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[VIC, NSW, ACT] Free Delivery (Products at in-Store Prices) @ El Jannah


Do you want some charcoal chicken, and the next day, for everyone who comes within the bad breath radius to know what you ate?

Look no further and get some El Jannah delivered for free at in-store prices.

I've stopped ordering delivery through DoorDash or Uber Eats for any foods because of the mark-up (in addition to delivery costs), but El Jannah's own website is offering free delivery at the same price you'd pay in-store for a limited time only. Then I guess it goes back to being a bit of a convenience tax.

The tiny writing in their email says orders must come through their website, and not through any other delivery portals or apps.

No guarantee that it'll still be the same quality as back before they franchised.

Happy garlicking.

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  • their address API does not seem to work 😕
    worked if you type full address

  • +45

    El Jannah is terrible. the meat is dry, the salads are heavy and it does not taste like all the hype it gets. Maybe its just me.

    • +8

      The OG stores are still awesome, but yeah I've heard that some of the newer stores are a bit how ya going.

      • +1

        For reference, which locations are OG ?

        • +8

          I believe Granville and maybe another but even then the quality has gone downhill imo.

        • +11

          Granville and Punchbowl 👍

          • +4

            @Shaquille Oatmeal: And Blacktown.

            • @Flyerone: They're the only ones I've ever been to and would go to. Glad I don't live too close, otherwise it'd be dangerous.

            • @Flyerone: I feel like Blacktown has even gone downhill since the fire.

          • +2

            @Shaquille Oatmeal: I was at the one in Punchbowl about a month ago and it was amazing. Tender chicken, boatload of charcoal flavour and the chips were great too.
            Extreme garlic breath after the dip, but it was worth it.

            • @Last Seen: Only the ones who eat it can enjoy that garlic burp. It's super potent, almost as though you are having another bite when you taste that burp. Lol

            • -1

              @Last Seen: Did you require 3 litres of water after all the garlic 🤣🤣

        • +1

          Completely agree. I've only ever had it at the OG stores. I didn't know they have franchises now.

          I think there's also one in the Nepean/penrith area

        • campbellfield VIC

      • +3

        Not so sure what’s the hype on except for their garlic sauce coz the chicken at the store in Canberra is dry af

        • +17

          That's because Canberra is dry af

      • +6

        it went downhill the day they started prepackaging the garlic sauce.

        • That's true actually. Prefer to go to my local chargrill chicken place nowadays.

    • +8

      Read all the rave reviews and saw all the hype.
      Tried it once, wouldn't go back again.

      The local charcoal chicken shop is so much better

    • +1

      Not wrong. When it hit Newtown I eventually tried it after the initial hype… and have never felt the need to do that again.

      • +3

        the newtown, burwood, etc stores are awful. As people said, punchbowl, granville, and even bankstown are better. but imo bad el jannah is still miles better than good chargrill charlies, which is complete slop. but then ive only even tried the chargrill near me in annandale.

        • +1

          I found CC in Annandale nothing special as well. Basically, supermarket quality chicken and salads in one place. Rice and chips bland.

        • I found burwood to vary on time of day

        • Glad I read this comment. I've always gotten the chicken wrap (with extra garlic sauce) and that was amazing and never ventured to try the stand alone charcoal chicken because it looked quite dry.

        • Chargrill Charlie's gave our house the runs.

          Disgusting. Green sq

    • +2

      Their chicken has always been too dry for me even at Granville

    • +1

      Canberra store is nice!

    • +4

      As someone whose part Lebo, you're not wrong. El Jannah has gone downhill.

      My personal favourite is Brothers Kebab in Banksia.

      • so good.

      • +1

        Hariri's in Kogarah is pretty good.

    • Usually this thing happens when popular restaurants expand… Quality goes down…

      I agree, the newer restaurants aren't as good as the original

  • +29

    They are going down the same path as Oportos. Rapid expansion, leading to corners being cut and mass creation of food to distribute. Quality has def gone down sadly, while price has gone up.

    • +21

      How good was Oporto early days! Basically inedible now.

      • Never been a fan of Oporto's, I feel like it's a worse version of Nando's (which has been pretty damn good ever since it came to Australia).

      • Ogalo has been where the good Portuguese chicken burgers are for many years now

  • +2

    Delivery is currently unavailable for your location.

    • +4

      Vaucluse ?

      • Newcastle

  • +4

    i still rate el jannah but yeah its definitely not as good as it used to be. frangos have done this whole expansion thing much better in my opinion..

  • +1

    Not delivering in Canberra :(

  • I prefer Em Jannah

    • -6

      Can confirm this but in eljannah you get 72 virgin so YMMV

      • +2

        Dude ur so funny. Become a comedian ASAP!

  • +4

    El Jannah for the garlic sauce, Hawa for the chicken

    • This is the way

    • 💯

    • Hawa is better for a one stop shop imo

  • -5

    Posting Guidelines:

    POST a clear title including price and location.

    • I don't think I could list all of the menu items or the store locations in the title without going over the text limit

      • +1

        Just put in VIC and NSW.

        • Thanks for the downvotes.
          However I see the title has been updated, so all good.

  • 10km away and not available

    • +3

      10km is a long ass way for delivery

  • Newly opened at Albion Park. Woohoo!

  • I used to go to Granville store heaps in the mid 2000s before the hype and the franchising. It was awesome. Tried it again last year - blergh. Even the garlic sauce is now centrally manufactured and shipped out rather than made in store. Chargill Charlies is so much better.

    • +4

      Chargrill Charlies being better than any Lebanese chicken shop in Sydney is one of the most out there things I’ve read on this site and that includes the risotto in the park thread.

      • Frangos for the win but thats portugese. I tend to go to my local charcol chicken shop Char'd which is miles ahead of EJ

  • Used to love El Jannah. Quality seems to have gone downhill. Have had 2 friends get food poisoning from 2 different stores as well unfortunately.

  • Best charcoal chicken and Tawook wrap in town tbh.

    Wish they deliver or open a branch in Chadstone area, I would be a regular customer.

  • -2

    I am a big fan of charcoal chicken but didn’t this go off the boil in the 80s because of concerns over it being carcinogenic? Has this changed?

    • +5

      humanity has been cooking meat over a fire and coal for at least 9 years. (yes at least). I wouldnt worry about it.

  • +4

    Their markup is bloody 55% at el jannah

    In china, these apps only charge 3-5 dollars delivery and no markup, actually reducing prices for a couple of dollars than the dine in price!

    • +4

      Move to China and work a Chinese delivery riders wage, then come back and tell me 3-5 dollars delivery cost is enough to live on.

      • Your missing the point..🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

        The middle man isn’t taking 30% unlike Ubereats.

        On top of that, el jannah is taking an extra 25% on top of their store price where that doesn’t happen in asian country

        • I'm not missing the point, the cost of doing business in Australia is insane. Work cover is almost 10% on top of the wage of the worker. China couldn't give an arse about the worker if they injure themselves or get hit by a car.

          While the surcharge of uber eats is shit, it isn't that hard to call the restaurant and then pickup yourself for no surcharge. Think of it as a lazy tax.

          • @azukay: So what’s that got to do with marking up 55% on ubereats? You make it sound like every other country is easy to doing business. My point is, in asian countries, they don’t have a middleman causing 55% surcharge on food delivery.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

            • @dahe88: Uber eats is 30% as you said yourself, now you managed to pull another number that's 55%. El Jannah isn't a middleman. My point is it costs more money to do business in a Western country. 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻

              Just vote with your wallet and stop paying the lazy tax.

              It absolutely is cheaper to be an employer to be in Asian countries. Notice all the multinationals doing manufacturing in Asia or Mexico to benefit their margins? Notice how Australia has almost nil manufacturing capabilities?

              People complaining about costs for the most part have never hired another person or been an employer. If you work in construction you would know hiring just a labourer is 50$ an hour plus super, plus WorkCover plus GST if they are contractors. So that alone is over 30% over the base hourly rate.

  • They need a chips size in between med and 'large'. I ordered a meal deal and upgraded to a large chips. It was literally a family sized box. Not exactly a bad thing, but about half went to waste as I couldn't eat it all! Only been a few times here in Melbourne, but it was ok. Pretty expensive though.

  • whos got a good at home recipe?

  • I try through website but it says user has to deliver, so that means out of area? Doesn't specify?

  • their garlic sauce is very mid ever since its made offsite.

  • -1

    Terrible and dry garbage.

  • +1

    Thanks op. Must be lots of people ordering cos it was to be delivered at 5.25pm and now 6.05pm.

    • +1

      nah some of the stores are actually way behind in serving even otherwise.

  • +1

    EJs has always been the best garlic sauce with the worst charcoal chicken.

  • $5.90 for the mass produced garlic sauce :(

    Was good once upon a time. I wonder if they realise how much downhill they've gone…?

  • Frangos is better but haven't opened in Vic yet

  • Not delivering to where I am, which is 10km journey from their Mitcham store.

  • i just get the medi delite garlic dip from woolies its like 90% the same. with a $12 chook.

    way cheaper, way juicier and a lot less cancerous.

    otherwise just go to frangos

  • Good deal. In melb charcoal chicken options were just the aussie style non butterflied versions which are crap. El jannah whilst franchise is still better

  • -1

    $19.90 for a tiny dry chicken…no thanks.

  • +1

    Still gets delivered by uber or doordash

    • Got uber

  • +1

    I used to drive from North Sydney to punchbowl every week sometimes multiple times.

    Now it's dry AF, small portions, garlic is pre-packaged and the salads don't pop like they used to.

    That's not off a few visits, but probably about a month worth of visits spread until I just stopped bothering.

    Frangos if I want elite chicken or my local in crows nest does the job.

    They had something special but it is garbage now.

    • the local el Jannah in crows nest?

      • Local is Charoal Charlie's but I don't mind Bon Pollo in St leonards/crows nest.

        • the charcoal charlies in crows nest closed a million years ago because charcoal charlies got shit once they expanded too much. bon pollo in st leonards is below average. the el jannah in crowie is way better than that

    • Try Hot Rocks in Bankstown. chicken is amazing

  • Their gravy is amazing. Everything else is pretty good but overpriced. In Melbourne, our standards aren't as high as Sydney I suppose.

  • Picking up your order…
    Estimated arrival 10:15 PM

    Original ETA was 9:43, 2 mins ago.

    Must be busy

  • I'm still waiting for the Kensington one to open

    • I haven't seen any activity on that building site, for, like, ever. I'm not getting my hopes up. But Kenny's chicken do a pretty similar thing.

  • I think the (Sydney) Smithfield El Jannah
    is their only drive-through franchise.

    You should see the line of cars, picking up the orders.

    • +1

      Prestons has driver thru.

      • Preston (singular) and Campbellfield in Melbourne's North also have driver through.

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