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ANA Business Class: Sydney to Tokyo Haneda Direct Return $2732 (2x 32kg Bags, Lounge, May-Sep 2024) @ flightfinderau


Destination: Tokyo
Airline: All Nippon Airways
Valid Departure Dates: May to September 2024
Deal Expiry: Till Sold Out

  • Direct flights to Tokyo Haneda with a 5 star rated Airlines
  • Flights on board B787-900 aircraft
  • Business Class on ANA is with fully-flat seats in a 1-2-1 configuration and split across two cabins
  • Choose between a Japanese or international menu
  • Credit points and status credit to either Velocity or a equivalent Star Alliance carrier (i.e. KrisFlyer)

Sydney to Tokyo Flights from $2732 Return.

16/Jun - 26/Jun $2732
24/May - 03/Jun $2732
02/Jun - 11/Jun $2732
11/Sep - 24/Sep $2732
11/Sep - 23/Sep $2732
09/Sep - 22/Sep $2732
10/Sep - 22/Sep $2732
11/Sep - 22/Sep $2732
03/Aug - 12/Aug $2732
02/Aug - 12/Aug $2732


  • Please take into account any vaccine/covid test/insurance requirements when traveling
  • Based in Canberra, Flightfinderau is an aggregator of flight prices (like Skyscanner). With any online purchases, do your due diligence!

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  • +1

    Good price, paid 15xx in Sept last year for ANA economy class

    • Do you know what the going rate is for business class flights to Japan, by any chance? I actually have been looking for such flights (man, this cookie phenomenon is something else) but can't remember.

      • +2

        $4500+ normally.

      • +2

        Funny you should ask, I have been monitoring business class to Japan !

        In Sept/Oct they're about AUD4800 so I was waiting for the periodic "Hello Blue" sales (last one was posted in Jan ?)
        and a quick dummy booking says they're still the same, even for a member !

        So AUD2700 (+fees ?) is worth it …

  • -1

    why no melb??

    • +1

      ANA dont fly to MEL

      • why.. why do most dont go to mel?

        • probably not enough traffic to justify the extra bits. apparently the route between melb and syd is one of the busiest in the world and recently there have been deals on those so we could probably time them right and 'stack'

          • +4

            @eloque: It's probably this unfortunately. JAL only runs 787-8s to Melb flying out of Narita. Meanwhile Sydney has both Japanese carriers fly larger capacity 787-9s from Haneda, more conveniently located and which have only limited international spots available. Qantas also has the same Narita/Haneda split for Melb/Syd, although they fly A330-300s for both routes.

            I would bet that if Zipair later decides to expand to Australia (recently added Vancouver), it would go to Sydney not Melbourne.

        • +8

          Bad grammar in Melbourne. Can't blame them.

          • -2

            @Kanjus: do you have difficulties reading? do you need t's crossed and i's dotted to be able to comprehend things? do you care to explain why you 'can't blame them' or were you just struggling to come up with something substantial and interesting? how does irrelevant trash get so many upvotes?

            • @eloque: How many accounts does that anorak-wearing tw*t have?

              • @eloque: Not sure, but defs a Technical Guru!

        • +1

          JAL go to Melbourne

      • +1

        really wish ANA fly Melbourne too
        been hearing they are one of the best for flying experience (even in economy)

        • +1

          JAL flight to Melbourne and JAL is better than ANA for all fare classes

  • dang it's boeing

    • Think ANA flies mostly 777 on this route. Arguably one of the safest civilian planes in history.

      • +2

        yeah, i'd fly it, especially given it's being run by Japanese, but still, I'd prefer to boycott the manufacturer

        • +1

          Why boycott Boeing? Is this because of the 737 MAX crashes?

          • +1

            @Mondorock: yes
            personally i will not be flying on a 737 MAX aircraft. but i will fly on any other boeing plane.

          • +1

            @Mondorock: Mainly, but there have been other issues. It didn't help that I discovered the blog of an ex-quality controller at Boeing around the same time that covered the 'roller-stamping' of parts. I think it needs to be accessed via the Wayback Machine these days.

      • 787

        • Sorry, stand corrected, its actually the 787

  • is this an actual campaign or has someone just noticed that this is cheaper than usual? what's the usual price?

    • Usual price is ~4700 return. They do this $2800 pretty regular now, though.

  • -2

    i need this price to europe

    • +3

      Get this cash fare return to TYO, then points ex TYO to the EU. Have done this twice before, and once from HKG (BA to LHR) and also twice from DPS (SQ to CDG and MUC). Works a treat considering AU-EU business (and above) redemption opportunities are so limited in availability

      I've also done the combination in reverse - flying points to MNL, then cash from there flying any of the middle eastern carriers (for me, to FCO on QR Qsuites and then 787 from DOH) as it can reach as low as 3k AUD return usually, lowest 2k.

      • +1

        those Qsuites fares ex MNL/CGK to europe are pretty damn sweet!

        • Have never tried CGK but have heard great things! Lots of direct connections nowadays out of Aus also which is great.

  • The same page is showing Virgin as $2579 which is a bit cheaper than ANA. How does Virgin business class compare to ANA?

    • +9

      I have a feeling nobody can compete with the Japanese.

      • +2

        Agreed, my first splurge on business tickets will be with ANA or JAL for sure.

        • +1

          But if you do that, you might find the other carrier's business class product to be "sub-par" in the future.

          • @t25: I find it so difficult to justify business anyway, it would be a once in a lifetime experience unless work decides to go fancy.

            • @doobey1231: I flew business for the first time last year (SIA) and in my opinion it is worth it if you can get a deal like this. I would not pay full price but don't mind paying $2700 for something that is normally ~$4700, especially for international. This price is also direct whereas if you go with SIA or others it's a lot longer in the air or sitting around waiting for a connection. I wouldn't even consider Virgin "business" for $2500. Everyone's budget and priorities are different though.

            • +2

              @doobey1231: I got Qantas business class flights to / from New York once about 13 or 14 years ago thanks to my wife's company (she works for a US multinational). It ruined flying for me forever… so hard to go back to economy with the common peasants after that :P It's bloody hard to justify it out of your own pocket, though. I certainly wouldn't consider it unless it was for the real long haul trips ie Europe or USA and even then, like you say, it would be a once in a lifetime thing. I doubt I'd do it for shorter flights ie Asia/Pacific kind of region.

    • +15

      Virgin business class is not business class at all when flying internationally, and they really should consider changing the name.
      Lie flat seats and lounge access is standard for international business class - both of which you will not get with Virgin's offering.

    • +4

      Not quite sure but Virgin Australia's business class these days is more like premium economy/domestic business isn't it? They got rid of the planes with true business seats around Covid.

    • +1

      Virgin international business class is actually premium economy. Gooogle some pictures, you'll see the differense.

    • ANA is miles better, like, it's not even close. Keep in mind that you don't even get lounge access with Virgin International.

    • Judging by the comparison between ANA economy vs Virgin economy/premium economy, I'm guessing it would be a no-contest.

      ANA quality of cabin service, cabin cleanliness, food etc is miles ahead.

    • VA has no wide body planes. No one wants to sit its inferior business in a single aisle 737(800 or Max) for a long haul flight. TBH I'd prefer a wide body economy over that fake business for less than 50% of the price tag.

    • That's not a direct flight.

    • +1

      It's too far a route for a seat that doesn't lie flat in business, and I also really struggle to understand why Virgin hasn't at least partnered with lounges for international flights if they're not going to open their own. You definitely wouldn't buy it when it's only a little cheaper than this deal.

      On a side note, I've not flown Virgin business but Ive flown a lot of and quite enjoy Qantas short haul business (same plane and very similar seats) upto say 4 hours, you get a much better service in the small business cabin than you do on a wide body (at least compared to Qantas long haul business) and the lack of a lie flat seat is okay upto 4 hours or so since you're not going to sleep anyway and it's comfortable enough. But any longer than that you really want the lie flat.

  • +5

    ANA is an excellent airline with top notch service.
    The only thing I can 'fault' them on (not that it is really a fault at all) is the ANA business class lounge in Haneda airport. It can get very busy during peak times being the main lounge for Star Alliance airlines and also Premium Economy customers flying ANA can access this lounge.

    Having said that, in true Japanese fashion, it is kept immaculate and food options are high quality.

    • Last October I went to the TIAT Lounge, busy so I had to wait for 10-15min before entry, but with runway views it's worth it !

    • For me I just stay at the hotels in the terminal. That way I don't need to get up extra early to travel to Haneda. No need for the lounge.

    • their made-at-order ramen at the lounge is suprisingly good i,ho

  • -2

    Please take into account any vaccine/covid test

    Thats so 2020

    • +1

      Dunno why you're being downvoted. It wasn't a requirement in 2022.

      • In 2020 travelling wasn't even an option for most people lol.

        Japan only started reopening for normal tourism (without a guided tour/travel agency) from October 2022 and you did need vaccination or proof of testing to enter.

        there are still several border measures in place. If you’ve received three vaccine doses, you don’t need to take a pre-travel Covid test. However, if you’ve received any fewer jabs than three, you’ll need to show a negative test taken within 72 hours of departure for Japan.


        They only dropped vaccination/PCR testing requirements in April 2023.

        April 28, 2023
        For those entering the country on or after April 29, 2023, it is no longer necessary to present a valid vaccination certificate or pre-departure inspection certificate.


        • Sorry I had my years confused and forgot it's 2024. You didn't need it in 2023*

  • +1

    I can happily advise that as of mid last year Japan has dropped all requirements for vaccination/covid testing to enter the country. Be aware that there are forms to fill out which will make exiting the airport much smoother - more info https://vjw-lp.digital.go.jp/en/

    Its not a necessity and you can do it when you arrive, but I was waiting for my train at Narita airport approx 1 hour after stepping off the plane because the process was so quick having already filled out that info so I strongly recommend you do it.

    • +1

      Depends how busy the airport is when you arrive, when I flew in to Haneda two weeks ago there was more than enough time in the queue to fill the form out. Really inefficient process and few manned booths given the number of arrivals.

      • Maybe Narita is just better managed? Its the newer one as far as I am aware, so maybe their systems just work better. The queue was about 200-300m long when we arrived but moved quite quickly, if I saw the same in Sydney airport I would've lied down for a nap lmfao.

      • +1

        Also flew into Haneda 2 weeks ago and took more than an hour to process, even though we had pre-filled the QR codes. Seems they are testing a new system and process (https://newsonjapan.com/article/140379.php). We ended up lining up 3 times at different stations, as it wasn't quite working. I'm sure the teething issues will be resolved.

    • Flew to Tokyo late last year with an infant, so having these pre-filled in with QR codes helped heaps. It was effortless through customs etc.

  • +1

    will there be the same price for october and november? also, i prefer to book on the actual ANA website but it’s not coming up for those dates

  • 64KG of baggage wild

    • +1

      We'd need every bit of it by the time my wife was finished at the Studio Ghibli museum gift shop.

  • +3

    These tickets are non refundable or changeable so for anyone who needs to check they can get time off work or anything before pulling the trigger if you book direct through the ANA website (an extra $200) you can hold the fare for 72hrs by paying ~$15.

    Also, for Krisflyer members the milage accrual is 70% for this fare class as opposed to 150% for the normal business class fares.

    • What fare class is this?

      • P

        • Seems Virgin Atlantic or Etihad is the best to credit the points.

  • Choose the Japanese meal coming back from Tokyo as the food is Japan catering vs Aus catering coming from Aus obviously.

  • One big warning on the economy flights. If you get the 10:45pm flight from Haneda to Sydney, there’s no dinner service, only a breakfast. I was so sick after eating packet after packet of soy chips that I vomitted in the toilet half way through the flight. And there was so much good looking food in the terminal.

    • Wow that sounds like my nightmare, you didn't eat anything at the terminal expecting a meal on the plane?

  • +1

    At this point in time, it seems that the last trip left at the lowest price is 02/Jun - 11/Jun.

    For Melbournites, Jetstar has a return flight to Sydney for $140, which is relatively good if you check all the other dates around it.

    Departs 6am from Avalon and gets to Sydney at 7:25am, with plenty of time to catch the flight to Japan departing at midday on Sunday, 2nd June.

    After the flight arrives from Japan at 19:15 on Tuesday 11th June, the flight to Melbourne departs about 2 hours later at 21:20.

    I'm waiting for a delayed deposit to come through, and will most likely miss out, but who knows. Anyway, I've done a bit of research for some lucky person, perhaps.

    • I'm assuming no luggage at that price for Jetstar, which makes it kind of useless for this.

      Little chance you make the return flight with only 2 hours, even if you were on the same ticket transferring international to domestic at Sydney isn't particularly quick.

      Also I'd be weary of using Jetstar for a self transfer in general due to lack of reliability.

      • You're also assuming that all people will be travelling heavy or won't be happy to pay extra for luggage or catch a later flight back from Sydney, or have a holiday in Sydney… you get the point.

        And…. just be more reliable and less weary.

        • I'm not assuming any of those things but once you add baggage to a Jetstar fair you're often better off paying for Qantas/virgin/rex, especially when reliability is important.

          But my main/important point was to not underestimate the time to transfer between domestic and international at Sydney. Even if it was on the same ticket you'd want at least 2.5hr domestic to international and at least 3.5hr international to domestic. Seperate tickets you'd probably want minimum 3.5hr and 4hr respectively, but personally I'd just stay a night in Sydney to be safe. Which often makes it easier and cheaper to just pay more for a flight from Melbourne unless you want to spend some time in Sydney.

  • Does anyone know how to search the best deals for all business class flights with only full flat seat/ bed for all routes for any date (like google flight but a bit more flexible of travel duration like 3 - 4 weeks)? Thanks.

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