and I (but not my sons) had a over a year with cold like symptoms and persistent cough and a host of other issues like stomach pains that couldn't be explained by the doctors or treated effectively. During a long awaited cleanup I found a moldy newspaper under a cupboard in the laundry that a leaking air-conditioner had wet at some point. It was no longer damp but was covered in a white/yellow powdery substance. I chucked it of course and didn't think much of it but from that point our symptoms just went away. I now think that was the cause.

        • For me, the infection is always there and never leaves. Now I work from home without any air con but no difference.

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          wow it’s so shocking what mould can do to us that newspaper you wouldn’t even thought that was the cause of your issues but obviously it was if both u n your daughter stopped feeling sick

    • i was thinking it could be mould or from the works air con system but you would hope they would do regular air con services

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      I too suggest checking for mold. If mold is not in your house, then it could be in the place of work, especially if you sit under the vents.

      I had a very bad reaction to mold that specialists said was caused by some allergy or if not allergy, then it was genetic 🤦 Gave me antibiotics, creams, etc. No good 👎

      After months of misery, I went to a chiropractor, complaining about my problem. He was able to pinpoint the cause - mold. We were able to determine that it was a room in our house that I spend quite a lot of time in. So I took all my stuff out of there, and within a couple of weeks, my symptoms subsided. The problem room was cleaned up eventually.

      GPs, specialists, chiros, osteos, dieticians in the room please correct me if I'm mistaken but this is what I found:

      Did you know that the difference between a GP and a chiro or osteo is that one signs up to the AMA professional governing association and the other one does not?

      They both study the same basic curriculum and they both have to pass all their exams during and post university and they both spend the same time studying (base studies, before specialisation).

      The one who does sign up to the AMA pledges to practice the prescribed way as taught in the universities and is purely allopathic ie. pharma products and therapies only, and the other who does not sign up is free to try other modalities, therapies not bound to the pharmaceutical industrial complex guidelines?

      Personally, I found the non-signers are more likely to try to find the root cause of the problem and work with you to get your issue resolved.

      I only found out about this essential difference between GPs and chiros/ osteos last year.

      Another fun fact: Very few GPs have studied nutrition more than 5 hours in all their time at university. Also, most dieticians will not venture far from what they were taught at university.

      Another fun fact: Your GP will not refer you to a non "accredited" therapist/ health care provider or persons performing "unrecognised" therapies.

      Another fun fact: Chemo has a 3% success rate but is offered as one of the first three therapeutic options available to people with cancer.

      You're on your own and will have to rely on word of mouth, anecdotal evidence or reports if you do would like to explore other options.

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        Back crackers are a scam.

      • The one who does sign up to the AMA pledges to practice the prescribed way as taught in the universities and is purely allopathic […]

        Your bias is showing…

        Allopathic medicine, or allopathy, is an archaic and derogatory label originally used by 19th-century homeopaths to describe heroic medicine, the precursor of modern evidence-based medicine.

      • Fun fact - Chiros and Osteos study and practice quackery

      • Did you know that the difference between a GP and a chiro or osteo is that one signs up to the AMA professional governing association and the other one does not?

        They both study the same basic curriculum and they both have to pass all their exams during and post university and they both spend the same time studying (base studies, before specialisation)

        Wow, chiropractors manage to cram an entire 10 year medical course into a 3 year BSc degree? They must be much smarter than those quacks who take sooo long to cover the same basic curriculum. Or maybe, just maybe, you're talking bollocks.

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    Any GP can schedule you for a generic set of blood tests. I did one two years back and it showed a huge deficiency in vitamin d. Was affecting my energy levels and hay fever for 4-5 months every year was fairly intense. Ever since topping up on it all year, this year my hay fever was limited to less than two weeks. Like @deme mentioned, mould can be a cause too. Get your house checked.

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      I take regular dose of Vitamin D to keep my joints strong.

    • I’m interested to know the dosage prescribed please.

      • I had/have the weekly tablet, 7000 IU. All chemists stock these.

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    If you have been taking antiobiotics, I'd suggest looking into probiotics as you probably killed the good bacteria in your gut.
    You can buy them over the counter at chemists, look at Inner Health Plus etc.

  • Zrytec/Cetrizine is the best antihistamine
    Kind of sounds like you have a issue with your sinuses as well - try the nasal irrigating pots from the chemist (flo rinse) - you said it didnt work but I'd give it another go

    • Anti-histamine seems to make it worse by blocking all opeing for mucus to come out and if I try flo rinse, it makes my mild flu to a full one.

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        Next time you have a bad cold, go to the GP and ask if you can get a CT scan. I had one during my episodes and it clearly showed a deviated septum. I had some surgery done to make it better.

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    Look up 'hypersensitivity pneumonitis', its sometimes called air conditioner lung.
    It can present as an allergy or an immune disease and youre describing all the symptoms, basically its caused by mould in an aircon unit. Repeated exposure causes chronic hypersensitivity pneumonitis which means the symptoms never resolve and you cause permanent damage to your lungs.
    Ask your GP for a chest Xray and lung function test.
    Ask your employer for evidence of the aircon maintenance and filter change.
    If you are focused on diet as medicine, consider a whole food plant based diet.

    • Thanks for your reply, it looks like my cold stays in my nose when in mild condition and one side of the nose remains blocked. I don't have any coughing then.
      Every time it grows from there when it finds the favourable conditions and then if the mucus goes to the lungs then the coughing starts.

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        Mould is a strong contender, but if that doesn't pan out: You may have some drainage or diverticular issue with your sinuses, Tinnitus can also be a sign of this. Potentially there is a resevoir for infection or structural issue that makes you more prone to it. You should consider an ENT consult, you can ask your GP for a referral. Be sure to mention recurrent infection that seems to start in the sinuses and the Tinnitus.

        Don't put too much emphasis on diet if you want to explore this route; frankly that stuff is spouted by so many self-diagnosed "X-intolerant" people whose real issue is hypochondria that it will distract and make you taken less seriously. I'm not saying don't mention it, but don't focus on it, GPs want hard facts they can act on, and only have so much time. Can you demonstrate how your symptoms changed, or quantify the number of infections you had before and after? If not it's not data that can drive a decision.

        On that subject, prepare a history like above with times and dates, bring it with you so you can explain clearly and concisely. Too many people waffle away their appointments or forget something until they leave, then call back after the doctor has seen 30 more patients with some bonus fact. Also good to get some swabs done next time you have symptoms. Not just a test for COVID but for a variety of micro-organisms/viral illnesses. Have you had some done previously, and if so do you know what they came back as? If you have previously been prescribed antibiotics hopefully they had some basis for choosing them.

        • Thanks for your reply.
          I had consulted an ENT, he was more focussed on getting my ear drum replaced, which I had before and it got an hole again.
          Looks like the mucus makes its way out from there.
          Is there a name for test for variety of micro-organisms/viral illnesses, I will try for it.
          I will make an apointmnet with ENT speciallist for drainage or diverticular issue.

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            @BuyIfNeed: To get whatever is in your respiratory system tested, you need a swab and a pathology request.

            You can do the swab at home if you are comfortable following the directions, or a pathology staff member, nurse or doctor can do it for you.

            The type of swab is called a Microbiology swab. It is the orange one at the top here:…

            The pathology form might have something like MCS + PCR written on it. This is at the discretion and on the judgement of the doctor; their expertise far exceeds mine, and they will have a better understanding of your case than I ever will. My only goal is to be informative.

            MCS means microscopy, culture and sensitivity. That means they look at it under a microscope (Microscopy), take a little bit and see if it reproduces so they have more to study (Culture), and exposes whatever organsims to antibiotics to see if there's one that prevents it growing (Sensitivity).

            PCR means polymerase chain reaction. This is what they use to find COVID, but also works for other viruses. The very short version is it allows them to identify the DNA of a virus in a sample, which tells them which one it is.

            You can have swabs stuck up your nose for COVID tests etc but they won't always do these tests unless the doctor has ordered it. If you did have this done previously, and they prescribed an antibiotic afterwards, they probably found something in the swab that the antibiotic was effective against.

            If you have had the same kind of infection multiple times, there is a higher chance you have some unique reason you are susceptible to it. That could be a poor immune system, exposure to certain hazards, a particularly antibiotic-resistant infection, or you have an unusual cavity where the virus/microorganisms can avoid being wiped out. It could also be any combination of these, or some other reason entirely.

            • +3

              @Minimum chips: You are more than any GP for me. No one suggested this and this route looks so promising.

              If I knew this, I would have avoided so much of pain and wastage of my time.

              You are like God send for me, I wish all the best for your future Endeavours. Thank you very much.

            • @Minimum chips: This has been a very informative read. I am assuming you work in the health industry?

        • @Minimum Chips
          Too much sensible advice here.

  • Most Colds and Flu are caused by people having the virus on their hands, and then touching their nostrils or the corner of their eyes. I have not had a Cold or Flu for 20 years by doing one thing - never touching my face with an unwashed hand!

    The only thing that touches my nose is either a Tissue or a clean Hankerchief.
    It takes a lot of discipline, and most of my family cannot do it, as the average person is constantly touching their face without even realising it.

    Obviously I cannot claim my method of avoiding the virus will work for everyone, just passing on my experience on the matter.

  • -2

    Maybe you need to eat more heaty foods, that's what my mum gives me if I had a cold. Agree with first comment to consult a Chinese medicine/herbalist.

  • +6

    I'm a GP Allergist. What you have isnt normal.If your GPs arent listening to you, I would ask for a referral to either ENT or a respiratory physician.

    • Thanks, I will ask for that.

    • I'm a GP Allergist


      So, you're a GP with an interest in allergies or an allergy specialist?

      • +2

        GP with a secondary qualification and interest in allergies yes.

  • What happens when you have a prolonged change of environment? eg. you go on holidays overseas/interstate?

    • I needed to go out of the country for 3 months but It still remained same.

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