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Stanley Fatmax V20 18V 4.0Ah Angle Grinder Kit SFMCG400M1B-XE $175 + Local Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Mitre 10


Looks like a good deal as it provides 2 x 4.0Ah battery and charger.
Same price from other dealers

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  • These FatMax kits are the same as the Porter*Cable in the US, which are meant to be reasonable quality.

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    I'm still using a few of the fatmax tools from deals when masters was shutting down. Have given them a beating and they just keep going.

    Good price given the batteries sell for more than that.

  • From memory, this is compatible with one larger brand, any idea what it is, if any?

    • Dewalt I think.

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        Stanley Fatmax and Dewalt? No, not compatible. Perhaps with an adapter. Seems like a good deal if Stanley Fatmax products were more readily available or cheaper.

    • Porter Cable but that brand is only available in the USA, they aren't even compatible with the previous version of the Fatmax stuff but the previous version is compatible with the Black & Decker cordless range

      • can get a Stanly branded adapter to use old skins with current batteries, but I recall it was a silly amount. I actually wanted the opposite as I have 3 batteries

        • I actually have the same problem, only have an impact driver and radio still working from the Masters clearances but 4 batteries between them.
          I've transitioned most of the stuff over to DeWalt now

    • The new 18volt "V20" batteries Stanley released were rumoured to be compatible with another of their brands (Dewalt) however it turned out to be false. To rub salt in our wounds an adapter is needed to run the new V20 batteries in the non-V20 skins, what Stanley neglected to tell us was the adapter only takes 2amp batteries which is worthless for any tradie. As far as I can tell the only improvement the V20 batteries carry over the old is they tell you the batteries remaining charge.

      Today my non-V20 grinder skin finally ran its last race and no amount of WD40 or hammer knocks could change that. I was going to shop for some Milwaukee tools and get an adapter to run the Milwaukee batteries on my old Stanley till they died but this is way too good a deal.

      Anyone who's a tradie and hasn't already spent thousands on Stanley power tools, DONT do it! The range sucks, they're hard to get, and they really aren't of good quality anymore.

    • Craftsman which is the same thing but with red casing

  • I have the previous version using the older battery type. Absolutely OK for light duty, trimming bolts, cutting corrugated iron etc. Last time I used it was to cut a star picket down to just above ground level and it worked OK as long as I didn't put too much pressure on it like you can with a 240V

  • Someone is probably wondering how quickly this portable angle grinder can remove a catalytic converter from the underside of a motor vehicle.

  • I have a Fatmax 18v Impact Driver + Drill I got from Masters when they were closing down. Apparently the batteries for them aren't compatible with the new V20 skins, even though they're both 18v :/.

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