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Ozito PXC 18V Brushless Reciprocating Saw or Multi Function Tool - Skin $44 Each + Delivery ($0 C&C/in-Store/OnePass) @ Bunnings


Bunnings finally price-matched beat ALDI Tools with their Brushless Variant

Credit to pipster11

For anyone looking for Ozito PXC batteries & chargers:

Other ALDI Tools that has been matched:

Tool ALDI Bunnings
Chainsaw $149 $148
Multi Function Tool $49.99 $44
Reciprocating Saw $49.99 $44
Angle Grinder $89.99 $84

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    Been using this for years and it's held up well from timber to metal, and been abused and dropped multiple times. Still going strong. Just replace the blade with decent ones and toss the one that comes with it - night and day.

    • What sort of blades or brands do you recommend for wood/thick tree branches? I have zero experience using these. Thanks.

      • +26

        Diablo mate. Mine is cutting through roots underground through the soil. It's doing chainsaw duty on thick tree branches too

        • thanks for the tip mate

        • +1

          I've done the same, good for removing stumps, plunge a long blade deep into the soil to cut all the surrounding/ supporting roots. Just make sure no underground services (e.g. electrical, water mains)

          I've used it with this diablo blade for pretty extensive pruning and figure its much safer than a chainsaw, as it won't pull you in if something gets caught/snagged.

          This price for brushless is a steal, its a shame i'm late to the party

        • Thanks.

      • +3

        For pruning tree branches get a long pruning (5 teeth per inch) blade, something like this:


        You can't really do a clean cut (like a table saw or a circular saw) using a reciprocating saw, but if you are after cutting fence posts etc buy a blade with more teeth per inch. The pruning blade will be too rough for that kind of work.

      • +6

        If you cut tree branches occasionally, this will be sufficient. But if the saw is needed frequently, it is a better investment to get the one with the pruning attachment. It makes tree branch cutting super easy (like butter) as the pruner head will grip on to the branch and let the saw do its work. Without the pruner attachment, the tree branch will vibrate and the saw wont be able to cut efficiently. So you will have to hold the branch down or use a lot of strength to push the saw onto the branch so the blade can get a grip.

        • +1

          Thanks for the quality info! Much appreciated.

      • +1

        Diablo blades as mentioned by someone here. They are expensive but cuts like butter and lasts long if you look after them. I've got DeWalt blades for this saw though and it's also decent.

        Make sure you don't burn yourself on the hot blade after cutting thick timber. The friction heats the blade up quickly.

      • i was looking for a certain diablo blade, but none were in stock. i tried makita instead, and they are awesome.

      • +1

        I have some decent blades and those the others have suggested is fine but i also got one of these big multi packs https://www.amazon.com.au/Metal-Reciprocating-Blade-Cutting-… (they are on a heap of ebay listings as well)

        They dont last as long but they are better than you would expect. They are only ~$1 a blade so it really doesn't matter if you wreck one hitting rock while cutting roots or similar.

    • That's good to know, have one since I lost my Makita unit and have been expecting it to fail, paid $49 off the shelf 2 yrs ago, but may be brushed, looks the same.

    • +1

      Second this. I have the brushed version and it's been abused for many landscaping endeavors…still going strong. Pulled the trigger on this brushless version now too :')

  • +23

    Monkey see brushless, monkey buy.

  • +1

    skin only

    • Updated title.

  • Okay jumped at that one. Thanks OP

  • Alright Bunnings… I'll bite

  • Is anyone able to add the multifunction tool to cart?
    Says it’s only available for delivery, ok whatever, but then I can’t add it to cart

    • If you have another Bunnings close by change your pick up to that Bunning as they may have it in stock for pick up.

      • Yeah so I had a look and the only relevant stores are near my parents, who live interstate, or family who didn’t call or text for my birthday

        Guess I’ll just go without it

  • Can someone please post the original prices for the Ozito brushless so I know what I'm saving? I can't seem to find them online. Thanks

      • Multifunction shows up as $149 for me (in the still cached Bunnings search page).

        • +1

          I believe their search page is still cache, but the product page should show the correct price (or in the cart).

          If not, you might have to change/set your local store.

          • @RichardL: Yeah - I was just referring to the "Multi-Function Tool was $119(pricehipster.com)"

      • Really, I bought this saw for $49 off the shelf from my local (smallest Bunnings store in existence) in about 2022 sometime.

        • +2

          Clearance stock or the brushed-motor version?

          • @RichardL: Probably brushed, was standard price, should have said "I bought an Ozito brushed one a few yrs ago" it still works … surprised it does as a lot of Ozito stuff has failed on me and I've sworn off the crap!

        • I got a $49 one last night, just notice there is no Brushless mentioned on the box and the model number is PXMFTS-018,
          instead of PX"B"MFTS-018 - going to get a refund :(

    • -1

      $64 is the original price .. I was at crossroads and just checked

      • +4

        This is the brushless version. The standard is $64

  • +4

    perfect for cutting exhausts and stealing cat converters…

    • +3

      Username checks out… take my upvote

  • Jeffrey Damher didn’t need one so I’ll pass too

    • +4


  • +4

    The 36v Ozito chainsaw is excellent.

    3 pairs of 4Ah batteries (6 in total) would fill my 7x4 trailer with redgum; would recommend.

    • I want it so bad but would need more batteries too :(

      • Buy now, stock up later!

        I think this is maybe the third time it's been this low so it's a very rare deal.

      • Wait till its 3 x 4ah battery for $99.

    • I have it too, overall very happy. Just the cheap chain goes blunt so fast. Definitely recommend a chain swap.

  • +2

    $169 down to $44 is very attractive for the Reciprocating Saw

    • I know right

      Prob spend more in a set of good blades let alone 44 for the skin

    • Is it better than the Ryobi equivalent priced at $99?

      • Maybe Im unlucky, but nearly everything ozito I've bought in past was crap

        • I had a pink ozito 240v drill which lasted more than 10 years, clearly YMDV

      • +1

        I've had the ozito recip saw for a long time, it's been fantastic.

    • I own this one and it is very good for full price. This is a no brainer

  • I was trying to transition out of Ozito but for forty bucks it's a no brainer.

    • +4

      I'm transitioning in. Where are you off to?

      • Ryobi, not because of problems with Ozito, just got some of their other bits and consolidating.

        • +1

          I know mixing tool brands (and subsequently batteries) is somewhat frowned upon, but I’ve found having ozito for some tools and ryobi for others is the move for home/DIY use

        • +1

          Just buy the battery adapter. Staying on one ecosystem wont reward you as much

          • @WT: is there anyway to use Ryobi battery in ozito tool?

            • +4

              @CrypticM: Better to go Ozito to Ryobi adapter and get Ozito batteries and Ozito and/or Ryobi tools. Because of the design of the Ryobi battery (the stick part), using an adapter from Ryobi to Ozito/other isn't recommended.. you end up with a very awkward, non-ergonomically tools.

              Ozito/Makita/DeWalt/Bosch batteries are much more compact in their design and so going from either of them to Ryobi/other is much better.

              Another thing to consider is the voltage management/protection. Some are in the tool itself, some are in the battery. Ozito/Makita/Ryobi is in the battery and so considered to be safer to interchange between each other.

  • Ok I’ll get $300 electricity rebate soon. Why not. Bought each.

  • +2

    Fully endorse the chainsaw. Has it for many years. Used and abused it. Still runs fine

  • Damn I am trying to think of an "around the house" use for a reciprocating saw, I already have a circular saw and a jigsaw.

    • +2

      'just in case' is adequate reason to buy.

    • +3

      Cutting up all those cardboard boxes from the OzB impulse buys. ( I use mine mostly pruning in the garden).

    • +1

      I only use mine for tree pruning and cutting pvc pipe. Tried cutting cement board but the blade cops it

      I prefer to take it camping then a chain saw as its smaller and blade comes off easily

    • +1

      I use it all the time.

      Got something you dont want that doesnt fit in your bin? Does now. I cut up a complete outdoor lounge with mine.

      Great for pruning. I use an old blade to do the lawn edging.

      • Love this! Got mine partly to chop stuff to fit in bin 😆

  • Is this an error? I'm wondering whether they meant to further reduce the brushed tools which are still 49.

    Ordered both 44 dollar tools

  • Bought all but the chainsaw. Chainsaw is only really a $50 saving, and I have an EGO one already. I still had to think about it though lol.

    • do you have an ego line trimmer? im planning on getting one soon

      • 3 of

  • +3

    Probably never going to use it, but bought it, Thanks OP

  • Thanks for posting OP - I was tempted last night to bite the bullet on the non-brushless tools for these since only those had been priced matched for the Aldi version, but didn’t want to buy (another) battery/charger kit for another brand. Had a feeling the brushless versions would be matched soon, glad I followed my gut. Great price for these.

    I don’t remember exactly where I read this, but for the reciprocating saw, I saw a review of someone saying the saw blades can be a bit iffy, but easily replaced with the “Kango 5 Piece Reciprocating Saw Blades Set”. Only $28.45 with some good reviews. Will link below; I’m assuming this set is also compatible with the brushless version. Maybe someone can confirm


    • shame this isn't still around

      • Oussss that would’ve been a tasty deal combined with this. Only 15 piece Kango set I can find on the Bunnings website now is $79. At least the 5 set piece covers “metal timber piping and plastics”. Oh well, $169 pre ALDI price match for the saw itself down to $44 is still a fantastic deal, even if the previous RRP was way overinflated

  • +2

    Damn it just came back from bunnings for the angle grinder

    • +8

      Safe travels for when you head back in.

  • +3

    My patience has paid off, been waiting for the brushless reciprocating saw for ages!

    It does beg the uneasy question how much the mark up is from the rrp of $169

  • How much was the angle grinder?

  • +1

    Didn't know what a reciprocating saw was before I picked one of these up for $20 second hand. It's one of my most used tools now. Great for so many jobs from cutting off branches, to boxes and stumps.

  • Are the same price in-store, want to use the gift cards and DIY card

    • +1

      Should scan as the same price in-store.

      If not, just show them the site and they should match.

  • how much are the batteries?

  • why no reviews on reciprocating tool? i believe it's regular product.

    • +3

      Bunnings likes to 'refresh' their power tool with new models with slight changes which results in new SKU and no reviews.

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