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[WA] Ryobi One+ HP Brushless 350CFM Jet Blower R18XBLW24 4.0ah Kit $135 In-Store @ Bunnings Warehouse, Bayswater


There's a whole trolley of them

Apparently I'm bad at taking photos, here's another one

Bayswater, Western Australia

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Bunnings Warehouse

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    @Barry frm EastEnders


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    Any stock in Sydney?

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    Can anyone post a receipt to price match pls

  • Where abouts in store?

  • https://bunnings.youinstock.com.au/search/0328978/wa

    says Bayswater still has 8 instock cbf driving

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    My guess is that these have been 'de-ranged' from that particular store. Given the huge stockpiles elsewhere i'd be very surprised to see this nationwide and they shouldn't price match it. Good deal though for sure!

  • I’ve rarely (never) been able to get Bunnings to match each other on these “deals”

    I suppose it’s fair enough since it’s probably a “clearance” thing. But worth I try I suppose. Just don’t be a dick to the retail worker when they say no.

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      Yep store specific clearances can be very hard to get price matched. Much easier if the item has been deleted from stock or you get a worker who doesn't care.

    • I hit about 50%. So worth asking everytime I reckon.

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      Always worth asking. I once asked them to price match a Kamado Joe Classic 1 for $450, expecting a no and the guy at Bunnings said yep….good story

  • Can bunnings actually match with other bunnings receipt?

  • Im team ozito but have the battery adapter for few Ryobi tools. This is tempting

    • I'd rather get the ozito jet blower, has a higher CFM than this

  • Thank You got 1 from Baywater. 1 left

    • any chance SS of receipt pls

    • Yes I would like the receipt too pls

  • I've seen a bunch of these on the clearance rack at Bunnings with notes saying "Customer return - Not Satisfied"
    After seeing them appear several times, I got the message that they were probably no good

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