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amaysim: $16.25 Cashback on 80GB $15 Prepaid Mobile Plan (Ongoing $40 Per 28 Days, $1.25 Profit) @ Cashrewards


Amaysim is selling their $40 sim for $15, stack with cashrewards cashback for $16.25 cashback.

Activate within 20 days of purchase, for best tracking success, make purchase via mobile data

eSim should be valid for cashback
Coupon code automatically applied in cart.
Sim sale ends on 3/6/24

PSA: Auto recharge is enabled by default, disable if you intend to churn.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4366)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 14 days.

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  • +3

    Gotta love these companies paying me to have internet in the car.

    • I've even paused my Felix unlimited subscription and use these burner SIMs for both car and home.

    • -2

      Comments here & similar to the above…people are not concerns with T&C being enforce & hence rejection of money-back claim…what am I missing ?

      Amaysim requires ‘approved payment method when prompted, & who keep Auto renew switched on’, click-on ‘T&Cs apply’ & a pdf-file will be downloaded-> https://www.amaysim.com.au/sim-plans/28-day-sim-plans/unlimi…

      Given buyers must login their Amaysim account to buy & hence purchases are trackable.
      Unique URL has been created for this offer & hence trackable-> https://www.amaysim.com.au/?irclickid=QQFXpzXCzxyPWvEy9e1Lr1…

      • Cashback terms don't say anything about auto-renew being necessary. Don't know what the amaysim terms are on about it either to be honest.

        It's on when you apply, so you're "eligible" and they apply the discount and only charge you $15. Then you turn it off afterwards. They're not going to charge you the extra $25 after the event.

        • Cashback terms don't say anything about auto-renew being necessary

          Thanks, may be Cashrewards is not enforcing T&C @ Amaysim ?

          CashRewards 14-May-24 email: 'In regards to the second set of terms you mentioned, it's best you follow those terms to be eligible for the cashback. If you do not, you risk getting your cashback declined.'

          • @ab c: It's not the cashback company that 'enforces' the T&C's, at the end of the cashback period the telco tells them if the purchase qualified for cashback.

            Some telcos seem to just give a blanket yes to any purchase without drilling down into if T&C's were met. And some telco's seem to give no's for no reason, like amaysim.

            • -1

              @wavesgreen: For those that have kept good-record & provided proof-of-purchase, how many of these were still REJECTED by ShopBack/CashRewards ?

              Some telcos seem to just give a blanket yes

              Name ?

              • @ab c:

                Name ?


                • @wavesgreen:


                  Thanks & seems to be in line with people are saying here.

                  Have you (or anyone?) had rejections from Amaysim-sim, even though you provided proof-of-purchase ?

                  Amaysim-sim: who would you feel most-safe & why …ShopBack / CashRewards ? Thanks

    • If only they tracked and paid for all of them. My last one has past the tracking period and not tracked.
      I've done these plenty of times and found about 20% of the time the sale isn't tracked.

      I'm very careful to follow the instructions to make sure it works, but it doesn't, always.
      Anyone else find this?

      • My last one has past the tracking period and not tracked

        Finger-cross that you've screen-shots (& other proof of purchase), & summitted your-claim within 60 days ?
        CashRewards states ‘Order confirmation / invoice: Your documentation must contain your order #, order-date, items purchased & payment information.’

        … found about 20% of the time the sale isn't tracked

        If more people keep good-record (onerous) & increase money-back success-rate, will they respond with other ways to make-money (ie reject claims, system-errors) ?

        • Nope, I didn't screenshot it, but to be honest, if I have to go to that much work and then submit a manual claim, I just can't be f'd anyway, I feel I shouldn't have to do that.
          Rather just whine about it on here, there, that feels better LoL ;)

  • Activate within 20 days? Not 28?

    • for cashback have to activate within 20 days

      • Used to be 28 days… 20 days is so awkward. Oh stop it is not Boost! Disregard. I have not realised it was Amaysim.

        • -1

          Username checks out. We understand.

  • +4

    Before someone asks that the code MAYHEM is not listed on Cashrewads:

    'Codes that auto-apply on Amaysim's website at checkout are eligible'

  • What's classified as "New customer"?

    I don't have any service with Amaysim but they detected my email addresses (linked to old expired/ported out numbers) and asked me to sign in using it. Am I a new customer or need to use a new email address?

    • +1

      A new sim/service, you will be eligible for cashback

    • You are still eligible.

  • I just ported out off AmaySim. anyone knows what's the cooling period is before I can port back?

    • No cooling off period

      • +3

        So it means I could port back anytime? I noticed with one of the other companies that I had problems with porting back withing 30 days.

  • What does the code mayhem get you as extra for the first month ?

    It’s the same price, tracks and gets approved with it or without it.

    • +1

      Mod added the code to my posts last time, it's the same code auto applied

  • Also, my cashbacks have been approved b4 the 20 days. Does that mean you can activate them later ?

    • Probably yes

    • hv u activated? or ru planning to delay it?

      • Yeah activated them.

        Lucky I did.
        Some were already activated with a short renewal date. Others weren’t activated and have the full 30 days. Not fussed as they are burner numbers for deals, offers ,subscriptions, etc and wifi for tvs and devices.

        Got one last week through cash rewards to be used for porting my primary number to. Hopefully it’s not activated lol

        • Yeah I can't say I like amaysim's activation 'system'. Luckily mine are just for cashback and random data I'll burn through, I'd hate to use it for porting my number for any practical period of time.

  • Will this deal with the cashback be available till the 3/6 or do cash rewards pull the cashback offer once they've hit a certain number of customers?

    • +1

      I set the expiration to the sim sale end date - they can pull it at any time though

  • +1

    How many active sims can you have in one account?

    • +1

      i think 10 services.

    • +1

      I have 6 currently, and no issue buying another

  • I just hope this doesnot disappoint people like the optus deal. If you ever had an account with Optus you are not eligible.

  • I bought a second SIM and got a popup saying only one cashback per customer. I don't see this mentioned on cashrewards?

    • It would be interesting to know.

      • +1

        Both tracked, so…. who knows?

  • A bit irrelevant - is there any cheap prepaid plan that I could also use the eSim version of it on my samsung watch (so both phone and watch end up having the same number)?

    • +2

      No, that’s stitched up with the big postpaid players. If you’re happy spending 60-70 a month then you can share a number. Total joke.

  • Thanks OP. Got a couple more numbers. Both tracked within minutes. Hopefully approved in 7 days like last time too.

    • Interesting
      My 1 May purchase still hasn’t approved yet even though you said approved in 7 days

      • Bought 2 on 1 May as well. $13 cb on $10 sim approved on 8 May. $26 cb on $15 sim still pending but I think that was because it initially tracked the wrong amount which subsequently needed to be manually fixed by CR.

        • Ah that explains it then
          Both the cashbacks were manually fixed by CR as it was tracked at wrong amounts initially

          • @BargainsGrabber: My cashbsck also approved within days, no wrong tracking amout at CR, but physical Sim auto activated, I went to activate it a week after purchase and found it was activated and had to contact Amaysim to have the expiry date updated, "HAD" to get those lost 7 days back.

            • @HopSkipJumpFallSplat: Regarding the last one, I didn’t have to contact Amaysim. I received their auto generated sms saying I’m getting the full 28 days even though it came pre activated.
              The system can detect once you start using it

              • @BargainsGrabber: CS told me that, when I started using it, it didn't reset straight away so called again, probably if I'd 'waited just a little' it would of probably reset on its own

    • Update: both orders got approved today. Exactly 7 days.

  • Terrible network

    • +2

      Here in sydney i find it the opposite

      • Lucky you in Brisbane not great

        • Yeah, telstra will be king up there due to their spectrum holdings. 100mhz of LTE + 60mhz NR n78 if im not mistaken

    • No where near as bad as lycamoblie LTE network.

  • Can you receive sms when you are overseas?

  • when does cashback expire

  • +6

    Sim card arrives pre-activated, by the time I received it cashrewards had approved my cashback.

    When I popped the sim in a few days later, I got a text saying that they will reset my plan date to get the full 28 days.

    • Oh nice, wish I had tried that.

      The text on the sim card pack seems to indicate that the sim gets activated when you log into your account after purchase.

      Because I'd hate for my activated sim to otherwise be delivered to the wrong house and somebody else be able to use it.

      (I currently am using my amaysim sim from the previous deal when it was $26 cashback on the $15 sim for a brief time.)

      • Ah yes I did login to my account, maybe that's what triggered it.

    • This happened for me too

  • is it expired?

    • Appears to be still active

  • "Sorry, that code doesn’t exist or is not applicable with this purchase"

    • Looks like Amaysim might be doing maintenance. This is the message on top of the screen “ You will be unable to use our identity verification service when signing up to a plan between 11:30 PM to 5:30 AM AEST. We understand this may be a little frustrating and appreciate your patience.”

  • Code not working. Expired?

  • +1

    amaysim website still showing as $15 but increases to $40 after adding to cart.

    • Didn't realise when I was placing the order through mobile. Reached out to Amaysim the issue that sim is advertised at $15 and got charged $40. They are refunding the difference.

    • +1

      Back in stock for the promo price

  • +1

    Sim sale ends on 3/6/24

    So much for this.

    • i’m guessing amaysim hit an internal quota for the auto applied code

  • +1

    It’s back! $15 instantly coded!

  • Is this deal one per CR account?

  • +2

    Ended? CB seems to be back to $14 for that plan.

    • +2

      Yup, seems like tables have turned and now ShopBack is offering it for $16.25 cashback lol

      • +1

        Thanks mate! I needed one. You can post this as a deal! Or shall I?

        • +2

          You can go for it :)
          I’m not posting ShopBack deals until they resolve the eBay cashback and other tracking issues

      • ShopBack T&C was silent about 'activate by 15 June 2024'.

        To guarantee money-back, is it too-cautious & NOT-needed to follow Amaysim's 'activate by 15 June 2024' criteria ? Thanks.


      • +1

        SB didn't track my first/only Amaysim purchase recently. Urgh. CR never failed.

        • +1


  • Will have to use real name as amaysim will check against the ID system before they ship out.

    • +1

      I used fake name to order an esim previously and it activated and worked for a day before they deactivated my account and asked me to provide ID before they would restore.

      • +1

        Just check my mailbox and find they do send out the sim tho. They created a ticket saying they are trying to contact the number that I haven't activated. lol again. All in under a week from the order date. Not sure why they rush for. I plan to activate only after cashback got tracked properly.

  • -1

    Any idea when will the next deal come, I missed this one

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