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30% off Steelcase Gesture/Think/Migration, 25% off Storewide, Free Knocked-Down Delivery to VIC/NSW/ACT Most Items @ Steelcase

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Our May Madness Sale is here. 25% off storewide, 30% off select items (Gesture, Think, Migration SE Pro). Free shipping available for most items in NSW, ACT, and VIC.


Example Prices:

Steelcase Gesture w/Headrest: $2,363 / $1654.10
Steelcase Gesture w/o Headrest: $1,989 / $1,392.30
Steelcase Leap w/Headrest:$1,940 / $1,455.00
Steelcase Leap w/o Headrest: $1,679 / $1,259.25
Steelcase Karman: $2099 / $1,574.25

From 06/05/2024 through to 19/05/2024

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  • +15

    I thought cool need a new seat, then saw the prices and was like, nope. But thanks anyway.

  • -5

    You'll be mad to buy a chair for 2k and I work from home 9 hours a day. Better get a 2nd hand Herman miller.

    • +10

      Everyone always says buy a second hand Herman Miller but i have yet to see anywhere i can actually purchase one for a reasonable (500-700$) price.

      Not saying you're wrong, but where the hell can i actually buy one from? And how do people tell what are actually authentic Herman Miller vs cheap generic knock off?

      • -2

        fb marketplace

      • Same. Although I'm in SA. All these cheap second hand ones people talk about seem to be from people in the east coast.

      • +1

        I bought mine on FB marketplace and based in WA. There are always stickers on the bottom and you can check the serial number to confirm authenticity.

        • Most of FB marketplace are 5 years old. If you don't mind that you can save yourself $1100

      • I got mine from https://egans.com.au/
        Keep an eye out for office closures etc.

        • +2

          They want $800 for a gesture? I got my Gesture for around $1150 in last years sale. I'd rather pay that then a god knows how old one for $800!

    • You can get a 2nd hand Steelcase for ~$350.

  • +1

    What is a "Knocked-Down" delivery?

    • It means that it involves some self-assembly, (though on our chairs this should take 5 minutes or less). We also have an option for fully-assembled delivery in Sydney and Melbourne.

      • +9

        Thanks. So there will be no warranty on these furnitures unless I pay for an installation agent. Can you provide a link to purchase installation service please?

        Shipping Policy


        Should your purchase require installation, our installation agent will assemble your product. Only our installation agent are allowed to assemble your Steelcase product. Should assembly be done by you or unauthorize installer, this would void the warranty.

        • +4

          Wow, what a joke! Thanks for letting us all know.

        • +8

          No, that statement is out of date. We will pass that over to our team to update. There are certain items that still require assembly via installers, and we do not offer those via Knocked-Down shipping, (we have a separate Fully Assembled shipping option) but if we offer self-assembly as an option we honor warranty claims.

      • @SteelcaseAustralia

        Does the “Knocked-Down” version come with castors looking like this https://ibb.co/JtvH9xK?

        Thanks to @foohy for the pic.

        • No they should not come that way in any event. Several years ago we did have issues with our warehouses rolling and have since switched providers. That should not be happening any more and if @foohy can reach out to our CS with his order number I would be happy to follow up on this to find out what happened.

          • +4

            @SteelcaseAustralia: Yep! The chair was purchased in 2021, I would hope you weren't wheeling them out of the warehouse anymore.

            Also I did contact your customer support about those original wheels, but was told to pound sand because I contacted them too late.

            I ended up ordering replacement castors a few years later, which were thrown into a cardboard box and shipped arriving dirty


  • Will you have a sale around EOFY?

    Been trying to decide between a Gesture, Karman, and a HM Embody Gaming.

    • +2

      We are trying to have a sale for EOFY, but based on last year there were a number of finishes that sold out during May Madness and weren't available for EOFY, so May Madness typically will have better selection.

  • +2

    Are there any showrooms in Gold Coast?

  • +10

    I ordered a Steelcase chair and it was wheeled out of the warehouse with wheels looking like this

    I ordered replacement castors a few years later and they were shipped like this and came out looking like this


    • +3

      They may have changed now but I tried to do a warranty claim with them once and it was the worst warranty experience I have ever had.

  • +8

    The prices seems to have hiked a significant amount compare to last year. I don't remember seeing the Series 2 being more than $1000 without the headrest… Not too sure if this is still a deal for me.

    • +1

      Gone up since their post in March and there wasn't even any madness then.

  • +3

    Inflating prices and giving discounts… low blow marketing gimmicks.

  • +1

    No shipping to the sunshine coast. Lost sale.

    • You can still purchase a chair through our register dealer ARKI Environments. Website link here: https://www.arkienvironments.au/

      • ARKI Environments don't offer the same 14-day change of mind refund as provided by Steelcase official store.

  • Will you dealers for QLD - Akri be matching this sale? I need shipping to FNQLD

  • I reached out via e-mail a few weeks ago but didn't get a reply — is there any way to secure a delivery date (i.e. a WFH day?)

    • I don't see anything in our ticket queue. Are you sure you sent your inquiry to [email protected], and if so, do you have a ticket number we can reference?

  • @SteelcaseAustralia Does the Migration SE Pro come in any other sizes that's got bigger desktops like 1600mm and deeper like 800 -1000mm?

    • We do offer lots of custom sizes for B2B. Unfortunately due to the number of different finishes stocking lots of different styles in AU is not feasible for individual orders at this time.

  • I'm sitting on a 2nd hand Steelcase Leap v2 at the moment (bought for $350) and feel just amazing. If you can, search on FB Marketplace or Gumtree to see if any 2nd hand available. You may find a much better deal than buying brand new at this inflated price. These chairs are built very sturdy, so 2nd hand quality should hold up to a brand new one.

  • OP, I want to buy the Pink leap however its out of stock. Would it be possible to purchase now at this price and once chairs in stock to be shipped?

  • I’ve tried the Leap and Think and found them uncomfortable and not worth the price. I’d recommend Herman Miller Aeron or Humanscale Liberty.

  • I bought a second hand Herman Miller Mirra 2 many years ago and am very happy with the purchase.

    Although I think these prices are a rip off and would look for a second hand option I also think it's worth paying the $1500 for your back and how long the chair will likely last but depends on how long you sit each day.

  • +3

    Ouch, Gesture with 30% off is still higher than RRP 2 years ago
    bought my Gesture with headrest @$1640, going strong and loving it
    no regrets for not waiting for a never coming HM sale!

    • +2

      Ridiculous these chair companies mark ups in the last few years

      • Agreed, $1600 for the leap is ridicolous

        • Even with 25% discount it's expensive and they want you to pay $58 shipping

  • +2

    If anyone here is looking for these chairs, honestly go search on marketplace/google for office clearance furniture stores, I got my leap v2 2nd hand for $600, these things are built to last. You can check youtube for some videos of what to check when buying them 2nd hand.

  • How come the Think (armless) is not available for delivery (in NSW) but the Think is? I don't need the armrests…

  • The holiday edition seems out of stock - is there any way to order it under the deal?

    • These chairs were only available for a limited time during last years holiday period. We will not be re-stocking these.

  • +2

    I bought one almost 2 years ago (Leap). My son took a liking to it - it didn't bother me to let him have it.

    Just a quick warning for anyone in Sydney that has to do a pickup - they will only sell it to you fully assembled, not in a box.
    So you need a car that can accommodate the whole assembled chair (and yes, the castors will be pre-damaged with complimentary dirt)

    If it was in a box, it'd be heaps smaller and easier to get into a car as not everyone has a vehicle with large boot (wagon/SUV/whatever).

  • I bought a Steelcase Series 2 (with headrest) in 2021 for $855+$99 postage. It's a fantastic chair. Really well built. Don't regret it at all.

  • Is the Personality Plus any good? $570 with the headrest is tempting.

  • Shipping prices to WA are insane. I'm willing to pay a premium for a premium chair, but for just the cost of shipping one of these, I could just go to officeworks and buy a good-enough middle of the range office chair. Any chance you can do better @SteelcaseAustralia?

    • We understand your concern. Unfortunately due to the weight and size of the product it is expensive to ship the product from our warehouses on the East Coast. The current prices we offer are the best that we can provide.

      • Thanks for your reply. Based on my experience as a consumer buying things and having them shipped to WA, it really sounds doubtful to me that you'd be completely unable to find a cheaper freight provider, since other retailers are able to ship bulky things for free or sometimes $50. $200 is very expensive.

  • I'm wondering what you recommendation are for a sit stand desk brand in Australia, and do you know if we may see this offer again?

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