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Wanderer Hex Small Quad Fold Table $10 (Club Price, Normally $69.99) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ $99 Order) @ BCF

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Cheap camping/portable table to make use of your free $20 voucher which expires tonight (can buy 2!)
EDIT: the voucher is linked to your email address and expired last midnight. Deal is still active though.

30kg weight capacity
Lightweight and compact camp table
Versatile; snack station, cart table or inside the tent as bedside storage
Single layered, hexagonal design
Packs down into a quad fold
Carry bag included for portability and storage
Approx open dimensions: L52 x W52 x H46cm
Approx packed dimensions: L17 x W17 x W48cm
Product weight: 2.4kg

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  • I really struggled too to find something to spend that $20.

    • +1

      Haha yep, I ended up buying one of the table after endless scrolling pass the fishing lures to get something around $20

  • +2

    Anyone got spare voucher?

  • Having issues in cart.. not going to check out

  • +3

    Thanks OP, got one. Not sure what for… but got one.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got the Large one, couldn't find something I really wanted to spend the last $5 on, so got delivered instead (local store didn't have stock so saves me a drive). New camping poker table for $2.99 out of pocket doesn't seem too shabby to me. :D

    • I got 2 bic lighters for $5.
      Good to lightup starter for charcoal

      • You can light charcoal with bic lighters?

        • +2

          Well you need twigs and paper under the charcoal

  • +2

    Little Yeti's like this one are also good for people still undecided what to use their credit on…

  • I didn't get any voucher.

    Can I ask anyone who isn't using their code to please share it with me.

    Thank you.

    • +1, can I get one as well if you not using it pls as it expires tonight. I can put it to use rather than them keeping it. Thanks

    • I did get the email back in late January about the credit, but didn't notice it, until I saw this post. when I clicked on the redeem link and logged in, it said I'd already redeemed. The credit seemed to have applied automatically, if you log into your account, you might find the credit is already there.

  • Damn, tried to claim my $20 voucher, it said I had claimed it but the money didn't show up even though it's still the 19/02. Ahh well.

  • $10. Why not. Makes good for gifts
    Got the $15 for us

  • Was actually wanting this table! Cheers!

  • -1

    The Wanderer Compact Portable Table is also really good to put your powerstation on and big speakers

  • Ordered this last week, when I went to pick it up today decided to upgrade it to the bigger one, it's 3.4 kg nstead if 2.4 kg.
    Feels really light. Easily folds up and goes back into bag. Only bad is no cup holders like their original one of thes.

  • These are good as pet's bed rather than table, since it has soft top so that glass bottles and cans won't be stable enough as on hard top tables.

  • +3

    Don't know what for but bought 3 just in case.

  • +1

    these will be great gifts..bought 2

  • Got a small and a large one! Will be handy for sure! Thank you!

  • In for two large ones - waiting for pickup confirmation @ BCF taylors lakes

  • Anyone got spare voucher? Thanks

  • Anyone got a spare voucher? Thanks

  • Anyone got a spare voucher? Thanks

  • After a spare voucher, thanks

    • Use the force

  • no luck with the vouchers

  • +1

    Thanks OP picked up 2 hex tables 1x big, 1x small.

    • Same here. Thanks OP

  • +2

    Didn't the club credit expire already? Why are so many people asking for them?

    • Why are so many people asking for them?

      I'm guessing illiteracy.

  • thanks OP,

    did a new sign up ($20 off $100) and bought 2 stove tables for $80.

    • +1

      You must be cooking a lot at campsites 😋

      • +1

        paired up with a mate to get it for $40 each

    • Were you provided a voucher code?
      I've signed up and new account and haven't received anything? Nor any auto discount at checkout.

  • I'm struggling to see the utility in these

    • +1

      It's creature comforts when camping or picnic. Not necessary, but beats eating meals off the ground. Also makes it more difficult for ants to access your supplies

    • Raising portable fridge off the ground when camping; with a slight modification.

    • if you do alot of picnics / camping you'd find these very versatile. 3.4kg for the large one…cant go wrong. instant setup

      • I do plenty of camping - not having a rigid surface drastically reduces its use case imo.

  • Got one but didn't need one lol

  • Thanks OP! got the large one. these are perfect and so versatile. Very lightweight and quick to setup.
    3.4kg, $15 cant go wrong!

  • +1

    back in stock

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