ASUS RT-AX1800S AiMesh Wi-Fi 6 Router System 2-Pack $158, 3-Pack $237 (RRP $299) + Delivery / $0 C&C @ JW Computers


AX1800 Dual Band WiFi 6 (802.11ax) Router supporting MU-MIMO and OFDMA technology, with AiProtection Classic network security powered by Trend Micro™, compatible with ASUS AiMesh WiFi system.

The 3 pack is also available for $237

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  • Is this much of an upgrade from using just this on it's own?:…

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      If you already have wifi signal everywhere, don't bother. This is good if you have some dead spots.

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      It's is a downgrade actually. Your router is AX3000 whereas this is only AX1800. Unless you need the AiMesh feature of the ASUS router but you need two compatible ASUS AiMesh routers for that. The AX1800S is an AiMesh router. However it is an old model.

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        It's actually the same as the TPLink, TPLink specs are not real, anything they advertised just divide it by 2/

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    I'm using Asus's 3 routers as an AI mesh and its far much better than using TPlinks routers where need to use ethernet wire to connect all routers.
    Asus's routers get connected via wifi.. nethernet at all and no issues as well.

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      Just need to buy a TP-Link device that supports One Mesh, Not all do like how not all Asus routers support AI Mesh

      I wouldnt be recommending people to give Asus money after it's latest warranty debacle though.

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      Asus is far more reliable than tp link.
      Tp link only looks good on paper

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    Cheaper at ebay, use TECHMAY ebay plus coupon i think.…

    • Doesn’t work sadly

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        TECHMAY code is for over 100. so op is talking about 2 routers not 1

  • What is everyone using these for? Every time a deal like this comes up, I want to buy. But then compare it to my rt-ac68u x2 mesh setup and thinking that I will wait until I am on 1gbps+ nbn plan…

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      I guess this would be alright but doesn't seem like that much of an upgrade as these seem fairly budget.

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        Guess for a new setup will probably be ok

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      It’s more about the size of your house than the speed of your internet plan. My house isn’t that big and I can get 900mbps+ on wifi with a single AX6000 router

      • Thats what I mean. With my current setup and 10yo tech I get 300mbps. If with a sinlge AX router in the middle of the house its about the same

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      This is basically a cheap mesh setup (since mainstream mesh kits do cost more).

      As for RT-AC68U, Merlin will support it till end of this year (security patches) as Asus ceased development of the firmware already. Getting new routers now are not ideal because:

      • NBN just proposed 2Gbps NBN to providers, which means ideally, you want a new router that has at least a 2.5Gbps WAN port and at least 1 x 2.5Gbps LAN port.
      • The new AsusWRT 5 firmware was released recently on some of Asus routers. So far, people have reported issues. It will take a while before it is stable enough. Then, Merlin will fork it.
      • WiFi 7. Intel's BE200 doesn't work on AMD systems, majority of our devices (phones, laptops, desktops) don't support WiFi 7. Doesn't look like CNVio2 can support WiFi7 (otherwise why Intel hasn't release one).
      • Not sure going for first gen WiFi 7 is a good idea and that path also leads to 10Gbps ethernet. In short, lots of upgrades needed.
      • So… will hold off for another year while eyeing steal prices on RT-AX86U Pro =)

        • or get a better model than that off amazon germany/uk - cheaper as well

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      Same boat as you, we run 3x AC68U but on a 1000/50 connection
      Over ethernet we get 8-900mbps max (vs 950mbps straight from the modem) and 550mbps over wifi

      With Wifi7 around the corner we're holding off upgrading just yet

  • How does this compare with TP-Link Deco X50 3 Pack? Seems cheaper for 3 pack Asus, anyone can comment on which is better? I don't really care about speed as my NBN is only 100/20, however would 4x external antenna on the Asus provide more range compares to the 2x on the X50?

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      Deco X50 is AX3000, which technically has more bandwidth than this. Unless you are already invested in AiMesh, i.e. already having other ASUS routers in the network, then I think TP-Link Deco X50 would be better.

  • Sorry silly question but does this connect to the nbn? Or is this purely a mesh system?

    I have a friends house where they need to extend wifi strength so do they need to connect these to the wifi/nbn router or buy this 3 pack and the first unit will connect to nbn and the other 2 will be wifi mesh extenders?

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      connect your NBN router to the WAN port of the first one of these, set it all up. Then you can subsequently easily add the others in the setup menu to create a mesh.

  • Im moving soon and want to eventually get asus xt9 but money is a little tight at the moment. It will be fttp
    I was thinking of singing uo eith superloop and just deal with the eero for a while.. before i can switch over. But this deal has got me thinkibg it might be an idea to buy the two pack, (2 is better than 1) here and get the 100 buck byo modem rebate from tpg with their plan ans then switch to superloop or whoever when i decide and get the new asus.
    What do people think? Good idea?
    I assume these would be better to add to an asus xt9 in future for additional points down the road rather than having an excess eero.
    Any thoughts?

    • +1

      If you plan to get XT9, which supports tri-bands, you don't really want this. The main advantage of tri-band mesh is one band can be dedicated for backhaul. If you don't really care about max speed (i.e. you are happy with 50/20 NBN or 100/20 NBN) and care more about coverage, or you have ethernet wired up in your house (so you can use ethernet backhaul for mesh) then you could consider this.

      • Would you go for thr eero then? And just sell it on, or ditch it in future? Or is there another nbn provider that has a better interim router?
        Dont have ethernet and would be aiming for 1000 down eventually, though as i say money is tight so probably will stick wifh 100 or 250 max for now. Have 100 at the moment and that is working fine… figure i should 'ease into' upgrade.. as internet speed is one of those things that you can never go backwards on!

        • You need to stay with Superloop for 18 months on an eligible plan to get it for free right? If you intend to stay with Superloop for a while, then might as well get that router. I am not sure how useful it is going to be with just one of it. Since I don't have any eero device, if I were to take up such offer from Superloop, I would probably just sell that eero router unit.

          • @netsurfer: I guess thats where the rebate is interesting as that is basically immediate. And makes things hundred cheaper. Or realistically just another free month as bonus.
            Probably overthinking it. Thanks

    • Superloop is awesome they bought exetel whom im with. Superloop use IPoE meaning you dont need a modem just a router. Eero is nice but we really need the 7+ to benefit from the high speeds imo.

      I would compare eero with other routers on

      My current setup with asus' aimesh is awesome

  • Any ideas if this will support the gigabit speeds or 1000/50 NBN plans? Moving soon and will most likely have 4-5 power users either gaming or streaming something

    • You're not going to get gigabit throughput from this, but that being said you're extremely unlikely to get full gigabit from any wifi connection.

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        I get 900mbps-1gig reliably using my ASUS XT8, and that’s through a wall above the router

        • Does nbn 1000 really get gigabit speed? Optus, TPG, and Aussie Broadband list it as 780Mbps and under for the evening speeds, while Vodafone and Kogan are 450Mbps and 250Mbps. The speed differences are large between providers on the 1000 plan.

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            @Bii: 920Mbps to 980Mbps.

          • @Bii: They have to say that so they don't get in trouble when someone runs a speedtest in primetime and complains.

            That being said, the maximum real transfer speed you can get over a gigabit ethernet link from the NTD is approximately 930 Mbps.

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            @Bii: In my experience , yes. I’m with Aussie broadband. Although will be a bit lower in peak.

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            @Bii: Exetel, 900mbs / fixed lan. Wifi about 300-500mbs

      • That's definitely not true, I get reliable ~1250Mbps from my NAS (2x 1GbE + 1x 2.5GbE) on WiFi through 2 walls in a different room ~5 metres away, places I need high speed (living room, bedrooms, dining table and study), I get very strong signal. Even the weak spots are covered by a third mesh extender.

        I doubt my dual AX10000 would be the bottleneck for 1Gb network of any kind.

    • +1

      Are you going to be using WiFi for these users?. Then no you won't get Gigabit speed for that.

      I don't have this model but i have a very similar model the RT-AX54HP AX1800 with two of those routers in AiMesh mode with a 5GHz backhaul link from one side of the house to the other. It's an old wooden house. The first router is connected to the FTTP connection box through Ethernet to the WAN. The second router in a bedroom connects to a Gigabit Ethernet switch through another ethernet cable. And the best i'm able to get is around 50-60 MB/s.

      Basically you get half of the advertised 1201 Mbit through WiFi. You will not get Gigabit through WiFi with these routers. To get Gigabit you will need to use the Gigabit Ethernet ports all the way.

      • Thanks mate

        3/5 will be wifi while 2 of us have desktops that'll be plugged in.
        Wanted to make sure the router isn't the bottle neck if I was going for 1000/50

        • Yes well through WiFi it will be a bottleneck. Should be fine if connecting through Ethernet directly to the Gigabit Ethernet ports.

    • wifi will generally never reach those speeds. i get 900mbs on my fixed lan. 300-500 on my wifi

  • I have a AX86U could I use this as a cheap way to extend my Wifi?

    • +1

      I'm using 2 of these routers with my AX82U without any issues. So I'm assuming it should work woth ypurs.

    • i would recommend the 3000s (2 pack) as a budget friendly option with better specs. If you can get the AX82u or AX6000 Tuf

  • I have the following two routers. Which one should I keep using or should I get this deal?
    I am on NBN fttp.

    -Asus rt-ac59u
    -Netcomm NF20MESH

    • +2

      These wifi routers works flawlessly and have decent specs with user friendly app. You can buy one from ebay for $74 includes $5 monthly voucher. I just bought one from there and using it as an AI mesh witj other Asus routers.

      • So I should just keep using my Asus rt-ac59u, maybe?

        The rt-ac59u is only wifi5 but seems to have longer range and more stability.

        The nf20mesh has wifi 6 but no antennas.

        • Its your call mate to update it but even if you did, I'm sure you wont regret it on this wifi router.

        • I upgraded from the netcomm nf18acv + google wifi after 6 years. I have 2 asus dsl-ax82u and Tuf ax6000. Both have amazing specs

          • @dreamshifta: Have you felt any difference as a normal user?
            I assume it doesn't change much unless you transfer a lot of data over wifi?

            • @MagicTsukai: I personally upgraded to 1000mbs nbn plan (exetel) and my nf18acv was getting visually worn out. I think netcomm has strong wifi and id get/test out the netcomm mesh satellite. I chose to go with 2 x Asus DSL-AX82U and the wifi is deff faster (not necessarily stronger or longer range - about the same). The old google wifi was really nice but low speeds - not happy.

              In hind sight i probly couldve waited a while and got 2 of these from Amazon Germany and got the Aus plug from bunnings


              What i dont like about netcomm was the UI and i think thats what made me go to Asus.

  • How do these compare to the Google Mesh? Any real benefits over the 4 chunky antennas?

    • Read somewhere that the features are very limited in Google mesh as compared to the other brand mesh including budget ones.
      Amazon eero plus is the best mesh atm but they are bit expensive. It all depends on the needs and how much to spend.

      • I'm currently using Kogan Mesh rebranded Tenda Nova MW3. Got them 3x for under $100. Not many features but do the job extending the coverage and filling up the blind spots in my bedroom. Can't complain for the price. Tho, I think there will be time for an upgrade.

        • I used them as well ages ago. They are really good for the price. But spead is limited to around 90mbps.

          • @Be Happy: I got them as wifi extenders when I connected Kogan internet 3 years ago. Haven't got a chance to test the max speed yet. The spec says 100Mbps on the cable and 867Mbps on the 5GHz network. Seems to cover my internet speed and most of my everyday use okay. By the time I upgrade my Nas network, surely there's gonna be bottlenet.

            • +1

              @Bii: Wait until you upgrade to FTTP that 100Mbps via the cable on the WiFi extender is going to be a huge bottleneck. You needed a WiFi extender with a 1000Mbps ethernet port.

  • Noob here. Should I upgrade from my 3 x VR1600v routers? I thought I was being frugal and following the true OzBargain spirit, but all these deals seem pretty standard to everyone else…

  • The 2 pack of ASUS RT-AX3000 would be a better budget friendly option

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