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ING: $40 Cashback for Opening a Savings Maximiser Account @ ShopBack App


saw on the app, with very limited details as usual to make us confused. and one time i asked them about it they said sorry we dont have enough staff or time to check/test every deals (for working/not/spelling errors/details). lol… best customer service answer of the year….

it seems we will get $40 if opening saving maximiser (with pay up to 5.50% interst rate per year), but i doesnt say new customer only or one per account/customer,
i think one customer can open multiple accounts on the app, so….

cant find this on the webite.
im at android. open shopback, the main (home tab), on the big scrolling part below search, just scroll to the right, it is next (after) to amazon and before better-beer

Screen: https://ibb.co/zXQ0sYt

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Referral: random (3928)

$40 for referrer, $20 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Users will need to fulfil the referral criteria within 180 days from referee's sign-up date to unlock cashback. See all terms

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  • +1

    Currently on hold with ING for 28 minutes with an estimated wait time of 50 minutes to ask a simple question about increasing my daily limit. No branches in Australia. Sigh.

    • +1

      You can increase it in the app

      • Can’t go above 20 grand

        • -7

          Why do you need to transfer more then $20K in one day?

      • +5

        Lol for a minute there I thought you meant you could increase the wait time in the app :D

    • I increased mine to $40,000 via the app, very simple

      • What do you want me to tell you, it says my limit is 20 grand. Call to increase above that. I need it at 55. /shrug

        • +9

          Have to tried offering the kidnappers instalments over 3 days?

          • @turk182: Yep and if you select over 20 you need to call and they increase it just for that day.

            • @Tee Rex Arms: Yes, that's how the web interface behaves. But in the ING mobile app you can set a temporary higher limit yourself without having to call. You can't set a limit higher than the amount you already have in your Everyday account. (So transfer to Everyday first, then set limit.)

              • @Chris T: I was using the app. Only have home loan account and everyday. More than the limit I wanted to increase it to available in the account and it wouldn’t let me set above 20 without calling.

                • @Tee Rex Arms: Interesting. I have the Everyday and Savings Maximiser, and it behaved as I described when I tested this just a few minutes ago.

    • No branches in Australia

      Stay with your existing-bank for branches-access & every-banking needs?

      Can’t go above 20 grand

      Try schedule daily payments to get your total: 1 set-up only, eg 3 x $18.33 ?
      Other banks (eg Ubank) have similar restriction to limit their lost in case you got scam.

    • ING used to be good back then before hand, now they also like combank, so slow in call answerings.

      But at least ing takes call 24/7 tho unlike combank

  • Although I like ING over other banks, I have found on 3 occassions I have had to contact customer service for them to honour their 'deals'

  • +8

    ING has fallen so far behind as a bank now. I would not recommend them anymore. Terrible mobile app, interest rates has too many hoops to get through. All the now mediocre features are behind criteria.

    Not sure why you would go with them anymore. And I say this as someone who previously recommended them to any and all.

    • yep macq is better
      free atm,
      good for overseas,

    • +1

      Yep, I was with them 21 years and they used to be the best for savers and would actually reward our loyalty. Now they don't care about customer retention. I moved to UBank, they give better interest with no where near the amount of hoops to jump through.

      • Exactly the same!

      • …too many hoops to get through…

        Feel free to be-SPECIFIC regarding any of the criteria & quote link to support your comments.

        My experience: ING's interest % are among the top 3 ish each-month & proven over many-years. A few banks tries to compete but have since gave-up.
        Go to 'Best high-interest savings accounts by bonus rate'-> https://www.choice.com.au/money/banking/savings-options/arti…

        The cons: their bonus-rate is designed to penalised customers who don't want to plan…ideally customers have NET-income $1K+ monthly &/or surplus funds to meet their criteria. Base-rate is only 0.55% @ 18-Mar-24.

        • +1

          Update: on review of past transactions, I have noticed that ING was tricky in their wordings changes (Mar-21) effectively penalising BONUS-interest for TWO-months when customer fail to grow their balance. Previous penalty was only 1 month.

          Below are actual #s
          Aug-23 Closing $20K, interest $110+
          Sep-23 closing $1.37, interest $0.76+…1st month of penalty-interest
          Oct-23 closing $22K, interest $0.62+ …2nd month of penalty-interest
          Nov-23 closing $23K, Interest $90+

          ‘What does ‘grow your Savings Maximiser balance’-> What this means is that customers need to grow their nominated Savings Maximiser balance by any amount in the month. As long as the balance at the end of the current month (not including interest) is higher than it was at the end of the previous month, and customers meet the other existing eligibility criteria, they’ll receive the highest variable rate available on the nominated Savings Maximiser in the calendar month AFTER the eligibility criteria has been met..

          Source: find & click-on 'What does ‘grow your Savings Maximiser balance’ mean?'-> https://www.ing.com.au/savings/savings-maximiser.html

      • Sorry how is U bank giving a better interest rate?

        For the past 6 months I have found ING higher than UBank.

        I’ve only been sticking to ING for their higher interest rate

        • agree ing slightly better than ubank or macq. and also agree ing is trying to get the most annoying bank award of the year

      • I'm not an ING fanboy but don't they give 5.5% vs Ubank's 5.1%? Do you mean Ubank gives better interest relative to the hoops you need to jump through?

        • Do you mean Ubank gives better interest relative to the hoops you need to jump through?

          I think what some users are saying is that when you fail to meet a criteria, say ‘grow your balance’, you'll get hit with 2 months of penalty-interest, see details above. The ING's effective-interest is now similar to that of Ubank. Failing ING criteria again & you'll be worse-off than Ubank. ING criteria can be onerous & some events my be hard to foresee.

          • @ab c: Yeah, fair enough. Not arguing that ING's requirements are way harder. It's just wrong to say Ubank gives a higher interest rate. I have both and I think they each have their place.

  • +1

    Where exactly did you find this? I have hunted through the Shopback app, including in the Finance section, and I don't see anything for ING.

  • +1

    where in the Shopback app can you find this deal?

  • Current referral bonus is $75 for both

  • Good luck with pursuing the $40 cashback. They refused to pay me $100 previously and asked, "Can you send us the information on the promotion?". Worst Bank Of The Year.

    • Must follow their instructions to the letter & read carefully?

  • +5

    ING is like the tumblr of banks. Was high up there in coolness but then decided to take out what made them good and now everyone is leaving them.

  • +1

    Any idle cash I believe now would be the time to go all in on VAS VGS or A200. Buy high and sell low.

  • @Chris T @simplerick

    im at android. open shopback, the main (home tab), on the big scrolling part below search, just scroll it is next (after) to amazon

    • ING doesn't seem to exist in my app, where you described or when I search. It's probably targeted

        • +1

          Thanks for the image but ING is not there or when I search.
          In that area, I've Amazon, Better Beer BWS, Net-A-Porter, EveryPlate, PetPost, Adidas, Giorgio Armani, Virgin, Kiehl's, Energy Comparison, Broadband Comparison, Coles, PetStock. Jo Malone, Skin Drs Chemist Warehouse, Kirin First Choice, Guiness First Choice

          • +1

            @trixieb: yep, target. mine is amazon, ing then better beear, net potter, etc same order

          • +1

            @trixieb: Yep, that's exactly the sequence I see. No ING.

  • Same here, not in my main bar search either

  • +2

    This is better: $75 Reward for Referrer & Referee for Opening ING Orange Everyday & Savings Maximiser Accounts (Min Deposit & Spend Required)

  • +1

    I'm existing ING customer and opened a new Maxmiser yesterday. I got notification from Shopback that it has been tracked this morning.

    • So you did all from mobile? Shopback app then ing app open ac

      • +1

        All on mobile. Shopback app, then Shopback browser

        • +1

          oh yeah actually it asked if we are existing or new customer so i pick existing and continue on shopb browser to open. all done. lets see

  • The good old ING, the mobile app's interface is absolutely far behind the competition, there's no offline physical branches or contact available, the only good thing about this bank is the interest rate they offer, and to even achieve that you need to complete their 3 conditions.

    The reason it is favoured is because of the comparison websites and the influencers, both of which run behind the interest rate.

    • App is not bad. The 3 conditions are stupid.
      Maybe they can pay us high rate because they pay no rent for building and front staffs…

    • I don't understand why people say the app is bad. It's simple, yes. But isn't that all you need? I haven't had an issue so far.

  • yep tracked on shopback, existing customer. it says confirmed by 20 jun 2024. i have set ozb reminder to check

    • How long did it take to track for you?

    • Oh no - do you have to be an existing customer to be eligible for the shopback cash? I signed up to ING because of the cashback and the high interest rates, but haven’t received any confirmation about the cashback…

      • No when you follow the link from shopback it will go to the ing site and there is 2 option existing or new customer for you to click so both should be fine I think

        • Okay so I signed up as a new customer but haven’t received any confirmation regarding the cashback. I’ll wait to hear from them.

  • any confirmation if it works for current customers

    • Nope. Cashback schemes are gambling

  • Strange one. Just tried as an existing customer 🤷

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