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Nokia 8210 4G 128MB $99 + Delivery ($0 C&C/in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


For you Grandma phone.. 4G…

Seamless 4G connectivity
Delivering rapid connection speeds and better call quality2, so you can do more of what you love.

Big display. Easy-to-use interface
All on a handset designed to fit perfectly in your hand or pocket.

Big battery, huge standby time
So you can talk longer – and keep going and going.

Capture life’s best bits
An inbuilt camera lets you capture life’s best bits – then share them easily with the people you love.

Your favourite tunes, on the move
Enjoy your favourite jams with an inbuilt MP3 player3. Perfect for making your day, wherever, whenever.

FM Radio
Featuring both wired and wireless mode, so you can listen to your favourite sports, music, and broadcasts at home or on the move.

1 Nokia 8210 4G delivers up to XX days of standby and XX hours of talk time based on our real-life usage test. More info at https://www.nokia.com/phones/en_au/nokia-8210-4g/specs?sku=1…. Actual results may vary due to changes in connectivity, environmental conditions, or other variables.
2 Nokia 8210 4G supports VoLTE technology. The actual availability of VoLTE calls is subject to local operators’ and carriers’ services and HMD's support for a particular operator.
3 MicroSD card required, sold separately.

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      Legit dropped one off to my grandmother last night. 150 is a steal for such a great phone.

    • On a related note, bought a G54 during that JB Perks sale because FOMO, now am like 'hmmmm I don't think I have any use for this.' Haha

      If anyone in Syd wants it before I return it, let me know and happy to pass on to you for what it was bought for

      • Let me know if your keen to chuck it in the mail to Vic

        • Hi mate, sorry probably want to do cash/local pickup only :(

      • If you can't post to Alejandro in Melbourne, I am interested… Sydney, Inner West.

      • If you want to see it go to a *Queenslander* rather than a Victorian

        • Sorry mate - am keen to do cash/local pickup

      • I’m in Sydney
        If it’s still available I’d be keen for it

      • -1

        Hi just wondering when you logged into watch Wolves V Suns this morning if your NBA App asked you to upgrade your subscription?

        • -1

          Nope. Random question though? Haha. Where did that come from?

          Ohhhh wait you're that random dude who was crying about issues on the NBA app. So that was what, a year ago? And its been that long you've had to wait to come back with an issue?

          LOL you must be new to technology bud. All apps/sites have issues now and then. Given its been that long you've had to wait to be like 'SEE I HAD A PROBLEM', probably means the app is pretty good. I did hear a few friends who were having issues with just that game but they were in and watching within a few mins.

          Doesn't really support your complaint that the NBA app is rubbish but its kind pathetic you tried to come back as if you had something to support your claim now, despite it being so long after and only for a few mins.

          Lastly, there are 1230 games in an NBA season and you didn't get to come back trying to be like 'see' during any of them. Only this one game in the Playoffs for a few mins. You see how stupid it is that you would even try?


    • +5

      The Nokia people will be laughing post apocalypse though.

    • +2

      even grandma isnt using buttons anymore - these things are just ridiculous

      and when the G54 is $150 you gotta be crazy to give grandma one of these

      • +5

        This one doubles as a sledgehammer though.

    • Loving it….except for the time format. I have a leading zero in the afternoon (Yes, the time is correct)
      There's a semi-fix where you can drop the leading zero on the lock-screen, else use 24-hour format.

    • +50

      Because 2G is dead and 3G is about to be axed.

    • +6

      To make phone calls and send SMS messages presumably.

      By the end of the year all Australian 3G networks will be turned off.

  • +6

    There's a Retro and Vintage mobile phone category. I feel old.

    But for $99, I'd get the Nokia 2660 flip phone.


    • -2

      Alot of zoomers are using these 'dumb' phones nowadays

      • what is a zoomer?

    • +4

      Bring back the Nokia banana phone.

  • number one burner phone

  • Nah my grandma uses a iphone

  • +1

    Great for self defense. Soyboi iPhones could never.

    • +2

      There's no way this is the same as the original.

      • +5

        Just open it up and put some coins inside to add some weight

        • I can just tell someone is going to take your comment literally and fill their phone with coins and then complain it stopped working because they've shorted it out lmao

    • +1

      Nah, iPhone is made out of Titanium or Stainless Steel.

      This Nokia is made out of plastic which probably is partially derived from soy.

      • The difference is you wouldn't throw you ungodly expensive iphone and watch it break into pieces. A screen repair alone sets you back a mid-range phone!

        • iPhones: living rent free in Android users' heads since 2008.

        • $45 under AppleCare plus.

  • +1

    How's the music player on the Nokia phones? Considering one as a small-sized phone for running.

    • +3

      Depends how much you have on there. It will play fine, but if you have hundreds of songs the load times when firing up the player can take…a while, like a good 15 seconds easy waiting, which sucks.

      Videos are MUCH worse, if you have a few hundred videos they won't even play in sync with the audio, but as an MP3 player, if you only keep 10/15 albums on there at a time, you should be right.

      Won't show the album artwork though which is a bit of a bummer since my actual Nokias of the day could.

  • +8

    I remember being in uni in 2001, this phone was like the epitome of coolness… I spent a fair bit of effort trying to get myself one

    Good times indeed

    • +7

      The rest of us made do with a 3210.

      • +1

        I went flash with the 6210 - then in 2003 the best phone Nokia ever produced - the 6310i

        • +3

          The best phone Nokia ever made was the Nokia N95. It was amazing, but then the iPhone came out. However it did manage to outsell the 1st gen iPhone.

      • +1

        lol I couldn't afford either of those, had to make do with my 5110 if I got that right.

        Old Optus didn't even remember me from back in those days… good ole $30 postpaid plans with a free phone

      • +1

        The rest of us made do with the free Motorola from drinking Coke.

    • +3

      I had an 8210. It was good, but soon after came the 8250 with its blue backlight which was just top tier.

      • I envied my mates who had the 8250's!!!

        one dude even had the 8810 - absolute top dog and OG status

        • I had an 8250. Wish I still had it. I'm almost tempted to get one of these 8210s.

    • +1

      I was rocking the Panasonic GD93
      Then moved on to GD88. Selfies with a tiny chrome/mirror plate.

    • +3

      I got a 8210 through One.Tel (circa ~December 2000?). The phone itself was worth around $1000 at the time, but was "free" on a 24 month contract with One.Tel. When they went bust the following year, the phones remained the property of the customers.

  • -3

    Does it have Apple Pay?

    • +1

      You can pay for it using Apple Pay

  • +5

    Does this come with the snake game?

    • +2

      Asking all the right questions.

      • +3

        Trade in your s24 and recieve $30 off the price.
        Brings it down to $69.

  • Is this bulletproof?

    • Idiotproof

    • Grenade proof

  • +3

    A good option for the elderly who just need a mobile for emergencies. Supports 4G VoLTE, which is required for 000 calls with 3G switching off.

    • What's interesting, and I know it from not mine but a relative's experience, is that smartphones might be easier to use for seniors, because:
      * easier typing / dictation,
      * easier access to most functionalities,
      * bigger screen.

      • +4

        There are definitely benefits with a smartphone if they are willing to learn.

        • That's the thing - it's sometimes easier to explain to tap something on your homescreen than to explain digging in multi-level menus.

          Ofc your case may differ.

          • @pizzaguy: Que that Uber Book in advance ad

          • @pizzaguy: Yep, MIL’s older smartphone broke so she got a cheap dumb phone. Setting it up and explaining navigation and typing (after I had to figure it out) was way more difficult than a touch screen phone.

  • Bring back the good old days!

  • +3

    So, does this phone actually support VoLTE (I've had a look on spec pages but can't see any confirmation that it does)? It may be a 4G phone, but most networks have calls only working on VoLTE when they shut down their 3G networks. If it doesn't have/support VoLTE, I wouldn't recommend anyone spend the money.

  • -1

    My first phone back in high school!

  • +1

    That is my phone 23 yrs ago.

  • +5

    Remember when you could customise your phone by swapping out the entire shell?

  • My 4g phone has seams, this is seamless, should I take mine back?

  • +1

    Wow! 128Mb… I didn't know they still manufactured them that small!

    Even my first USB flash drive was bigger than that - lol

    • You must be young. My first flash drive was 32mb and that's because I splurged and didn't get the 16mb.

      It was huge atm when everyone else was still using floppy disk at school.

      • You must be young as well, I was using cassette tape back then to store data.

        • You must be young as well, I was using a slate to store data back then

      • +1

        Nah, I'm in my 40s. For most of my undergrad studies, I used floppy disks. Drives up to 64Mb were the norm but were a little small for what I needed them to do.

        My first two flash drives were each 256Mb drives a mate bought for me from Singapore. Cost $150 each I think but the $/Mb was good at the time. I didn't have ADSL at home so having such large capacity drives meant I could have our IT group project files, lecture notes and assignment files on one drive and on the other, I could download my entertainment files (game demos, Stargate SG-1 episodes, game/movie trailers, etc) at Uni. This was before a student login was required to use a computer at the uni libraries so at night, I would go to the library to initiate my downloads, do work/research until about 10pm, and then leave.

        Why 10pm? Well, the multistory carpark (where the family car would have protection from the elements) was manned until 10pm… and when the booth operators left, they kept the gates up.

        It was a pretty good system… free high speed internet, lots of time spent studying so good grades, and free parking. On the days my bro and I were both at Uni, we'd bring in dinner (usually frozen and kept in a cooler bag so it would just be defrosted around dinner time) and we would just reheat it using the available microwaves.

      • My first one was also 32mb, it came free with a Dell laptop that I bought in 2002. At the time, I had no idea that such a thing as USB drives even existed.

  • +1

    It has THE snake game, i am sold. peun peun peun.

  • Recalling childhood memory on changing Nokia 3310 phone cases every year

  • nice, Nokia, a self-defence weapon

  • Great for curing self inflicted ADD via smart phones these days.

  • +2

    Upvote for mentioning that it supports VoLTE. Could be a good phone for grandparents to upgrade to with the 3G shutting down soon.

    • I'd be careful on that because on the official Nokia spec page for this phone, it doesn't list anywhere on it that it actually does support VoLTE. It might but due to what is listed everywhere I can see, it's not confirmed.

      • It's not in the specs but it does state on the page it supports VoLTE.

        With an even bigger battery, Nokia 8210 4G delivers weeks of standby time, so you can go offline with confidence. You’ll also enjoy longer talk times and crystal-clear audio quality with VoLTE technology.1

  • +4

    I bought phones like this for my teenagers. They hate me for it, but they sleep at night. xD

    • I see you, cycle breaker 💪🏻

  • +1

    The Nokia 110 is only $44 at Coles (might be locked to Vodafone). How's this phone 2x better than the 110?

    • How's this phone 2x better than the 110?

      Because it's not:

      locked to Vodafone

  • +1

    Does it take a full size SIM?

  • good value for 128GB … oh wait ,

  • +2

    My mom got a dumb phone to try and simplify her life. She couldn't remember how to text on it though. And hated that it wouldn't accept big images and such. Can't do banking easily on it. And really just went back to iPhone as the dumb phone was complicating her life.

    • +1

      this comment wins the day lol!

  • Haven't seen numbers like 128MB since the 90s.

    • +2

      You weren't getting flash media in consumer products in the hundreds of megs until mid 2000s.

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