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Minoxidil Extra Strength 5% Hair Regrowth Treatment 9 Month Supply $85.99 Delivered @ PharmacySavings


Hi Ozbargainers,

I'm taking a break from posting headline deals which include regular (envelope) mail at the moment as Australia Posts move to 2nd day delivery Australia Wide has really broken their already slow mail delivery system. I am receiving >20 emails per day from clients (probably more than half of whom are Ozbargainers) complaining about really slow regular postal delivery. I appreciate everyones patience and please understand that once an item is posted I have no control over the postage speed. I am aware of some clients still waiting on delivery of items posted before or over the Easter weekend. I really appreciate Ozbargainers NOT lodging chargebacks on day 10-11-12 etc (as many are), please PM me if your item is uber late - having 5-10x chargebacks per day is really breaking our business model to the point where we're going to have to raise prices soon just to cover the cost of the chargebacks which have been near on zero for the past few months. If items are lost we will replace them, but at the moment, "lost" is defined as 20+ working days since dispatch, sending complaint emails to me every day, won't make Australia Post deliver any faster.

In conjunction with Australia Post raising stamp prices (large envelope rate has risen from $3.60 to $4.50, Aust Post have also slowed down their service with average delivery now somewhere between 7-15 working days being reported by our clients. As soon as our local post office receives stock of PRIORITY stickers (they only had 40 in stock this week), we'll be offering a priority service which will hopefully result in average delivery time frame of 7ish working days returning as an affordable postage option.

Anyway - I have a commitment with Generic Health to sell a minimum number of Minoxidil units each month, problem is when we don't meet the quota stock piles up and basically cashflow problems occur as the product is very expensive to buy in. Anyway to get our stock down to a reasonable level I'm clearing out 9 month supply @ $85.99 delivered with tracking. This is the sweet spot for value at the moment. Pretty sure this is the best price in Oz for this product delivered. We'll let the comments tell the story.

Item: 9 months Minoxdil 5% (3x 3 month supply)
Link: https://pharmacysavings.com.au/products/minoxidil-extra-stre…
Delivery: FREE with tracking (select free post at checkout, tracking will be provided)
Exp: June 2025

We're still selling hundreds of the below Ozb faves, but as before mentioned, please expect SLOW delivery at the moment if you select standard envelope shipping, so if you are running low - buy sooner rather than later knowing delivery will most likely be at least a couple of weeks away.

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  • +7

    Will this work for my armpits?

    • +7

      Yes and your back and shoulders.

      • How about crotch and bum crack?

        • Of course. I prefer no hair there myself.

      • +3

        Will it work on teeth? The ladies love hairy molars.

    • +1

      I'd like to grow a decent beard

  • +8

    I got 7% minoxidil with finesteride/tretinioin/salcilic acid 100 mls for $70 and was able to claim about $40 from PHI.

    This formula you only need once daily 1ml

    I recommend you see your GP for a script to compounding pharmacy. Much better than applying twice daily

    • -5

      The names of these ingredients don't sound very healthy.

      • +6
        • Finesteride is to stop dht binding to hair follicles locally.
        • Tretinoin is to prolong the action and enhance absorbtion of the minoxidil (hence you only have to apply once daily).
        • Salicylic Acid Improves dandruff management and reduces the itching caused by minoxidil.

        I also use Tretinoin cream for my face and its an amazing anti aging drug. I have been using it for close to 10 years now

    • did you get 25ml of each? 100 / 4 different products ?

      • All compounded together

        • what’s the % of each of the ingredients or should the gp adjust this for you?

          • +2

            @viper8548: It's standard. The GP will prescribe from a database they have connected to your local compounding pharmacy

            7% Minoxidil / 0.1% Finesteride / 0.01% Tretinoin / 0.1% Caffeine. Can't see percentage of Salicylic Acid

            • @easternculture: Is this compounded into a tablet or still applying topically?

              Thanks :)

              • @MBix: It's a local formula applied on scalp, but they do have a formula for oral capsules Finesteride 1mg/Minoxidil 1mg that the pharmacy can compound. It's about $60 to $80 for 100 caps depending on pharmacy but you should be able to get back a rebate from private health over the $31.50 gap (co-payment for pharmacy).

                I do recommend to start finesteride on 0.5mg and ask GP to increase minoxidil to 1.5mg if you are to choose this route

                • @easternculture: Thanks for all the tips here mate, saw my GP yesterday and he gave me a handwritten script for 7% Minoxidil/0.1% Finasteride in 100ml of solution . He wasn't too confident about his knowledge surrounding adding Tretinoin, Caffeine and Salicylic Acid to the mix so said he could either prescribe me that or nothing which is understandable I guess.

                  Do you think it's worthwhile sourcing and adding the 3 missing ingredients?

            • @easternculture: Why 7% ? The peer reviewed stuff I read suggested >5% had little effect (and more likely to have side effects)…but if 7% is the same price as 5% ..I guess you can dilute it….. maybe not with water though.

              • +1

                @tunzafun001: You would have to dilute it with the solution base ( I believe it's aloe Vera) or you could add additives of your own with each 1ml application like hyaluronic acid

                • @easternculture: So you dilute it before applying to your scalp? what do you use to dilute it and why?

    • how’s your results??

      • +2

        Only started it 2 months ago when I noticed my hair thining. GP not sure if it's MPB or just some other cause. But we decided to start it just in case. I'm at the shedding phase now.

        I also jumped on the high does zinc and biotin.
        And 3 x week ketaconazole shampoo

        • +1

          Thanks i wish i knew this earlier, have tried minoxidil years ago but was itching like crazy so I stopped, never considered oral finasteride due to its side effects, never knew about topical. Have you also looked into micro needling?

          • @viper8548: That's the next step

            • @easternculture: Cheers, what's your dose of zinc and biotin?

              • @viper8548: Zinc 30mg daily
                21st Century Biotin 10000mcg daily

                I know the biotin is legit because my nails are not brittle any more (they used to fracture vertically). The new nail growth now is much stronger and doesn't crack easily

                I'm going to cut down on the Biotin to 10000mcg 2nd daily

          • @viper8548: Finasteride is the most important hair loss drug. Side effects are ~1% and if you're experiencing them, stop taking it and
            see a dermatologist for what else you can do.

            • @Jacko1235: They can switch you to duteseride, many users report better results with lower doses and frequency

              • @easternculture: 100%, GP can give generic finasteride/minoxidil advice and beyond that see a specialist.

                • +1

                  @Jacko1235: GPs are alright for hair loss treatment. There is not so much you can prescribe that a $300+ specialist appointment is really not necessary unless you get no response from treatment after 1+ year

                  • @easternculture: I'm sceptical about "specialists" if you are referring to Advanced Hair and similar.
                    I tried them a few years ago, spent thousands and it didn't do a thing.
                    The rep there admitted all they really use is Minoxidil that you can buy yourself, which works for some and not for others.

                    • @SimAus007: I think he is talking about Dermatologists.

                      • @Yola: Ah gotcha, my bad, yep, I'd trust a Dermatologist :)

          • @viper8548: The Kirkland minoxidil doesn’t cause me any itchiness at all. While regain does

    • Please link this product .. once per day sounds great .. (asking for a friend)

      • +1

        You GP has to prescribe it. They have a database they order it directly with your local compounding pharmacy

        • Said database is a feed from MIMS and PBS. It's interesting stuff until they decide to add something mid-month and the GP won't get it until the following month.

    • Hey @easternculture what do I ask the GP for exactly?
      Never heard of compound pharmacy.

      Been using Minoxidil for years, has an effect (went off it for a while to see). But losing the battle.

      I asked about oral Finastride, but he wasn't keen on that. Sent me to Skin specialist (7 month wait and $380 visit).

      Tried Morr-F and I think it was better. But its hard to get, expensive and coming out of India…never know if it's legit.

      *Tip - legit Minoxidil goes yellow with bleach..do a drop test.
      eBay Minoxidil is fake..

      Just signed up to Bupa..spent the extra $5 for 10% off at National Pharmacies (I think)…love to get this moving.


      • EC is our ozb hairloss GP 😂

      • Never heard of compound pharmacy.

        compounding pharmacy

        I asked about oral Finastride, but he wasn't keen on that. Sent me to Skin specialist (7 month wait and $380 visit)

        Try another GP, not all GPs are confident in prescribing meds

        • Cheers, shows up a local national pharmacy. So should get 10% off with Bupa membership…I think?

          And I just ask the GP for the ingredients you listed? ,and 100ml is the only option?

          • @tunzafun001: Not sure if you would get 10% as it's a prescription medication.

            The GP should have access to an online portal with a variety of formulas. This is one of them.

            I believe all compounding pharmacies formulate it to 100mls but it's a question you may have to ask when you order it

      • Once you know of compound pharmacy's existence you will start to spot them everywhere, I never noticed them until I learnt about it from a youtube video.

  • +1

    I got this for my chest. Never looked back. Just be careful not to get it on your palms.

    • +2

      Friction keeps the palms nice and smooth

    • +5

      Here I am trying to laser my chest? is the persian rug back in fashion?

  • +7

    “to keep brain from freezing”

  • +6

    Did you say Dimoxinil?

    • +1

      I knew that name sounded familiar! Thanks Karl!

    • Mr. Burns: Wait! Who is that young go-getter?

  • I shaved my who-ha … Will this help it grow back faster/thicker/better?

    • +11

      Yes, before you know it you'll be ready to star in 1970's betacam home videos again

    • What made you do that?

  • In my experience oral is 100% the way to go. It actually comes out cheaper if you get 10mg minox tablets and split them - GP can do this for you.

    If this is liquid and not foam also, the foam is bearable but i couldn't use liquid during day. Only at night. Foam is bearable during day.

    If you can though, get an oral script it's worth it.

    All that being said, decent price.

    • Bloody brains…Thought you're trolling too like others..

    • +1

      There's more side effects with oral.

      • Still worth trying, a lot of people won't get side effects.

  • You must be doing something right - I placed an order on 11.04 and it arrived yesterday - metro Brisbane - that's only four working days. Absolutely no complaints here.

    • Same here. I placed an order with envelope post last weekend and it arrived in regional TAS yesterday. Record time!

  • +1

    Sorry to hear about the chargebacks, that's rough

  • Do you have it on foam form?

  • +2

    ok stupid question here, but is this only really for treating thinning hair, or can you start to get it growing back in the bald patches?

    • +1

      It's a vasodilator. If you have small hair follicles, it can help them. If the hairs are just gone then it's too late.

    • Once the follicles are dead there's nothing you can do. Bald patch remains bald. That goes for all treatments.

  • +1

    Wow thats ruthless, must be terrible people. But I guess you are dealing with bottom barrel customers that's just the game. Many years back when I was dealing with thrift I used to get people waste time arguing over $2 even if the item was already the cheapest around. It'll be worse these days when the economy is getting tougher.

  • Do you have an alternate to Voltarin 25mg tabs?

  • How is it compared to Regaine Men's Extra Strength Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment?

    • Same, this one is just the generic one

  • I started off on this for a couple of months before switching to a combination of Minoxidil lotion (0.05%) and Finasteride tablets (1mg) through Mosh thinking I would get better results with that combination. After nine months, I have had some improvements in certain patches of hair however not enough to justify the $200pm.
    I'm going to put an order in for this and ask my GP for a prescription for the Finasteride

    • Why spend so much? Taking 1/2 mg Finasteride daily is about $120 a year and Minoxidil is super cheap. The most likely outcome with therapy is to maintain what you have and if you get improvement then that's a bonus.

      • Apologies, I should have typed $200 for a three month supply, which is still a lot. It was more from a convenience perspective and to trial it

  • It says 'Sold Out'. Is stock already reached to reasonable level?

    • Everything I took home for sending immediately on Friday (now today) is OOS - I kept 1 carton back at the pharmacy which I thought I needed for retail sales until our next scheduled drop of the product, I can probably let a few more units out, but not until I post the massive backlog I am processing now. Pls send me a PM and I can get back to you.

      • @pharmacySavings Where's your pharmacy Op? Adelaide?

        Any good prices on Script Melatonin?

        Can't believe it isn't on the PBS.

  • Anymore stock coming in?

    • Please send me a PM

  • -2

    Try to use rosemary oil for hair growth!

    • candlenut oil!

      • +1

        What about Castrol GTX 20w-50? Oils ain't oils

  • $3.5 off and oos ;)

    • Yeah the prices on the website are a bit flakey (the discounts are actually undercooked) always best to compare my pricing against the best pricing you can find from others online for the same item delivered - then the discount really looks good.

  • Take a trip to Turkey ,
    they’ll give you the 5star hotel/sewing machine treatment for 5 thousand dollhairs .
    Jokes aside this is probably the only realistic way to turn back time in this way .
    Saw a doco recently on SBS or YouTube about Americans doing this for us3g
    for a thousand transplanted hairs , but it looks like a fairly brutal process/recovery .

  • +3

    One day I just shave to zero and that's it. Like that famous bold guy the plumber

    • +1

      I wonder about people sometimes, happy to eat and drink to obesity, smoke/vape themselves to cancer, and then make fun of someone for checks notes losing a bit of hair on their head?? Is making fun of baldies the final non-taboo?

      People would rather digest, inject, transplant, inhale, apply all kinds of chemicals that have no long-term concrete scientific research to their body than be the punchline to the latest 100% socially acceptable bald jokes.

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