2x Ozito 18V 4.0Ah Batteries & Fast Multi Charger $99.98 Delivered / C&C/ in-Store @ Bunnings


A nice deal for Ozito users. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Stock finder here.

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  • Cheap

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    • Did you read it….?

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        Of course - this deal is listed in that one.

        • But not in the title, some people may not see it.

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      Its all good. I was going to post it as a separate deal, but the last time I did that the mods combined it anyway.

      The more people that see the deals, regardless of who posts it, .we are all better off in my opinion.

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        Yes but still good to point out the original post if you care.

        • Not sure what you mean. My post was earlier, so how can I give credit to something that came after my OP?

          • @revheadgl: The other way around. The new post should point/link to the OP. If they think it's a popular product that is worth a separate post, when it gets enough votes, it becomes an exception that can bypass the dupe rule.

            You can do the same. Mods have no reason to combine 2 popular posts saying with 50+ votes each, from what I see.

            • @Bii: Like I said earlier, I really don't mind. My reply was actually to Hinee in his first comment anyway.

  • What is the usual price?

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    Decent price if you need the charger, otherwise 3 x 4Ah at $99 is a bettter buy if there's stock nearby. Still plenty around the gold coast.

    • Strange it is not searchable on the bunnings website, but the stock checker can see it?

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        I'd recommend calling the shop beforehand, sometimes the stock checker will say 1 unit left but there's actually none in store

        • Just buy it click and collect, let them find it.

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            @FilePeter: Can't find this product on the website any longer so can't click & collect.

            I'm referring to the 3 X 4ah battery pack for $99

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        The beauty of APIs.

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    Awesome find
    3 years warranty as well

    Super tight!

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    Delivery comes up as free. Don't have one pass

  • bunnings page is 404'ing for me

    • Bunnings does that weirdly at times. Search via I/N number 0370066 and then it'll come up.

  • Can I buy this to replace my Dyson V8 battery?

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    Noticed this 2 x 4Ah mower kit ($145) clearing out Burleigh Waters, bonus mower for $45 more.

    They're also are clearing the 1 x 4Ah cylinder mower kits at $110. There's a bit more (limited) stock around the country for that one.

  • Are most of the ozito products requiring these larger batteries actually good? I have the blower and whipper snipper combo and they are functional but not powerful.

    • I wouldn't call a 4Ah a larger battery, rather standard. Any <4Ah is small and >4 would be considered larger. The larger capacity batteries can draw more power.
      There are so many different blowers it isn't about the battery capacity so much. I have the 18v axial (brushless jet blower) and that is much more effective than the very capable 18v centrifugal (brushed) split tube blower, yet both are more usable than the 36v (2 x18v) centrifugal (brushed) blower vac. The blower vac acutally blows better at lower speeds.
      That said, I wouldn't be using a high drain tool with anything less than a 4Ah battery unless I wanted to kill batteries quickly.

  • The guy at Belmont spent 15 minutes trying to find them and couldn't. Let me know if anyone has any better luck.

    • Same thing at Midland. I wonder if they've been told not to sell them.

  • If you need a kit to get started, I got the hammer drill kit recently which came with the fast charger and 1x 4.0Ah battery for $129: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-cordless-hammer-dr…

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