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MAXSUN B450M AM4 Motherboard US$43.20 (~A$69.34) Delivered @ AliExpress Collection via AliExpress


I have built one PC already paired with 5500, BIOS already updated for it. PCIe Gen3 NVMe and 3200mHz RAM all worked for me. The expension slots can fit a 2-slot graphic card and a PCIe Wifi card.

Maxsun is also used heavily by Techfast in their prebuilds.

3+2 phase with descrete MOSFET, no issue to handle PBO at 75W PPT with 200mHz overclock, I would recommend a downdraft CPU cooler though.

It is smaller than mATX, and fits in Cooler Master NR200 ITX case.

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  • There's also some recent discount codes posted for aliexpress if anyone's buying.

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    One Aussie plvuyer mentions ram compatibility issues; any know more about this?

    Has anyone a link to one of these in a nr200?

    • ITX case?

      • It’s ITX but since it can fit 3 Slot GPU it’s tall enough to fit these mATX boards.

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      I wouldn't trust it with 3600mHz RAM, but 3200mHz should be fine, just a note QVL list doesn't cover all supported RAM.
      I can garantee it fits in NR200, which acceptes mobo with 226mm height, this board is 220mm. The row with FP, USB connector will be on the edge of the motherboard supporting frame

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    $64.64 with code OUTDOOR3

    • Thanks saved me $5

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    I have a spare 3600x and an NR200 laying around. Thanks!!

  • Is there a brand name board this would be similar to for comparison?
    There is lots of b450m from $50-$100 used - not sure what the benefit of this would be over them?

    I have a NR200 I bought in aqua (now discontinued colour) - so that’s one benefit as few mainstream boards would fit.

  • Might be a stupid question but would this fit in this $748 build to allow for a wifi card to be installed?


    The motherboard in that build says it won’t fit a wifi card with along with a 4060.

    • Its about the thickness of the card, not the series, you can use a wifi card with GPU no thicker than 50mm.
      And I would use a low profile wifi card to not chock GPU air flow

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    I wonder how the bios support and other memory/strorage support is gonna be over time.

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      Probably poor, but this is a '16gb ram and cheap SSD' kind of mobo anyway.

    • 5500 is probably the last AM4 CPU Australia is gonna get, I won't worry much on Bois. It supports my 5500, then it support anything come older than that. The micro code is released by amd themselves and altered by each manufacturer.
      3200mhz cl16 should just work for ryzen 5000, it is rated at 3200mhz, for earlier gen, whatever rated max speed with standard cas latency should also work
      Ssd is very standardised across all manufacturers, as in there is no qvl for storage, any PCIe gen 3 sad should work
      All above is educated guess

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        That is what I thought. SSD may not be standardised. I tried updgrading the SSD on my relatives intel 7th gen laptop, wouldnt recognise. Had to stick to samsung 3rd gen only.

        • Hmm, NVMe slots should be backwards compatable

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            @s20525xxx: No, the NVME 4 was not backward compatible with NVME 3 slot. So had to stick with 3rd gen. I remember having to update to a beta bios on my very old intel mobo just to get a newer SATA SSD to recognise. Weird stuff.

  • Never seen this before I'd be afraid of bios level malware that can't be detected easily

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      Maxsun is a fairly trusted brand in Asia

  • I’m thinking of a second gaming PC for Steam Big Picture in the living room. Could something reasonably competent be put together with this board?

    Going to try my hand at keeping the build budget (used parts etc) and this could be a good option.

    Edit: never mind, as I need ITX

    • OP says It is smaller than mATX, and fits in Cooler Master NR200 ITX case.

      • It's the thinner version of mATX

      • I’d need something to fit into a Fractal Design Ridge case which only states ITX as compatible, so it’s a bit of a risk.

        I don’t yet have the case, so it’ll be hard to measure exactly.

        Thinking about it more, I don’t need ITX as the space I have should accommodate a larger case, but it does need to be a “landscape” oriented case.

  • Thanks OP. Cancelled my order from PLE for a replacement AM4 motherboard and got this instead.

  • have been watching this price had lowered to $37.XXUSD but now increased to $54.25

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