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[Prime] WD Blue 3.5" HDD 8TB: 2 for $351, 3 for $461.92 Shipped @ Amazon US via AU

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I was looking for a Hard Drive and came across this deal on Amazon. It seems to be a promotion for multiple purchases. I was expecting 10% off for 2, but it gave me 20% off, and if you buy 3, you get a more significant discount.

I hope this helps someone else.

Update: 2 x 8TB Drive + a cheap third item (https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/1958237132/ref=ox_sc_ac…) can lower the price even lower to $313 for the 2 drives.

Promotion terms

  • This offer applies to Prime members only.
  • Offer only applies to Prime members who purchase Qualifying Items in a single order.
  • This is a limited time offer and will end at the earlier of 2024/12/31 00:00 or while stocks last.
  • To redeem the offer, once you have added 2 of Qualifying Items to your cart,the discount of 10% will be applied to the Qualifying Items at Checkout.
  • If you do not add 2 of Qualifying Items to your cart, the Offer will not apply.
  • Offer only applies to Amazon Global Store Qualifying Items as displayed for that offer on amazon.com.au and sold by Amazon US.
  • Amazon reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time and if you violate any of these terms, the Offer will be invalid.
  • Offer does not apply to orders placed with 1-Click.
  • If you cancel or return part or all of your order such that your order no longer contains Qualifying Items, the Offer will cease to apply and, if applicable, you may be charged for any items retained that no longer meet the relevant Offer terms. In any event, your maximum refund will only ever equal the amount you paid for the product(s).
  • Offer may not be combined with other offers or used on pre-existing orders.
  • Delivery will be applied to each item in accordance with Amazon AU's standard delivery rates and policies.
  • Products sold by third-party sellers or other Amazon entities will not qualify for this offer, even if "fulfilled by Amazon" or "Prime Eligible".
  • Offer does not apply to digital content.
  • Offer is non-transferable and may not be resold or be redeemed for cash.
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  • +1

    Hey are you using these for NAS storage or normal desktop storage?

    • +12

      I am using them as a standard desktop storage for my collection of Linux distributions. I was looking for one only, but I purchased 2 because of the extra savings.

      • +1

        my collection of Linux distributions.

        Was this sarcasm for sailing the high seas 🏴‍☠️ or are you for real? If latter, not sure i understand as they are always found on interwebs ready to download

        • I think some people do collect distros for seeding, but generally it's a euphemism.

    • +3

      The 8TB ones are CMR, so you should be fine.


      • +3

        CMR isn't the only criteria for being suitable as a NAS drive.

        • +1

          MTBR figures aren’t provided for Blur and Green disks, but prior data suggests it’s 2/3rds of Red range.

          SMR vs CMR is one of the better short-term metrics if they just want to get something off the ground.

  • +1

    Can't get those prices. Maybe this requires Prime? And something else perhaps.

    Price for 2:

    Items: $439.92
    Delivery: $27.33
    Order Total: $467.25
    Promotion(s) Applied: -$71.33
    Order Total: $395.92

    Price for 3:

    Items: $659.88
    Delivery: $36.22
    Order Total: $696.10
    Promotion(s) Applied: -$168.19
    Order Total: $527.91

      • +6

        This is refurbished

      • +3


      • +1

        Let's say you have a RAID5 array with 5x 16tb disks. A disk fails and you need to rebuild the array with a replacement disk.

        16tb is a looooong time for your drives to be smoking hot and writing feverishly.

        You already know that the batch of drives it comes from have failed before.

        If another disk fails while you're building the array, buh-bye. 8tb halves that risk.

  • +1

    Is the deal on the purple ones too?

  • +4

    I was looking for a Hard Drive and came across this deal on Amazon

    HDD Shipped by Amazon from the US… What could go wrong!

  • +2

    Order Summary for two

    Items: $439.92
    Delivery: $0.00
    Total: $439.92
    Promotion(s) Applied: -$87.99
    Order Total: $351.93


    For three

    Order Summary

    Items: $659.88
    Delivery: $0.00
    Total: $659.88
    Promotion(s) Applied: -$197.96
    Order Total: $461.92

  • Is the East Digital ones any good compared to this? one of their 12tb drives are $180~ delivered .

    • +3

      Bought all my drives, along with countless others from ED, no issues here. Will probably grab another 2*18TB drives from them over the coming months.

      Having said that, if your soley after an 8TB drive, this is a good deal.

      • How are the noise levels? My Nas is on my desk currently running two 4tb wd red plus. They are quite. I am keen on getting two exos 16tb from ED. But read that enterprise drives are noisy :(

    • New?

      • Yes New OEM stock is what I purchased. Read the comments from the threads-


      • ST6000NM0024 Seagate Enterprise 6TB V4 Hard Drive New

        ST12000NM0127 Seagate 12TB 3.5" Enterprise Hard Drive New

        Both of these are sold be East Digital do you think it’s worth it to get the 12tb over the 6tb model for the price?

        • Only you can answer if it’s worth it.

          If you’re worried about warranty support, they offer 3 years and from the threads from those that needed warranty support they were taken care of, with warranty now handled locally from recent people’s experiences.

          • @Spizz: Do you know what would count for a replacement like a whole drive failure? Couldn’t find any info on a website.

  • Great deal, thanks.

  • ordered 4 for my cctv. $19.24/tb not too bad?

    • +2

      i dont think these are meant to be written to continually… the purple ones are

  • Prime members here and price showed for 2 is $439.92 not $351.

    • +3

      Discount applies on checkout, not in cart

      • +3

        Confirmed. Showed $344.93 for me.

        • Did you have gift card balance or amazon credit to lower the final price? That's an extra $7 off as it should be $351.93.

          • @8azinga: Ah ha yes now you mentioned it I did. So yeah it should be $351.93. Apologies for not remember to mention it haha

  • +4

    Similar price per TB for WD Red or Ironwolf Pro if you can wait. Those come with 5 year warranty.

    • Link?

      • +3

        This (legan) to this. Got mine for $24/TB on the 18TB Pro. So, anything under $24 or a pass for me now.

  • +1

    <$20/TB delivered (for 3x8TB). Good deal.

    • $22/TB for just 2. Anything under $24 is a good price for a CMR drive.

      • +1

        The key is 2yrs vs 5yrs. It might be ok for desktop use.

  • +8

    WD Blue 3.5" HDD 8TB: 2 for $351

    Add an extra SAMSUNG EVO 128GB you will save $32.66.

    • +3

      Jeepers! 2 drives and a free (almost useless these days) 128GB card for $320!

      That might just be the best deal I've ever had on drives. I was mightily chuffed when I got my 18tb WD externals for ~$380!

      Thanks for the tip!

      • Damn long time ago 320 only got me 4tb x2

      • Damn, I need to return my Ozbargain badget. I was too excited and rushed to share this deal with all of you. I guess for others, 2 drives and a very cheap third item will bring the price even lower.

        • +1

          Well … Amazon is a cesspool of deals. It sucks when you buy something, and then 2 days later they go on special and all.

          Having said that, even at the $351 price, that's still not a bad deal.

          Now … let's hope they don't screw up the packaging for delivery.

  • +1

    I bought some Ironwolf drives last week which are on their way via Amazon US. Are returns the same as AU?

  • I am running 2 green drives from 2013 still without issue (CMR) alongside 2 red drives with SMR (since 2021).

    Anyone recommend getting 4 of these drives instead of the setup I have - I don't have faith in the red SMR drives and looking for an 'out'/upgrade at a decent price.

    Missed the Seagate deal from last year… :(

  • This is very tempting but I need ones for NAS. Are this suitable for NAS?

    • +1

      They'll be fine in a nas, but you do give up things like extended warranty, vibration detection, and overall longevity. Apparently these drives have an aggressive head parking setting as default which there are workarounds for.

    • I got 3, plan to put in an older NAS in RAID 5 or RAID-Z. Being CMR drives they should work just fine (SMR are meant to be a big problem for RAID and are generally much slower).

      What @philotex said is a good comparison compared to most NAS marketed drives. I would like to find out more about the head parking setting, I know this was a real issue on some of the WD green drives so it wouldn't surprise me but good to hear it can be worked around. This Reddit link might be relevant, it pertains to the slightly older model of 8TB Blue, but may be the same for this model. https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/zb178f/wd_blue…
      At 5640RPM they shouldn't vibrate too badly to cause issues, especially if using less than a handful of them in one machine.

      Realistically the WD80EAAZ (WD Blue 8TB) in this deal appears almost identical to the WD80EFPX - the current WD Red Plus 8TB. Check the specs!
      Blue: https://documents.westerndigital.com/content/dam/doc-library…
      Red: https://documents.westerndigital.com/content/dam/doc-library…

      It appears they are almost identical, with the same basic specs, power usage, environmental specs and physical dimensions down to the gram. I'd say they may be manufactured as the exact same drive at the factory, then loaded with different firmware, labelled differently and sold as a Red drive with a different warranty.
      The Red firmware is more advanced and may enable some additional features on the drive controller, but it may not matter much to a home user running a few drives.
      The Red Plus also gets twice the rated load/unload cycles and a more detailed reliability spec - this is probably more a matter of covering a longer warranty and selling to business customers than actual physical difference, but I could be wrong.
      With the 8TB Red Plus going for around $300 each, getting 3 of these drives for $462 seems a nice deal even considering the shorter warranty and less advanced firmware.

      • +1

        I'm seeing some interesting approaches in this thread: https://community.wd.com/t/wdidle3-not-working-on-new-blue-d…

        • +1

          Nice, seems like it can be disabled if you want and are willing to spend the time. It appears to be one of the only differences to the WD Red Plus.

          The only other key feature difference I can find (aside from branding and warranty) is the lack of support for rotational vibration safeguard on the Blue drive. Supposedly this will detect and prevent errors or damage due to vibrations from the drive and especially when installed next to multiple drives. Again, with the 5640RPM and relatively quiet spec acoustics this probably isn't such a big deal if using just a few drives. From what I gather it becomes more important when there are 4-6 or more drives in close proximity. Some say it is crucial when running 12+ drives so as to prevent too many premature failures due to vibrations from so many drives. For a 4 bay or fewer NAS, I'm not too concerned.

  • Seems like the deal has expired?

  • I received a dud in no padding amazon box am returning it.

    • The drive didnt work? Did you get WD retail packaging or just a drive with no box?

      • Yes I ordered 2 got in retail packaging but they were put in the amazon box and they were swimming in the amazon box. no padding.

        One dead, no spinning no sound. Other worked but I return both I do not trust the working one.

        • I just got my 3 today and had similar concerns. The retail packaging is fine for small amounts of transport and to sit on a shop shelf but they should have bubble wrapped or put some of those air pockets in around the retail boxes. Was just thrown in a thin cardboard box and were shaking around…not great for an international shipment of something as sensitive as a HDD.

          Yet to test them but hopefully they are OK.

          • @Zenskas: Even if they work, due to the packaging there is a chance it will break some time in the future. HDD should always be protected and carefully transported.

            • @peterk: I agree, it's really slack of Amazon to have packed it like that for a long trip. I may end up returning them all before opening but also it was a great deal on the amount of storage so I'm split.

              Guess I will test the drives and check all sectors + SMART data, listen to them for any abnormal noise, and if even 1 is bad I'll also return them all.

        • Mine had deflated air pockets that may have popped in the plane due to pressure difference.

        • Mine came out all good, no strange noises, SMART tests all passed in HD Sentinel and WD drive tools.

          Box was in really good shape to be fair so no signs of being tossed around too much, still it's a shame the packaging wasn't better as I'm sure they kill a lot of drives posting them that way.

  • Finally got around to setting these up. Both are cooked - clicking to buggery and repeatedly disconnecting from Windows. Amazon needs to figure out their [profanity] with HDD shipping.

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