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Double Credits - Load $60 Get $120, Load $100 Get $200, Load $200 Get $400 @ Timezone


Same as last year.

Double The Love with Double Dollars
Love is in the air! Level up your date night and double your love with Double Dollars at Timezone. Game your way to the top of the leaderboard by doubling your $60, $100 & $200 loads.


This is part of Valentine's Day Sales for 2024.

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  • +1

    didnt go to an arcade for over 15 years - just took my two to timezone the other day and damnnnnn arcades be expensive these days! I can see why the frequent double credit deals are so popular haha.

    • +1

      They do go down very quick.

    • +4

      Yup, gotta minmax. Buy $80 of discounted/cashbacked Timezone gift cards, then redeem exclusively during the periods where they do the "$200 of credit for $80" deal

      • legendary stack

        i just want to play ddr supernova for $1 a game like its circa 2010 again lol

        • +1

          The problem with DDR specifically now is arcade operators have to pay a fee to Konami per credit (roughly <$0.80). Really wish the $1.60 days of DDR and Maxi Tune were still around

          • +1

            @anthpls: Bloody WHATTTTT

            Give me a clapped out Pentium 4 with windows xp and a copy of stepmania any day

            • +1

              @Jimothy Wongingtons: Bowed piece of Plywood (makes it springy), dance mat and all the DDR roms are freely available.

              • @tunzafun001: The only dance mat I could find is those crappy break-in-5 songs of 7 step songs type mats..

                The ply is a good idea

                • +1

                  @Jimothy Wongingtons: Had ours since 2004.. but siliconed to ply. Two pieces so it folds up down the middle for storage inside a cupboard.

      • But you have to do in in store right, you can't use giftcards on the app for double dollars

        • I've successfully used Ultimate gift cards to purchase Double Dollars via Timezone App using Apple Pay. I wasn't able to with Google Pay however that was 8-10 months ago.

          However I don't know if you could for the $80 for $200 credits deal since they scan your unique code in-store.

        • The Timezone gift cards can only be used in store.

      • Do you buy timezone giftcard at Costco at 10%? Or somewhere else

    • compare to Timezone in Singapore, it is a bargain here.

    • +1

      Honestly not even worth it. I tell the kids, they can have $40 get whatever they want from Kmart or the $2 shop rather than wasting it at the arcade and "winning" a couple of 4c Alibaba pieces of crap

  • Damn I thought I could use this in lead-up to V-Day. Oh well

  • +2

    I'm playing Sega Rally on the PS2 and I can't beat the final stage. Always 1-3 seconds short of the finish line.

    PS. Emulating the PS2 on Steam Deck is amazing.

    • +1

      I have the 2 player arcade, not drifting is the key.

      • +1

        not drifting

        Does not compute.

        Thanks, I'll try it tonight.

        • How did you go?

          • +1

            @Pace210: Finally beat stage 3 (mountain). I lift off the accelerator before a corner, throw the ass wide and then full throttle at the apex. Feels like I'm taking the corners a lot tighter.
            I can now get to stage 4 regularly. Still working on stage 4.

            This game is so good. Arcade perfection.

      • not drifting is the key
        Just like parking in Macquarie centre.

  • +2

    Timezone is so expensive. It’s like 2.50-3.00 per game and some barely last 1 minute. These promos soften the blow a bit, but to charge 2.50 for a claw machine which is very obviously rigged… it really motivates you to learn/strip mine aus consumer law…

    • I'm sure Timezone has made no explicit warranties or guarantees as to your likelihood of winning a prize from the claw machines, so as long as it occasionally wins ;)

      Also some of us that go to arcades go for the fun and experience, and don't expect to get any sort of tangible return for our money (although it feels good to win a prize here and there)

      • +1

        Could be worse you could be addicted to pokies and darts

    • There are ways to win the claw machine and beat the rigged part. There are several ways of doing this.

      Some are connected, so you can flick the prize into the other machine winning slot if you are good enough, sometimes it's left dangling and you can see it.
      Another if they built a hill and you can cause an avalanche, with 1 or 2 prizes going in, you have to look at the claw machines if they have done this.
      The big ones you have to wait for the claws to do default as the prize is always too heavy to carry to the prize chute. So only test it to see if the grip is strong enough.

      Koko is rigged though, the claw machine never pays out and they put too few prizes, so you have to wait for the claw to default.

      • What does that mean, to wait for the Claw to default? How would you know when it has?

        • After enough money has been donated the claw becomes strong enough to carry the item to the chute. If it just grabs and the item falls straight away then the machine is still collecting donations.

    • It’s really Aussie version of gacha

      The only way is pick machine that will give you more value such as bowling, air hockey

  • Which are the discounted gift cards for this?

  • +1

    They did this for Australia day weekend as well. Smell desperate for upfront cash.

    By the way, credits/tickets expire after 1 year of not using. Learned the hard way.

    • did you attempt to get the expiry for credits and tickets overturned with the staff? wondering if they can manually reverse the expiry. E.g Flybuys can if you request it with customer service

      • I didn't know what was happening and I asked the staff and they hard pointed out it's in the T&C at the back of the card - and there it was, in very small print. So no dice for me, maybe other had better luck. They lost all my business, that's for sure.

    • +4

      I think for this to happen you must not have been visiting Timezone to neither play nor redeem/earn tickets.

      The moment you do a game (cheapest) or reload, then that 1 year resets.

      I know that for sure because if this is not true, then nobody would have banked their tix for big prizes.

      • yea, means you havent gone timezone to play for a year. Just need to do 1 game thats all to keep expiry.

        • pretty much, I know the machines that pay big that rely on skill.

    • With an app and just go play a game within a year shouldn’t be too bad. You don’t need the physical card all the time now with the app and barcode

  • got 49000 tickets backed up cuz I can never find anything good. Any suggestions?

    • What games are you playing to have accumulated that many tix?

      I've been playing a fair while since last year and have only managed to save like 15k. Admittedly, I splurge on claw machines the most.

      • Found the sweet spot on Power Roll and was hitting it 40/50 times a session lol. Not all of it was spent on Power Roll (had some full as well as ticket farmed) but I've done 2x $200 double dollars reloads ($800 credit effectively) to get that much.
        Also my local had their Crossy Road Jackpot on 1k tickets for sometimes only 130 hops. Think its more like 2-300 now but used to go in and hit it if I saw it was low

        • +1

          That's my fault I always make it go to 200-300, I always try and beat the high score. 130 hops is easy, even 200 -300 is quite easy. The highest I saw is 500-800 at haymarket.

          Zombie smasher is the easiest to accumlate if you can play it, that is skill based.
          Tricky Towers is easy but it is skill based.
          Flappy birds if low, I can get up to 100+ but seen people get up to 200+.

          The fun games like centipede I saw at Queensland.

          Go to timezone.com.au prizes for the big ones.

    • +1

      usually i like to get a one of the nice loungefly bags, they are normally around 18000 tickets.

    • +2

      Your 1000 tickets short of airpods. Google "timezone prizes". There's Nintendo Switches, iPhones, PS5's, etc.

    • +1

      go on their website. They have big prizes like consoles etc. but those are like 100k plus

    • +1
      • Do you have to custom order these prizes?

        • +2

          Yes. I have done one recently.

          You go to your chosen Timezone (preferably your home Timezone store) and then tell them that you would like to redeem your tickets for one of these major prizes.

          You will then be asked to fill in a "Major Prize" form claim and you have to ensure you fill in your details correctly and show your ID to the attendant. This is important.

          You will then be told to come back sometime between 1.5 weeks to 2 weeks OR they may notify you or ring you when your prize has arrived.

          You will then return to the store and ask them about the prize you ordered. If it has arrived, they will ask for your ID again to be matched against the form you filled earlier. They will fetch the prize for you and you can then receive your chosen prize. Congratulation!

          • @burningrage: Do they match your name on the app/card with your real name/id?

            • @zuruhara: They supposed to but I had prior evidence (my card was stolen and an attempt was made to claim a major prize but I stopped them). Could be store specific but the one I claimed did check name of the card to my licence.

  • Does anyone know which timezone in NSW have drum mania games?

    • There is a Taiko no Tatsujin machine in Chatswood

    • Taiko at Haymarket and Parramatta

  • Plush then this…..so basically you need to pay $70 for Plush + this if your GF likes timezone. talking inflation

    • its a fun date night where you might get lucky! winning prizes that is…

      • An expensive date indeed.

  • Does anyone know if KOKO will price match this load offer?

  • For gold card members, do you still get 1 free yellow game per day? Mine never work since a couple months ago

    • Still does (and the same for Platinum), however, I have noted some of the games (particularly rhythm games) were converted from yellow/red to blue which means you can't use the free play credit on those games.

      Oh, and you would have to at least reload once (whatever amount) on that particular in order to enjoy the free game. So if you are platinum and you wanna use your daily credits at say Highpoint, you would have to reload at least once a month at Highpoint to get to use that free play. If you then go to say Northland, the free play credit won't show.

      • Oh thx.

    • Ours works at some TZ but not others, not sure how it works. One of the staff mentioned it only works at your "home store", whatever that means.

      • That is not true unless the concept of "home store" is wherever you have reloaded the card recently even if it is more than 1 site.

        In my case, my free game works in two stores (I've reloaded at these two stores interchangably during double credits) so I get 2 free games from any of these 2 stores.

  • do you guys reckon this could be combined with the load $70 dollar deal + 30 credit and plushie

  • Can we use this credit for bowling or credits can be used for arcade games only?

  • Dang.. didn’t realise I couldn’t use a gift card on the app (unless I’m missing something) 🙁

    • +1

      Gift cards can only be redeemed in store.

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