Sony WH-1000XM5 Noise Cancelling Headphones (Black) $425.13 + Delivery (from $10) @ JB Hi-Fi Business (Membership Required)



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      Adding to this, if the latest trend continues, we should be getting Sony WH-1000XM6s very soon, as Sony is releasing a new model every 2 years nowadays. M5s were released in May, and the previous models in August. They will likely be addressing this issue so if you're not in dire need, it might be worth waiting a little bit to see what's coming.

    • How did you do that, looks annoying. Can't take them back to the store? I'd say it is wear and tear, do you store them in the case when not in use?

      PS should be able to get these for $405 at least, call the good guys.

      • I think TGG Commercial price is $400.

        • much the same within $5, sounds about right.
          I didn't have TGG Comm but called the number and asked for the best price, as i heard someone else got it cheaper.

          Anyway ended up getting for $350 when JB had the pricing error (Latitude price protection ;))

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      Considering this model has always been expensive and not on a huge sale like older models, safe to wait for the new model at theae prices.

    • Excellent in terms of sound?

      Yes for NC (bit too much for my personal liking) and wear comfort. Subpar sound.

      • It's the nature of Bluetooth ANC headphones. It will never be as good as a cabled audiophile headphone, but you tend to overlook this for the quality of life features (cable free, NC, haptic controls etc)

        So they are good enough but agree still a bit expensive for the sound. You can adjust the extent of cancelling and has adaptive modes (so knows when you are sitting or walking around etc).

        I've posted a few times the EQ adjustments I use that make them sound a bit better (search XM5)

        • No. I am not talking about a cabled headphone.

          Referring to the likes from Shure, B&W etc, to perfect sound profile out of the box. Defined and wide sound stage.

          After reading various positive comments on the Sony and took the plunge. XM5 is "okay" for 300ish, just "okay". Can't get the clarity right at mid and low.

          • @Chinese: Yeah just adding that to what you said, worth noting that flat out sound quality is secondary for portable headphones and the environment you use them in.

            Those other brands are more expensive again, (and don't do some things as well as the sonys; touch controls, ANC, comfort, call quality for example.

            not worth throwing too much at Bluetooth headphones.

            • @G-rig: You would be surprised. B&W and Shure csn be had for as cheap as $200. Puzzles me on Sony's popularity, particularly after trying them for a few occasions.

              Shure Aonic 40 - sub 200 on amazon
              Aonic 50 (gen 1) - sub 300
              B&W px7 s2e - sub 400

              • @Chinese: Thought you were talking about the higher end models, no doubt those brands have their entry level cans as well.

                Like featured in the Darko video, he does a comparison (momentum 4, focal bathy, px8)

                • @G-rig: No. Why bother with bluetooth.

                  • @Chinese: Huh.. which one is it?

                    No. I am not talking about a cabled headphone.


                    No. Why bother with bluetooth.

                    Don't eally care, just use what works. Must have a good portable cabled setup and headphone amp / DAC by the sounds of it, with closed headphones.

  • Annoying these models don't fold down compactely.
    Have the original WH-1000XM which are great for travel, just starting to show their age and are micro-usb.

    • This again.. Just fold them flat and put them in the case it comes with, pretty easy. Unless you're the type of person that likes to throw stuff around and loose in your bag, then just get the XM4 again or new pads.

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        I'm the type of person that flys regularly but doesn't want to lose half my carry on to fixed headphones - the case is huge on the xm5.
        Will see what next release is.

        • Ive had both and although pretty similar prefer the XM5. More comfortable and sound a bit more natural. Wouldn't say the case it much bigger, just flatter and shorter (the volume probably the same). Wouldn't take up any more room in your bag. I just leave the case in my work drawer so doesn't worry me.

          Yeah you may as well wait, otherwise sounds like the XM4 are fine.

    • My WH-1000XM5 is USB-C. Maybe early models were micro-usb

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        So were the XM4. They probably have the XM3 or older perhaps.

        • 3 is also USB c

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        They were the original WH-1000X.

        Probably bought them in 2016

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          Nice, sounds like they served you well.

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