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$10 off $75 Minimum Spend @ MyDeal

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Example bargain: Birkenstock Arizona Unisex $89 (was $175) Delivered (duplicate offer removed from title — Mod)

All Birks https://www.mydeal.com.au/search?q=birkenstock&sort=price_lo…

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  • Sadly nothing in 46 :(

    • +2

      Are you trying to show off to the ladies?

      • -1

        I would gladly have a size 40 foot, would make life easier

    • +1

      FWIW I wear a 47 (sz13) in sneakers and work boots; but a 45 in Birkenstocks.

      • Same

      • +1

        Oh dear I'm 45 and ordered a 45…

        • +1

          You'll be fine, you could try to change the order to 44s. I've had them a size up while not ideal it's not a big deal.

      • Yeah I'm usually a 47/48, but go a 46 in Birks

  • +2

    Sizing is hard to work out.

  • These are narrow. Normal sizing out of stock.

    • +4

      Not true. Just ordered Normal fit

      • Same.

    • The normal width are there… albeit $10 more expensive

      • so, are you willing to sacrifice comfort for brand and price?

  • can you combine 2 vouchers

  • +1

    then come down from $175


  • One of the grossest shoes ever and hate how they go all brown after people have been wearing them for a while.

    • +3

      so, how many did you buy?

    • -6

      If you wanna stay a virgin your entire life buy these

      • +2

        Sounds something a virgin would say tbh

    • -1

      Couldn't agree more! Watch the sheep all trot around in their $200 sandals…and if you really think you're special, wear them with socks and double the doofus factor.

      • -1

        Those not following influencers and fashion guidelines are surely not the sheep.

  • This was for mothers day?

  • +5

    Would be good to specify they're the non-leather "Birko -Flor" Birks in the title or description.

    Pretty sure My Deal are currently misadvertising them as leather…

    • -7

      Vegan leather is a thing

      • +1

        Like nut "milk"… face palm

        • -1

          Like peanut "butter"

    • ??

      1. Birko Flor is the standard Birkenstock material
      2. "Leather" doesn't seem to be mentioned at all on the page
      3. I own the leather and feel that the Birko Floor is softer and more forgiving
        1. Leather was the original material, and there are more leather styles available. Birko-Flor is their proprietary synthetic material. Which one is their standard or default is subjective.
        2. If you go to the homepage of the app it has "leather" in the title of the banner that links through to the listing with Birko-Flor versions.
        3. Lucky for you that you prefer the cheaper option! I prefer the strength and longevity of the leather ones, and how they look and feel once they've been worn in :)
    • +2

      Birko flor, why not just say synthetic….

      • One doesn't quite have the same marketing ring to it

  • Wait how did you get the price down to $66.35? with cash back it bring it down to 73?

  • +1

    Don't forget to stack with CBA Yello (if you have it). $15 off.

    • Omg thanks you made me bought something now! If not for this I hesitated to buy.

  • the soles can be repaired on these when they're worn but damn they're expensive to fix

  • does one wear this with or without sock?

  • Is there any chance these are fakes? Lots of fakes being sold.

    • The MyDeal.com.au website is basically the same as Amazon where any third party can sell on the website.

      These appear to be sold by MyDeal through their subsidiary Duke Living Pty Ltd
      So the chances are lower that they are fake seeing you are buying direct from MyDeal rather than a third party seller.

    • Mine arrived, are genuine.

  • +3

    The birkenstock arizona regular size with smooth leather can be had for 115. After the discount and cashback, it would be about $86, which seems pretty cheap.

    • shipping is $10 to WA

  • +1
    • +1

      I used your link earlier then saw this post I'm actually not sure why this is up as well.

  • Dammit forgot to apply the shop back :')

  • I have a special code for $15 off (linked to my email) WOuld it still qualify for cashback? Also I noticed that topcashback is actually 20% cashback

    • same question

      • I asked @tightarse and he said that is not guaranteed it will work :( That is for topcashback

        • what about shopback?

        • Ohhhh I used topcashback for the 20% and used the code in drakesys post

          • +1

            @maverickjohn: i played safe and used the $10 code with shop back it was a $6 diff …do post if topcashback is success

  • Very comfortable shoes, for ladies that like comfortable shoes and flannelette shirts

  • +2

    Use code AXC8L for $15 off

    • Will it qualify for shopback?

  • Looks like the 18% ShopBack isn’t available anymore

  • Bam. Got some black leather Arizona's for 105 delivered. Cheers!

  • Screw birkenstock. Go straight to barefoot sandals and join the Foot Collective…

  • -1

    If you’re a male please don’t wear these.

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