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[VIC] Free Tickets to A-League Western United Vs Newcastle Jets at AAMI Park Feb 16th 7:45pm @ Ticketek


As posted… go support our local west suburbs team !!

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    VIC only

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    not sure what you mean… is it region locked?

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    Second prize four tickets?

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    vic only

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      Would you like them to relocate the stadium? That's like mentioning free tickets to the MCG and saying it's Vic only.

  • Last versus 3rd from last lol… cant sell tickets & need to fill up stadium.

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      So what. A free day out is a free day out. The quality of the aleague is never incredible but it's as fun as you want to make it.

        • Somebody really hurt you… huh?

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            @Ulysses31: No it's just genuinely the only enjoyment I get out of watching them play, we are known worldwide to be notoriously bad at the sport it's not news

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              @lookingforadeal7: No we're not. Australia is known to be one of the best footballing countries in Asia. Last WC campaign only lifted the profile, even despite a poor Asian Cup showing imo.

              At the end of the day any of the A-League players are closer to Messi's level than us regular people are to theirs. If you don't want to watch them play, that's fine, but many others do.

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      I went with my daughter to the soccer for first time a week or two ago, the crowd was great.. all cheering the whole game.. made a great atmosphere….

  • Only if they paid me

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    Bread and circuses. Remember when the AFL was allowed to fill out a stadium during COVID lockdowns in Vic? Pepperidge farm remembers.

  • Thanks Op

  • They'll need the help 🔝🔝 Up the nix

  • Which tier is this free for?

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    Should be able to hear the Swifty concert while watching. they pretty close MCG & AAMI

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    I love how the world's most popular sport needs to offer free tickets to get people to show up lol

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      I'm not sure why people have to bash soccer. I enjoy being able to watch afl, but not a huge following in plenty of other places. Also wasn't the Matildas the second most watched event in Australia?

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      What do you get out of bashing the sport? You literally spent time posting a negative, smart-arse comment just for the sake of it?

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        I love footy, ⚽ cricket and tennis.
        I'm not a fan of rugby, basketball and baseball, but I'd never bag anyone who does.
        It's called RESPECT.

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    Theres so doubt theres an appetite for soccer but the aleague standard is an embarrassment & the management of the competition is corrupt as Fifa.

    A free ticket is a free ticket though +1

    • The standard is actually quite good, the management is poor, yes.

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          I'm not exactly sure what this is meant to prove, because you can find misses just this bad in literally any league. Only we use it to bash our own game though.

          Relative to other leagues outside the major 5, A-League is quite good. It's quite easy to see by an eye test. I really feel like people saying otherwise don't watch anything other than the Prem and an odd World Cup match.

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    Good luck with getting in and out of there cuz Taylor Swift's concert is happening at the same time @ MCG

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      I was going to say the same thing, would happily take my son to see a free A league game but not with a Swift concert across the road the whole area will be a nightmare.

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    Thanks op.
    Got a few tickets and will check out the vibe from the Swift concert.

  • where do I put the code in to get the free tickets? It’s not working for me

    • Once you click the deal, click find tickets and there is a box above unlock tickets

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    I got 2 spare tickets if anyone wants them

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