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[WA] Ryobi 18V ONE+ 4.0Ah Line Trimmer and Blower Kit $115, ONE+ HP Brushless Jet Blower $135 @ Bunnings, Cannington


There are a few deals at Bunnings Cannington in WA, all half price



There was also a chainsaw/polesaw kit for $149. This one has a 2amp battery, not the 4

Maybe about 10 of each in stock

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    Considering the 4 amp hour battery has an RRP for like $150 this is pretty good.

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      That battery price is only because Bunnings has the monopoly on Ryobi here. Battery prices are ridiculous, especially because I only get around 3 years out of a 5Ah one in my blower (charged maybe every 2 weeks). I decided to go after-market, and got 2 of these for ~$70 (less with coupon). They work well, about same capacity as official 5Ah one, despite mine marked 8Ah on arrival. Brand is Aeboren, which apparently is decent.

      • That’s good value for 2 batteries

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        Agree on the insane Ryobi battery prices. I printed this (https://www.printables.com/model/200302-ozito-battery-to-ryo…) and got a 3 pack of 4AH Ozito for $99 instead. It was $149 for ONE Ryobi 4AH battery (https://www.bunnings.com.au/ryobi-18v-one-4-0ah-lithium-batt…). Daylight robbery

        • This sounds like the real deal in the comments.

        • How much would it cost to print?

          • @mmd: There's probably a dollar worth of plastic there but it requires a few bits and pieces to make them. Copper wire, spade terminals, small nuts and bolts etc. I ordered the exact aliexpress stuff from his links and made a few so I can just leave them in tools. Runs great!

        • Just be careful adapting other brand's batteries and using it on Ryobi tools. Ryobi has low voltage protection circuitry in the battery itself. There is a possibility of ruining the other brand's battery if you just keep using the Ryobi tool until the battery runs down.

          Anyway, FB marketplace has Ryobi batteries for cheap. Got 4x 5Ah once for $220 total.

          • @lomie: My first genuine Ryobi battery died after less than 3 years, because I had stored it without being fully charged. Bunnings told me it kills those batteries. So it's not like the real batteries are immune to that. I have had lithium batteries from other brands last much longer than the Ryobi ones.

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        That battery price is only because Bunnings has the monopoly on Ryobi here.

        Bunnings has the monopoly on Ozito too, but their batteries are dirt cheap.

      • That battery price is only because Bunnings has the monopoly on Ryobi here

        Similar price in the US:


        $85USD = $127AUD and since the US never include sales tax in the price, it would work out close to $150 at checkout (give or take a few bucks)

      • I've got one of those cheap compatible batteries and it doesn't clip securely, constantly drops out of my line trimmer and hedge cutter. The plastic casing split and I've had to bind it with tape. Performs ok, maybe a bit shorter runtime.

        • I had checked carefully, and this particular model receives good reviews. It clips perfectly fine in the tool and the charger. Some other models are less positively reviewed.

    • Considering the 4 amp hour battery has an RRP for like $150 this is pretty good.

      This is why I have way too many drill skins. They're always on sale with a battery so end up buying the kit instead of just a battery.

  • Will bunnings NSW price match

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      Bunnings will not. price match ive tried.

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      There's no harm in asking.
      Your mileage will depend on whoever you ask.

    • I reckon I'm sitting at about a 50% success rate in asking and getting it. And since it costs nothing to ask I always try.

  • That is a steal for 115!

  • Any of the 36V garden products discounted?

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      Unfortunately, no

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        Thanks. Good deals though, thanks for sharing

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    Good deal, just wish it was local / national.

  • Has anyone ever had luck price matching Bunnings to different stores?

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    Why do certain Bunnings have store specific sales?
    I didn't think Bunnings was a franchise.

    • Generally it's items that are overstocked or superceded/deleted and gotta go.

      • And some managers just want it gone ASAP to free up space.

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    Here are the stock listings for each store if you want to see if discounted prices apply?



    • wow is this the same as nearby?

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        only one store has this price and thats Bunnings, Cannington all the rest will not honor it

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    No luck matching in Bunnings Underwood QLD called the store

  • any pics of the pole chainsaw with price OP?

    • No sorry

  • Can confirm that Osborne Park and Innaloo had a bunch of Ryobi 18V products on clearance near the front of the store.

    • Do you know if the above items were at Osborne Park. A trip to Ozzie park is better than a trip to cannington

      • refer to the links by @rennrich above. None in Osborne Park.

    • none at innaloo. full price ones only $229

    • Got out of the house at 6:30 pm and had nothing on speical yesterday at innaloo

  • Looking to get another leaf blower on special for a relative

    Hoping it’s on sale again

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    Not a chance lime green team, i am already team red, there's no going back now.

  • A silly question: what do you do after blowing the leaves to somewhere? I saw neiboughs blow the leaves to form a pile or blow the leaves across the street to my side (wtf!) what are you supposed to do thereafter? I often only use a small blower to blow dust out of my garage or blow some spider webs off the brick walls lol.

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      Don't use them for leaves. I use mine to blow lawn clippings and stuff off the patio, pathways and driveway. They end up on the lawn, where they break down.

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      Blow them onto lawn, allow them to break down naturally, or mow over them and mulch/catch them. Blow them into the gutter if you have street sweepers coming by soon.

      If you have heaps of leaves blow them into a pile then bag them up and take them to the tip as green waste, or compost them.

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      You buy an even bigger blower and blow them back to their side.

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        The great blowing war of 2024 has begun

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      I blow grass clippings off my driveway/paths/patio after I've mowed and whipper snipped. Could do it with a broom but after an hour of mowing I absolutely cannot be arsed.

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      Pick them up and put them in your green bin (you could also mulch them) so you aren’t like your neighbour.

  • Anyone used this line trimmer? Have an ozito (clip blades, not normal line) which really struggles to manage lining our grass so on the hunt to upgrade, but thinking this will likely be similar performance

  • any left at cannington? keen to pickup today?

  • Just had a look. All gone. Guess I am 2 days late…

  • So Bunnings doesn’t price match their own stores but will price match any other store 🤔
    When you look on line all stores are same price inc that Cannington. So I rang a my local stores and was politely told their promotional stock and could get reduced at any time just got to be right place right time 😊 so I’ll call every day till they get sick of me 😁 I’m joking

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