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[Uber One] $15 off Minimum $30 Spend between 8PM - 4AM @ Uber Eats (Selected Restaurants)


Not sure if it's targeted, but it's an Uber One Exclusive. It is highly likely to be single use.

It is showing up as 8PM until 4AM for myself, but I'm unsure if that is specific to my timezone (AEDT).

Minimum $30 spend.

Fees and T&Cs apply.

Mod: Promotion Terms

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$0 Delivery Fee on your First Order. Referrer receives something too (Likely free delivery on next order). Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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    The promotion is showing up on my homepage, but I can't click through to it at the moment. I've no idea if the promotion is applicable to all stores or just a limited range.

  • +1

    Same. Can see the banner

  • +2

    It says the promotion ends on Feb 25

    • +6

      My experience with these promotions is that they have some sort of redemption limit and rarely last until the advised end date. If in doubt, schedule the order in advance.

      • You were right. Party's over.

    • It says unlimited until 25th February. Does it mean I can use multiple times?

      • +2

        You can use it multiple times now, but they will either "fix" the promo to limit its usage to 1 or the promo code will reach its global redemption limit before the 25th. Best to preorder anything you want now.

        • Damn hopefully its still unlimited by tomorrow, most of my places have closed up shop for tonight (Discounted items are back to full price)

    • Nope

  • +1

    Don't know if this is timezone dependent or targeted but I'm in Perth and can't find this promo.

    • +2

      I had to scroll down to the line of ad banners, then scroll across and it was the second last ine

      • +1

        @sss333 Thanks. Got it. I had to login on the PC to see this banner. Can't find it on my app

      • +1

        great call. This was the only way I could find it too. Comment should be highlighted. cheers

  • I can see it, but obviously not active yet.

    Thanks OP.

  • Not limited to certain restaurants?

  • Does it apply to groceries order?

    • -1


    • It did in my cart

  • Can you place the order today and deliver tomorrow?

  • +3

    I can't see it anywhere on my iPhone app or PC on browser. Promotions tab only contains $20 off $40 for groceries which are probably marked up $20 to begin with plus $7 'service fee'. I have the PayPal Uber One deal.

  • +1

    It was showing earlier but not now. I hope it pops up in the next minute

  • +2

    Not showing for me…

    • But then I added to cart and it shows -$15 on checkout anyway so god bless

  • +2

    Can't see it anywhere…..

    EDIT: Refreshed the app (as in pulled down and up) appeared as the first thing. It'd seem its only valid at selected restaurants.

  • click on latest deals and you will see the spend $30 for $15 off on select restaurants

  • I can still see the banner but can’t click it yet. Must be AEST

  • +3

    Its working now, showed up while i was placing an order. Best value with buy 1 get 1 free deals

    $5 steal

  • +1

    Working now

  • Do you need Uber One to see the offer? I can't find it anywhere

  • +1

    Available at stacks of places near me

  • +6

    Oh wow. You can use this multiple times.

    • Have you tried?

      I can confirm you can schedule for tomorrow, which is handy as we dinner early

      • +2

        Yep - ordered twice and the promo still shows up. Unfortunately I only have 1 store with with deeply discounted items or buy 1 get 1 free offers, so it's not as great for myself as it is others.

        • Can you schedule for earlier time i.e lunch tomorrow or does it have to be between 8-4am

      • I have 3 orders already so yes can do multi

        • So strange I made one order, coming in 15 mins. Looking at my UE now I can’t see the promo anymore.

          Lucky you guys if you can make lots of orders!

        • Are your 3 scheduled for future?

    • Even with the same store?

  • Anyway to get free Uber one ATM?

  • +3

    Still not showing up for me and I have uber one

    • +2

      I can't see the banner on pc, but if I click on 'offer' button I can see all restaurants with offers including $15 off $30 spend.

  • Dinner sorted!

  • +1

    Can grab two curries for $7, but already had dinner tonight. Will look tomorrow to see what's available and if Pizza Hut will play nice :)

    • This worked a treat btw 2 pizzas for $3.48

  • +1

    Anybody in QLD gotten this to work yet?

    • +2

      Worked after 8pm QLD time :)

  • I keep getting delivery fee of $5.99 even though the $15 off is applied (confirming i have uber one). Do some restaurants just not offer a reduced delivery fee for uber one?

    • I experienced this few times and turned out the free delivery has a distance limit.

      • Ahh I see, thanks

  • You can schedule for another day / tomorrow, if you’ve already eaten :)

  • +2

    Nothing showing in WA yet… will try at 8 and schedule for tomorrow.

  • +16

    Found a kebab shop with buy one get one free.

    2 Kebabs for $1.05 Delivered after fees.

    • This may be the ultimate OzB Uber order

    • Ended up finding a couple of places near me with similar situation based on your comment, so thanks for the reminder about 2 for 1's :)

    • +2

      Got the same price from Chipping Norton Kebab House. Got 4 orders on the way hopefully.

  • 2 places near me doing offer. One been Nandos. A whole chicken is $30 before fees!
    No thanks.

    • Then become $15. Still not good?

        • -1

          Or $10 if you keep creating new account!

      • $15 (plus $2.23 service fee) makes it close to what I would expect to pay for it normally. Not cheap enough for me to pull the trigger.

  • This is epic

  • +1

    The fact that discounted items will still take the $15 off makes this an AMAZING deal. Got me Chicken Schnitzel + Pasta for $6, yummo!

  • +3

    (profanity) closed the app and now no more offer

  • Anyone got it in Vic eastern suburbs? Either Im not targeted or nothing is showing up as $15 off 30

  • Nothing in St Kilda East, tried refrshing app etc

  • Nothing on my app either….

  • The $15 voucher barely covers the service fee + delivery fee. What a rort!

    • then pick it up?

      • +1

        Can’t believe I didn’t try that earlier. Thought the voucher was valid only for delivery. Cheers!

        • lol no worries, I was surprised aswell

  • Thanks OP.

  • 4 kebabs for $17 after discount

  • -1

    2 burgers $8.50 delivered ($55 before all discounts lol)
    Brunch and late afternoon meal sorted for thu.

  • Four 11" pizzas for $10.50 delivered. Thanks OP.

  • Had a grocery order…. but then the final price didn't include the discount :(

  • Thanks, scheduled two chicken pick ups. Seems like I didn’t have to cook this week anyway ;)

  • Mine says no offers available, check back later

  • I think it's gone now

  • Still looks available for me, banner eventually showed up in app even though stores showed it, better using web because I can see closed stores, look for stores with brown 2 offers available for potential 2for1 deals to reach $30

    • Not available for me anymore

      • +1

        Yeah when you see the brodens ordering a dozen kebabs and burgers you can tell Uber probably ended it early

  • Can we preorder for a pick up outside the 8pm-4am order period?

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