Samsung 870 EVO SATA SSD 500GB 2.5” SSD $55.84 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon US via AU

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Was looking for an extra cheapish SSD and came across this. Not sure if it's the cheapest historically, but seems like a great deal anyway.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Dunno why this is cheap, SSDs should be steadily increasing in price over the coming months

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      Probs because there isn't much demand for 500GB drives anymore. Most people look for 2TB or above.

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        yeah correct. so many linux isos so little time and space

        • My joystick overfloweth.

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        1TB is the minimum now for desktops and 500GB for a laptop.. anything less and your very restricted

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          Restricted in what way? I can understand that if you're into heavy-duty tasks like video editing or gaming, 1TB can be a lifesaver. However, for regular office work, 250GB should do just fine, and you can always turn to online storage for extra room.

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            @OldBugger: If you had a steam library of new games you would know :) lots of them are now pushing 100GB's+

            With laptops its not really an issue because they are not usually used for games and the games most of them can even run are either old so small in size or new and take up little storage space.

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              @vid_ghost: So, pretty much people with steam libraries and maybe an obsession with downloading big media files.

              Pretty much any 'PC for older parents' or 'just browses the internet' situation gets by fine with 250GB.

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        Sometimes 480gb is all you need.

      • There is a gap in the market for motherboards that prioritise SATA ports for this kind of thing - people are looking for HDDs for NAS solutions, and don't always care for speed - so lanes can be split and motherboards targeting this gap would do well.

    • Amusing that the 250GB is almost $87.

    • according to this the prices were $5 in mid 2021 and then dropped to $1.40 in mid 2023

      so a $50 SSD was going for $14? - I don't remember that happening

      • 512Gb = 64GB
        If you compare $1.40 to the current price of $3.80 it's $2.40 more expensive
        $2.40 * 8 / 0.65USD * 1.1GST = Should cost $32.50AU more than it did last year

    • @brokenkeyboard Wheel did u get that data from ??? It’s awesome

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      The reason it seems cheap is because these are old stock (most likely last year's stock). So, they can be sold at last year's price + a bit of profit mark up.

      At the moment, SATA SSDs appear to be cheaper than NVMe SSDs (for quality ones). That wasn't the case last year. It is supply vs demand.

      However, if you use last year's best price, a 2TB TLC NVMe SSD (PCIe gen 3 x4) was $115. It was a DRAMless model though. Even if you use last year's NM790 2TB's discount price, this SSD price doesn't look good anymore.

      • I grabbed a 2tb lexar for $120 and use it as a main drive, it is amazing. Previous to that I was using a kingston a2000 1tb. I was shocked to see today that it is going for $180ish.

    • Add about $10.50 for delivery. So more like $66.
      Still cheap at that price.
      Next best price is $89 delivered

  • What $3.16 item to get free shipping?

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      check this post for something you might need:

      • I need international delivery to qualify… CANNOT FIND ANYTHING!!!!!!!

        • For Amazon Global Store:
          For Amazon Global Store, eligible items are products, dispatched and sold by Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany or Amazon Japan. Your order must be a combined value of AUD $59 or more of these eligible products to receive free international delivery (excluding select remote areas).

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      Surprised anyone on OzB is not on prime lmao

      • it's been over an hour… and i'm busting to pee for over an hour… and still can't find any global free item that qualifes for free shipping.. it hurts. I'm been adding items and they ALL DON'T QUALIFY even some say add $55.xx more to quaify when the chart is 60 plus dollars….

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      Just sign up to Prime, $79/year ($1.52/week) and stop thinking about shipping costs.

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    Nice - was after an upgrade for my Optiplex

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      Bought a BX500 before Easter to do the same.

      Only if waited, EVO 870 is a no-brainer at this price.

      • I almost got that one yesterday. Glad I decided it wasn't necessary just yet.

  • Cheers.

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    Even the 2TB is great price at $191

  • So whats diff between Evo850 and 870?

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      About 6 years.

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      This one's easy 870-850 = 20 ✌️

  • If i want this to work as an external drive for my 2016 macbook (thunderbolt), do I just need to buy an enclosure?

  • Price increase are insane. I got a 1 TB sabrent QLC for $57 5 months ago

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      Wait till you see updated pricing after the Taiwan earthquake….

      • mind sharing why that would lead to increased prices in SSD?

        • Advanced semicunductor production is highly sensitive to shaking, so damage associated with a 7.5 magnitude earthquake would most certainly have negatively impacted production.

          For e.g. given how big a player Taiwan’s TSMC is in the global advanced semiconductor production business, damage sustained today will reverberate throughout the global markets for some time to come.

          Apple, Nvidia, AMD, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Sony, and others all use TSMC fabs to produce chips.

          Micron also produces various forms of memory in Taiwan, so their production will also be affected…


          • @xuqi: Main thing is manufacturers cut back production a while back on purpose to increase NAND prices.

  • It's TLC seems
    does it matter now? done some research on SSD years ago and ppl all saying only buy the SLC instead MLC/TLC/QLC

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      SLC in a consumer drive seems a bit OTT

    • It's the early iterations for each gen that seem to be problematic.

    • For a smaller SSD, it could matter, because SLC cache is limited with a smaller SSD. However, it is relative to be honest. If you don't write a lot of data to the SSD in one go, does it really matter?

      Problem is, right now even QLC SATA SSDs are poorly priced. Last year, 480GB QLC SSD was $29. Now, it is $59 (yeah, more expensive than this deal).

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    Thanks for posting

    • No worries! About time I contributed to this site tbh 😂

  • Unreal timing. Needed an SSD for another proxmox node yesterday and thought I'd be waiting a while for a decent deal!

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      Only if you must get an SSD now.

      Using last year's prices (some examples below), most of the SSD deals this year look rather ordinary.

      • NM790 2TB: $121.55 to $129
      • Cheapest TLC 2TB (PCIe gen 3 x4) from retail store: $115
      • Cheapest 240GB SSD (WD Green): $10
      • Cheapest 480GB SSD (Kingston): $29 (QLC though)
      • Samsung 990 Pro 1TB: $55.92

      We did have the Centrecom $5 for a 256GB SSD this year, but those were OEM SSDs and technically second hand.

  • Thanks for the good post OP! Does anyone have any recommendation for enclosures?

  • Any good deals on 2TB ?

  • Will 500gb be enough to run Windows?

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      64GB for the install. What you require beyond that is dependent upon the number of programs you install, media storage etc.

    Is this something that should be a concern when buying these drives in 2024?

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