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iPhone 15 128GB $1287, iPhone 15 Plus 128GB $1449, iPhone 15 Pro 128GB $1637 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


$212 off the base iPhone 15 128GB, Pro and Pro Max currently on sale. $200 off the 15 Plus.

iPhone 15 Plus.

iPhone 15 Pro

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    Yep, these deals popping up now really hurt after I recently bought 2 pro's at full price lol
    Nice deal!

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      don't open these deals and enjoy the phone

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      2 week price difference claim my friend

      • Is that a JB Hi-Fi thing? I bought them directly from Apple…
        Someone DM'd me that I can return them and re-buy from JB though so I'm considering that.

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          oh sorry, yes it’s a jbhifi thing. maybe apple does a change of mind thing? or just ask them if they will refund the difference as a gesture of goodwill to save you both the hassle

        • 14 calendar days

    • +1

      Thank you for your sacrifice friend

      • lol. I'll have to keep the existence of these deals as a secret from the gift recipients.
        Copping enough flack as it is for switching to Apple :D

    • Should have bought a samsung

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    Still $300 off at Telstra for all models.

    • The best deal right now ?

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      You can get $350 off if you’re a Telstra Plus Gold customer. An additional $50 discount.

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        Only silver 😱

    • Is this outright or do you need to be on a plan with them?

      • Outright option available via Telstra App for those who have existing Telstra ID. Login and click shop.

        • also in-store

          • @tonester: I know, but a friend went to one of the Telstra stores yesterday and they didn’t honor outright purchase. May be differ from store to store and understanding of the staff

    • Extra 10 percent off job with gift cards

      • *15% via the ultimate deal

        • is this a current deal or past deal? please share the wealth

      • Can't see too many places that are doing 10% off at the moment. Shopback is currently 3% and Lumo are doing 4%. Unfortunately both of these mean the Telstra deal is still cheaper.

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    I want to get 15 pro max but the thought of spending $2000 sounds painful . When will this price go down like to $1200?

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      Just get a large sized potato and save the money, basically the same thing

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      In your dream

    • +1

      Just get an iPad mate

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    Iphone 15 Plus is a solid but this year.

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      So an even firmer maybe next year?

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    Good price. Hope the 16 will launch at slightly lower prices to begin with.

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      Why would that happen?

      • 17 will launch at a lower price.

      • Sales have tanked for 15, whats the point of launching it at sky high price for 16 as well?

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          because its Apple

          • @Brianqpr: Doesn't matter, they'll come around if enough people don't switch to new models or sales keep tanking for them due to it :) It's as simple as that.

            They've trialled smaller sized iPhones, but due to poor sales, they don't make them as much and been silently discontinued.

  • Why not telstra?

  • Wow amazing price

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    Cheaper at Telstra
    I believe you can buy in-store without Telstra ID.

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      One of my friend visited the store and they aren’t selling outright. Only option to buy outright is via Telstra App for those who have existing Telstra ID. But worth trying different stores.

      • They are definitely allowing outright purchasing. Purchased one in Adelaide.

        • Absolutely they are, been to two Telstra shops near JB’s and both said they prefer you are a Telstra customer. I have tried both JB’s and they don’t believe me. I would buy from Telstra, but I need to use JB gift cards

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    Reccession deals incoming.

  • If you just bought i15 Pro Max 4 days at full price from JB HiFi, any way to claim this sale price?
    Thanks in advance!

    • yes, just ask

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      Try asking them. Otherwise maybe your credit card has price protection

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      In many cases, the retailer will refund the difference of what you paid vs. the sale price, as long as your purchase was within a specified time—often 14 days. If they can’t or won’t refund to the original form of payment, you may be issued a store credit.

    • yes JB has price match if product has price drop within 2 or 4 (based on product) weeks after purchase

  • Would apple store price match? I've got a $250 apple gift card that came with my macbook purchase.

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      they will price match upto 10% off I believe

  • Do these guys price protect? Seriously? Ugh

    Wife got one from them on Sunday, less than a week ago

  • Will OW price beat this?

    • They’ve dropped the price already anyway

      • Yup, just picked one up from them this morning. Their trade in values were slightly higher than JB, but they issued multiple prezzie gift cards meaning I had to go in store and couldn't buy online. OW online checkout only seems to allow 1 gift card.

  • so to get a good deal, we need to wait for about five months.

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    Honestly, 128GB storage is too small for devices costing over $1K.

    If laptops over $1K can provide 512GB SSD as a minimum, iPhones should do the same.

    • +4

      You should write to Tim and let him know…

      • +4

        I just spoke to him. He said ju2au is right.

        • +1

          I just spoke with Tim, he laughed at how gullible you and Ju2au are, so did I :p

  • currently, on amazon, Apple iPhone 15 Pro (256 GB) - White Titanium is $1837 while on jbhifi is $1849 if anyone is interested.

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    Could I price match at Officeworks?

    • +3

      I’ll allow it, but they have the same price

  • No need to chase discounted gift cards when you have price protection! Wooo submitting another claim, thank you

    • Hi, how’s the price protection works? I bought 15 pro for $1799 last september from costco.

  • Man, I really wanna pull the trigger on the 256. Anyone know how long this sale is on?

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      "technically that one ends on the 3rd of April but we have had promotions end earlier in the past for one reason or another so if you really wanna grab it for that price we recommend doing it ASAP! Especially for Apple products as we really don't get much flexibility with prices regularly ahah" - JBhifi chat

  • Got the 15 for my wife from JB a month ago for this price and used 5% discounted vouchers. Stored for now until her birthday.

    Meanwhile, I updated from Pixel 7 Pro to Pixel 8 Pro a week or two back while making an $80 profit overall.

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