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Glide Inflatable Kayak Aquavate Junior $29 (C&C Only) @ BCF

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Perfect for junior paddlers
Packs down into a carry bag for easy transport
Included inflatable seat for added support
60kgs maximum weight capacity
Inflated size: L226cm x W80cm x H23cm (without seat)
Paddle, pump, storage bag included

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing
BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing


  • Are these drop stitched?

    • +1

      take a look at the pics, looks bonded/glued to me

    • +3

      Drop stitch for $29!?! 🤣

      • +5

        The question was based on the original price. $170 for a non drop stitched kayak is pretty steep!

        • +1

          got a link for anything drop stitched for that price?

          my guess is only cheap SUP's

        • Really? I haven't seen any drop stitched kayaks under $300 - and that's the Kings single, shallow, almost sit on top kayak when on sale. Most intex non drop stitched kayaks rrp is over $200

  • Thanks, got one for my lil brother.

  • Thanks OP. Got one

  • +1

    Use in calm waters, supervise and watch out for strong winds and currents that can easily pickup and take control over these inflatables!

  • I definitely won't buy it for my kids. The risk is way too high for kid to kayak themselves.

    • +3

      you don't let them kayak by themselves.

    • +1

      Great for the pool though. Run the water jets and they can paddle against the flow of water. Keeps them busy.

    • +4

      seen 2 families with a couple of really young kids at roseville bridge, like 5/6 and the younger one was with mum on a paddle board

      They were perfectly capable and happy to go off on their own on little excursions from their parents group

      Shelter your kids and there is a good chance they end up being sheltered adults

      • -6

        You mean they have a roof over their heads? An anecdote about some family somewhere not keeping an eye on their kids in water, doesn't fill me with confidence about that parenting style. Also what doesn't kill can make you stronger - read, some may die or be severely injured in the process - so take a punt.

  • the other colour is $99 so maybe a price error? bought 2 online @ coffs bcf - we'll see

    • +1

      It is not a price error, the deal here is posted by BCF.

      Just note the RRP is a tad inflated - I was able to find it for $69.99 with free shipping, which admittedly was marked down from $99.99.

      Is it cheap? Yes. Undoubtably.
      Is it as good as the deal sounds? No.

      • +1

        Just note the RRP is a tad inflated


    • It's promoted on their front page as a frenzy deal. Even at $29 they are probably still making a profit on it ;)

  • +1

    Thanks op got one for the Kid good deal

  • how long it will take to inflate?

    • What's your pumps per minute rate?

      • +1

        Let me check with the wife. She would know this.

        • +4

          No need, I've already checked with her.

  • Dang I'm 74 kg. Oh well. Great deal!

  • 60kgs maximum weight capacity

    Dong I'm over 60 kg a bit. Factor the safety figure should be fine, yes?

    • Dong over 60kg?! Doesn't sound safe..

    • Only one way to find out…

    • It's inflatable, so it won't sink to the bottom. Worst case it goes down a bit and you end up sitting a little below the water surface. Your head would be sticking out though so all good

  • +1

    Reckon I could do this with it. 🤙


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