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[QLD] Ozito PXC 2x18V (36V Power) Lawn Mower Kit with 2x4.0Ah Batteries $319 @ Bunnings (Victoria Pt)


Not sure if they're clearing these but figured a discount of $80 off RRP was decent, then got the powerpass discount also.

Model # on box is PXLMK-4182. Only difference I could see from the website listing for the similar PXLMTK-4182 is that it comes with 2x separate chargers and not the 1x charger that charges 2 batteries.

Was hoping to pickup at least one more 4.0a battery (as my yard is a little over 400m2) but they were out of stock at that store.

Edit: As confirmed by a rep, this is the regular price for this model, it's just not listed on bunnings website.

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  • It may be nationwide, just notices same price in another store.

  • The link says price $399? I also checked powerpass price and is same $399?
    Edit: what did you pay as powerpass holder?

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      Came up as $303.05 (got 5% discount).

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      I've just checked the powerpass app and it's saying $303.05 from my local (Melton East, VIC). I/N: 0296591

      • The only listing showed as I/N 0207446, I entered I/N 0296591 in powerpass on laptop but did not recognise it, tried it in app and it showed price $303, but it is slightly different model, so a bit confusing..

        • The I/N I listed I found by searching the model number in OP (PXLMK-4182). The other one you found is the 'telescopic handle' one - PXLMTK-4182.

          Don't know if there's anything different between the two, aside from the handle.

          edit: oh i just realised the OP links to the wrong model, hence the confusion.

          • @hambeet: Thanks, I can only find the listing 0296591 in the powerpass app and not on browser for some reason. I think the difference is I/N 0207446 has 1 charger for 2 batteries vs 2 charger for 1 battery. Telescopic handle vs not. Catcher size 45 lr vs 30 lr. 6 cutting positions vs 5 positions. So it is cheaper for a reason as not same product / model.

    • Dont use powerpass will void the warranty

      • I bought Karcher pressure cleaner 3-4 years ago with powerpass and it broke down twice and went to Karcher for repair, no problem. They even replaced it with brand new one last time.

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    This one isn't the steel desk nor self propelled, but the two batteries make this a reasonably good deal. If it wasn't urgent I'd try holding out for the next time Bunnings has the really good mower out, which would likely be the start of summer again (when I'd asked the Bunnings staff).

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      Ahh OK - tbh I didn't do my homework on these. Is the brushless steel deck that much better than this one? If it is I might return this and wait for that then. Looks to be RRP of $399.

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        I missed the Ozito deal at Christmas, but picked up the Aldi/Ferrex one a couple of months ago for the same $400 price tag. I'm pretty confident they're the same body with a different 'head' for the varying batteries & a paint job.

        On that assumption, the steel deck would be a fantastic buy - especially at $400. I really struggle to stall it - even on 1/2 metre high grass! - which is just absurd for an electric mower. As garage sale said below, it lasts for ages, and the self propel is just luxury.

        • The ALDI one is also 120v (60 x 2) which make it much much stronger than any offer from Ozito. But I could not find another charger for the battery though, keep switching them to charge is a pain.

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        I've had both, and the brushless steel deck is at least 10 times better. The plastic one stalled out for me every 30 seconds whereas the brushless steel cuts through everything I give it.

        • I had the same issue with my plastic one stalling every 30 seconds, it was still under warranty and they replaced it with a new one. Do you know why it does this? It does the job for me but worried the new one is going to do the same thing, and should upgrade to the steel deck?

          • @buzzliteyear: When I say stalled I mean when it cut anything over a few mm of grass. I assumed it was just a bad product, but it's possible it was faulty. I believe with Bunnings you can take it back if you're not happy with it, so if I were you i'd probably give the new one a try and if you still have the same issue trade it for the steel deck.

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      i have the steel deck, brushless but not self propelled …..love it ……300 m2 and still has charge in batteries.

      • Could it cut buffalo? In one pass? Down low enough for detaching?

        • I own both the brushless 18v and brushed 2x18v ozito mowers.

          Both can cut buffalo grass fine.

      • Agreed. I too have the steel deck one and love it. Have to contend with seed pods from Leopard trees that I'm sure would wreck a plastic deck. Ramps up speed as needed and finishes a 250sqm yard with plenty of charge left.

    • I have the 36V brushless plastic one, I think its this one, probably outlast the steel deck due to rust.

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      I understand that propelled mowers are very heavy and very hard to manoeuvre and are good for straight run! Having said that brushless motors are better than brushed.

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    I like the my Aldi one that I purchased for $239 includes 2 x 4.0Ah batteries and a charger.

    Aldi one is brushless.

    • That's a nice price, esp for brushless! Hopefully that one comes up again.

      • I think I saw it twice in the last 12 months or so. The price was actually $229 and it has the more compact 4.0Ah batteries.

  • Can you guys share the model number of the Steel Deck that is Self Propelled. Will keep it in my watchlist. Thanks.

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    I believe you've confused 2 different products together. The one you've linked to is the telescopic 2x18V model (I/N: 0207446) which is $399 and is not being cleared etc.

    The one you most likely saw for $319 is a new model that's come out (I/N: 0296591) which doesn't have the telescopic handle and is slightly smaller overall (including cut diameter IIRC).

    • Is there a web link for this one then?

      • Not as of right now unfortunately, otherwise would definitely have linked

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    These plastic ones are terrible - we had one purchased in July 2021, a palm seed blew through the the side of it, leaving a hole about the size of a tennis ball, which then spat out all the grass as it was being cut instead of catching it in the catcher. We ended up getting the steel deck version and it's still going well 1 year later. I have sharpened the blade, which was pretty cruisy. Just use a cheap craftright vice to pin it to the fence then sharpened the blade with a cheap craftright file, I think all up I spent about 8$ on the tools to sharpen it and they will be good for years.

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    I have the model down from this with 2x2Ah batteries. it also came with a whipper snipper.

    Yes they are plastic.

    Yes they look and feel like kids toys.

    But yes, they do the job very well for 300m2 area.

    And they come with a 5 year warranty.

    And Bunnings do not argue about warranty issues, they just hand over a new model or your money back.

    I look at is as buying the warranty - not the item itself.

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      Way to buy landfill space.

      • Way to buy into an argument.

        A petrol lawn mower probably lasts 10 years if you look after it.

        In between waste materials from servicing, parts, spark plugs, oils etc etc also contributes to landfill and other, arguably greater hazardous environmental impacts.

        Carbon exhaust emissions too add up over time.

        • Battery electric??

          • @Techie4066: yes - but you can recharge from renewable energies - wind, solar, geothermal, hydro - take your pick!

  • OP, I would have a good think about the diameter of the cutting blade as you have a large yard. I have a smaller Ozito mower and it would be annoying if you're used to a larger mower.

    • Yeah I'm returning this. Gonna wait for the brush less aldi or ozito ones when they come back in stock. Or I might just buy a used 4 stroke if they don't.

      • i reckon what these lack in blade diameter is made up for by maneuverability - they handle more like vacuum cleaners than a typical mower

  • Ozito steel deck are the ones you want. Seasonal items but much better.

  • Returned the steel deck ozito I had for a ego. Double the cost but worth it so much more.

    • Good choice, which model did you get? EGO LM1703E kit is $799 from Sydney Tool / Total Tools.

      • basic kit which came with a bonus 2.5ah battery

      • +1

        Sure it's good I do not support Sydney tools, bunch of scammers

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