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250g Bag of Average Joe’s Medium Roast $0 + $9.95 Shipping @ Average Joe's Coffee


250g Bag of Average Joe’s Medium Roast for $9.95 shipping

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Average Joe's Coffee
Average Joe's Coffee

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    • Weird, it shows up as $9.95 for me

  • Yeah unless they have 1kg bags and roast the same day its dispatched the beans aren't worth it. And the stupid pop up ad that makes u claim the coffee is a red flag.

    • You can't even close it
      .. that's actually a turn off. Stupid website and stupid promotion. Because it forces your details and the $10 shipping it's a no deal for me.

  • Worked perfectly fine. Im sure i will get spammed from here on out.

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    Fkn Chuck Norris

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    Absolutely hate the way these offers are always marketed as FREE!!
    It's not free it's $10!! Nothing free about it!

    And $10 for 250g of coffee isn't exactly a bargain either

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        A narrow minded what?

        • A narrow minded mind ?

  • is their coffee any good?
    $40/kg avg joe vs $33/kg a jo

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    If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a bad deal

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    It's a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see if it pays off for em!

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    Or buy Aldi Lazzio medium roast 1kg for about $14 or $15. 1kg Dark Roast is $11.99.

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    I tried the Aldi this week and it's pretty darn good and better for the price. Punching above its weight for sure!

    • Which one did you buy? Did you check the roast date before buying?

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        Good batch at the moment. Has been some crap batches. I got a roasted on 25/1. There are now a few bags of 29/1 (roast date on side of bag, backwards).
        I actually put my LimeBlue SO aside for the new Aldi Medium. Go figure!
        Dark isn't terrible either at the moment. Chuck a few darks in if using an auto Jura/ Delonghi etc

  • scored a bag

  • you can't close the pop up ad.. lol.

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    Just an update for you lot.
    When I clicked on this deal, it did take me to the page with that annoying pop up. You can clear it by clicking anywhere on the screen around the pop up which was tricky to do on my phone.
    I ordered on 18/03 well before they would've started work for the day. My order was sent out on Friday 22/03 by Sendle (Couriers Please).
    I received the order today 27/03 (Sunshine Coast).
    The bag had a stickered date of 05/03 which I assume is the roast date.

    Just a few issues and why I won't order again. The coffee itself "Medium Roast" is just OK. It is no better than my regular supermarket bean of choice. They take forever to send it and Sendle have been proven to be very unreliable for many people. The Sendle tracking is worse than useless. Average Joes rejected my delivery address on the order (parcel collect) and requested a residential address, so this added one day to the already bad delivery window. The beans are old stock; this exact quote from their product page - "Roasted Fresh - Our coffee is best used between 7 and 21 days after roasting which is why we roast fresh weekly." Haha its already 22 days after roasting when I actually received the beans.

    All in all, I say its an absolute waste of $9.95 for the postage even with the 'free' beans included.

    • Thank you for the insight

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