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Google Pixel Watch 2 Wi-Fi $274 or 50,270 Qantas Points (or Points+Pay Combo) Delivered @ Qantas Marketplace


Pixel Watch 2 Wi-Fi ($274)
Pixel Watch 2 LTE ($356)

JB wouldn't match, but Officeworks did. Got it for $260.30. (Update: Officework price matched and $260.30 price is expired.)

Sold out at approximately 24/5 2pm, restocked at approximately 8:30pm.

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  • +11

    Great deal. I have this watch and I love it.

    Great battery life. I never really have to think about charging it. I pop it onto the charger for a top up when I shower in the mornings/evening and it's charged up and ready to go by the time I'm finished. I regularly go from 6am to 11pm off the charger without ever seeing any sign of low battery warnings. This is with all the default features ON, including the always on display.

    The health tracking is great, although not super important to me. I do love sleep tracking though and always use it when I'm in the gym too. Can't really fault it as a watch that "just works" without having to really think about it or worry about battery.

    • Exactly same thing I do in the morning. a quick charge while having a shower and a quick top up at night before I go to bed and I have plenty of battery left for the night sleep tracking. There is a slight lag time to time but other than that, I am very happy with the watch. Thank you for the deal OP. I am going to buy one for my brother.

    • +7

      Charging it twice a day is great battery life?

      • +2

        They didn't exactly say they charge it twice a day. I took the slash as one or the other.

    • My old Fitbit verse is still good for a few days and was up to a week when it was new.

      The battery life of Pixel watch (And apple watch) is very very poor in comparison.

      Sadly google is currently killing fitbit :(

  • Any known issue with this watch?

    • +1

      Battery life. But that is a problem for most smart watches.

      That and a new version is probably only 6 months away now.

      • +8

        And the version after that is probably only 18 months away. We could HODL forever until the perfect thing comes out.
        I tried this with a graphics card and it just ended in sadness.

        • +2

          Yeah I had a little laugh when they said "only 6 months away".

          It's like if you don't get something on release day, you may as well wait for the next one to come out!

      • +1

        But the first two comments were about how good the battery life is.

        • +1

          We don’t know how long they shower or what they do during their showers! I’d look at more reliable sources online if I were you.

      • In all fairness, PW2 has the best battery life I've had in a smartwatch. Lasts me almost 2 days.

    • -3

      It runs Wear OS which it, is seems, is something Google are actively trying to kill.

      • Really?

        • +2

          Source: hotphil, just now

          • @Hank Scorpion: Every update has made it worse. Recently Assistant, their literal USP, got removed. It took them 10 years to put a GMail app on (no wonder no one else is confident in it and wants to write apps for it). If they did ever come to it then several large apps have dropped it. Exclusivity deals with Samsung and screwing over the few other manufacturers that would build one didn't help. Terrible battery life and a polarising feminine (imo) design don't help.

        • To put it nicely, they've fumbled.

      • Uhm…


    • Crashing when tracking walks using Fitbit app and GPS enabled

  • +4

    Half price, that was quick

  • Would Google store match it?

    • They only price match certain retailers - Officeworks, Bunnings etc. The list is on their T&Cs.

      Wait for OW to match this I guess

      • +4

        I just popped in to my local Officeworks and they were lovely, but they wouldn't match the price. First they were told they don't match Marketplace / Gumtree prices, and because the Qantas Store is literally called 'marketplace' they were on the back foot. After some time working with them to explain it was just another online business, in fact one with a reputable company like Qantas behind them, they were coming around until they couldn't find a product code to match. They said because they couldn't guarantee it wasn't an overseas or other model they couldn't do it.

        To be clear they really tried and had 3 people on it for 20 minutes, at which point I didn't want to get anyone in trouble and can just pay $10 more and wait for delivery :-) I thought I'd share the experience though, I don't think they were correct, but it wasn't worth the hassle.

        • Sigh - they will really find any reason to not match it. I've had troubles on so many occasions, not worth the hassle anymore trying.

          • @Food: I called their 1300 number for giggles, I'm not sure if they spoke to my specific store but I got the exact same answer within 10 seconds - no product code and discrepancies in the warranty meant they were not the same product. To be honest they were all very nice about it, I've ordered via the Qantas Marketplace.

            I was so tempted to go with the 4G as I have had a 4G watch before and loved it, but I'm currently paying about $12.50/pm for my phone, I can't bring myself to pay x5 that to get a watch online.

            • +1

              @Erasmuz: can't you load any eSim onto it? yes it will be a different number to your phone, but can do if you want. there were some comments on this and good options with eSim

          • +1

            @Food: Looks like they tried pretty hard to match it, actually.

          • +2

            @Food: A different product code/SKU is a good concrete reason not to price match

        • Is it brand new btw, being a marketplace type listed item ??

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    Hopefully one day these smart watches battery last for two weeks… but great price

    • +3

      Garmins can last that long if you configure it well; though you'll get at least a week of the stock configuration. Though it's more fitness watch than smart watch, but has some smart watch features.

      • +1

        Epix gen 2 going well here.

        • +1

          Ozbargain, not OzRichGarminOwner :P

      • I have been actually looking into some Garmin and Huawei models. Epix pro and Venue 3 were my options as well has Huawei watch 4 but does not have LTE version in Australia. Only issue I had with Venu 3 was apparently no Navigation and also the GPS seemed like it's a different version to other models… but has ECG(Overseas that can be activated somehow) and also garmin pay which is very useful.

      • +1

        Certainly not as smart as these watches but my Garmin Fenix 7X lasts two to two and half weeks easily with almost daily exercise use.

      • After a replacement for the missus. Currently using an Amazfit Bip S which has been great, battery life was good but has dropped a bit.

        Looking for min 1 week battery and built in GPS, and given the constant battle with Google over using Gpay on unlocked or custom rom phones, NFC payments too now (not Google Pay a bonus, f#!k em).

        Anything that ticks these boxes and doesn't cost $1000+?

        • Garmin has GPS, lasts 1wk+, and some have Garmin Pay (check if your bank supports it). You can easily find them for less than $1000.

          • @askvictor: Thanks. Yeh just had a look, Garmin and Samsung support not as good as Google or Apple is it (don't have any Apple gear anyway).

            I guess I should clarify, not $1000+ meaning sub $500 :D
            The Bip S was under $100 and apart from lacking NFC is great, so I may have unrealistic expectations.

            • @bamzero: Plenty of Garmins under $500, esp if you look at last years models. Unless, by sub $500 you mean less than $250.

              • @askvictor:

                Unless, by sub $500 you mean less than $250.

                Would be nice but don't think I'd find it in the Garmin range.

    • +1

      Huawei GT 4 - Up to 2 Weeks Battery Life


      • +3

        I've had the GT2 for a couple years and have been happy with it.
        Considering a Pixel watch but the battery life is what's holding me back

        • I've had the original Huawei GT for over 5 years. It's brilliant. Far nicer looking than this Google piece of crap as well.

      • I currently have Huawei Watch fit2 and am quite happy with it. Would have liked Huawei Watch 4 if the LTE was available in Au…

    • +3

      Got the Garmin Instinct 2x, and it has a 40 day battery, plus solar charging. Have charged to full several times now.
      It certainly doesn't have the fancy displays or ability to text from it, but I get the notifications, fitness data and can pay from it (still undecided whether thats a plus or not).

      If you can get one from Amazon on the cheap, definitely worth it if you prefer to have a slightly more rugged watch.

      • +1

        Yeah like others suggested Garmin and Huawei has the best battery life and I am inclined towards Garmin now, venu and epix pro in particular. Saw the solar ones didn't like the display I belive not amoled

      • How much did you end up paying for one?

        • +1

          $566 incl shipping from Amazon Germany.

          Had seen it cheaper ($520?), but Amazon UK refused to fulfil the order even after a month waiting.

          • @Magpye: Thanks for that!

            I think that's a good price - I'm leaning towards that over other ones as the flashlight feature sounds really handy and the Venu 2 that I lost I never really used the music feature so I'm happy to let that go

    • -3

      Do you hope your phone can last 2 weeks either? We just have to get used to the new tech. Charge your watch when you charge your phone.

      • +2

        I charge my phone at night, while I am trying to track my sleep with the watch.

        • But the keyword is 2 weeks.

    • +1

      TL;DR. Fitbit acquisition, Fitbit User reaction, need Android phone as your daily driver, love Pixel Watch 2, but I’m and iPhone user so is almost useless to me but I love it anyway, Garmin does fitness, GPS, health tracking better, iPhone users have no choice but to get an AppleWatch or the Ultra or tigha$$ SE model. Battery is crap on AppleWatch but it has so much market share and so many apps. eSIM LTE is super expensive. How long will Google continue to invest in Google Pixel Watch if the sales aren’t there but they paid huge amounts for Fitbit to get what? The software? The Fitbit users hate Google’s changes to their software. Misc observations.

      It’s a long read but my opinions on what is happening in the market.

      This is why I am still using a Fitbit Charge 5. I was going to get the Charge 6 but I couldn’t get it because I had an active premium subscription.

      FYI: everyone from Fitbit land HATES what Google have done to the Fitness Tracking Software.

      Everyone HAS to have a Google email address to use it. All the community features are gone, the competitions between users - all the social interaction.

      The latest change to Sleep Tracking has Fitbit users in a RAGE AGAINST GOOGLE. The app is harder to read than it was before and I firmly believe Google bought Fitbit for their fitness software and might slowly kill off the Fitbit products (I might be wrong).

      If you are an iPhone user, forget it, no Android Smart Watch works very well - it’s Apple Watch or nothing but Apple sells Millions of AppleWatches every year but the price for their Apple Watch Ultra - let’s just say you could buy a Pixel 8 Max 256GB for less money.

      Apple are fighting Massimo about their sensor, and so are rapidly redesigning their AppleWatches, but they OWN the total watch market even in luxury watches - they are forcing many of the Swiss, Japanese and American classic analogue watches to either try to put some smart features in or they have lost market share.

      If you were getting married, wouldn’t you rather have a Rolex or a Tag Heuer on your wrist? Collecting watches is a big thing - the Apple Watch looks like a toy!! There is a new design on the way but doubt they will go circular.

      I love the Google Pixel Watch, but my daily driver is an iPhone 14 Pro.

      I also have a Google Pixel 7 which I should have upgraded to an 8 and may still will. Was hoping for a Pixel 9 this year but no comment at Google I/O.

      As mentioned, Apple owns the SmartWatch market. GARMIN have some EXCELLENT smartwatches which have long battery life and offer health tracking, sleep tracking exercise and work with both iPhone and Android.

      I want a Google Pixel Watch 2 so badly and at this price, it’s insane. IMHO the LTE is a novelty unless you regularly leave your phone at home. The price for an eSIM plan with the same number is stupidly expensive and there won’t be 5G for a long time (maybe I’m wrong but no 5G small enough yet) and all the 3G frequencies are going to become 5G bands from what I’ve read.

      I think using the device as a phone to make calls is a novelty and will EAT your battery life, plus you need good coverage.

      I can use a Pixel Watch 2 with my Pixel 7 or if I decide to buy an 8 with that but can’t use it with an iPhone, not properly.

      All the big app developers are on Apple’s WatchOS which is cut down iOS.

      I thought the Pixel Watch was using Android or some cut down variant but WearOS on Samsung Watches - I don’t like the Samsung SmartWatches at all.

      The pixel looks great. Wish the battery was longer but 36 hours isn’t bad but depends, if you don’t get the LTE version then you need your phone around otherwise you will miss notifications.

      The Fitbit Charge 5 and newer 6 there isn’t much difference between the two except more GPS and proper maps on your screen but Garmin does it better, longer battery as well.

      That’s been my number one complaint about AppleWatch, the terrible battery life. The Pro/Ultra is 36 hours but it’s huge on your arm and I’m used to small form factor to track health, exercise and sleep. Fitbit charge 5 does that at a cheap price. It displays incoming iMessages, appointments as long as my iPhone is around. They connect via Bluetooth LE iirc but I could be wrong. It’s still Bluetooth so not much battery drain.

      The sensors on the Pixel Watch 1 and 2 are faster to respond to changes in heartbeat. See MKBHD review on YouTube.

      My Fitbit Charge 5 gets my sleep wrong all the time. It seemed to happen after a firmware update. That tells me Google, who have combined their wearable division with Fitbit development and tablet development, tells me if the Pixel Watch doesn’t sell, Google will kill it off but they need more developers writing apps for the Pixel Watch, and due to exclusive deals with Apple or Samsung then it’s going to come in third for a while but more people who jump on the Pixel everything bandwagon and while the top end Samsung S24 Ultra might be nice, it’s stupidly expensive like an iPhone Pro. People can’t afford $2000+ Smartphones when you consider how much more you can do on a laptop for $1000-$2000 - sure they are big, but you can get smaller ones. I don’t like working on 13.3” screens. Even 14” is a bit small for my liking.

      More developers have to start writing apps for Pixel Watch and sales have to increase else Google could kill it, but the price they paid to buy Fitbit was substantial telling me they wanted the technology and software.

      But Fitbit users HATE what Google have done to the Fitbit software.

      Google has to listen to their Fitbit market as it’s been around since the start and has a loyal following. I’m all for improving the software they use, but it’s actually gotten worse with every update. They might disagree but I’m a five year user of Fitbit Charge model first buying a 3 then 4 and two years ago a 5.

      Fitbit was/is suffering from lack of new apps being developed for their platform which suggests that Google may change the OS on the newer models of Fitbit smartphones or kill them off.

      Fitbit still has a bit place a tens if not hundreds of millions of people using their various devices. In direct competition with the Google Pixel Watch 1 and 2. As well as other smartphones.

      I REALLY, really want the Pixel Watch but as an iPhone user it’s next to useless to me. I hate the price of AppleWatches, the yearly design “revisions”, no real improvement on the battery on the AppleWatch and the Ultra is the only one I’d consider and I can buy 4 x Pixel Watch 2 Wifi at this price against an AppleWatch Ultra.

      I’m way too invested in the Apple Ecosystem though I refuse to have a MacBook or iMac, at those prices they can get stuffed. Apple is so overpriced and the Apple Silicon hardware except maybe the iPhones (though the Pro is the better phone but costs you $600-$800 more and RAM upgrades cost Apple $5 but they charge $100-$200 (Apple have had to make some concessions, only because of EU requirements and there are more to come) and NOW Apple face a HUGE Antitrust fight against the US DOJ about their market dominance and their closed ecosystem which the EU have forced a few changes on and the Antitrust case is going to shake up Apple in a big way., but it could take 3-4 years and if you think Apple aren’t going to throw billions in defence then you are mistaken.

      iPhone sales are way down. Apple needs the “next big thing” because they have nearly reached peak Snartphone, same for Samsung. Apple prices here in Australia are set based on the exchange rate and iPhones don’t discount until the last 3-4 months prior to a new model though this year I’ve seen lots of sales on 128GB models, but that’s getting too small. 256GB minimum or if you want to do serious photos or video in RAW, you need a 1TB or 2TB model which are outrageously overpriced.

      I love my Google Pixel 7 and probably the 8 when I get around to buying it. They are great phones - I love that I get software updates immediately, not like other Android phones like Samsung who can take months to release the same security update.

      The Pixel Watch is a total winner of a Smartwatch, but how to get more devs releasing apps for it as that is what Apple have and Samsung to a lesser extent.

      Google always expect to see big returns fast on their investments else they kill products, which is why they are rejigging their new Pixel Tablet as it has some stupid shortcomings which prevent it competing against Lenovo and Samsung.

      The price isn’t exactly friendly in AUD either. Let’s hope Google get their Tablet better, however there is always going to be a cheaper Samsung or Lenovo stealing the market.

      Sorry about the long post. Just wanted to point out a few things from an Android user, but daily driver is iPhone.

      Thanks for reading if you got to this far.


      • Most of my stuff are on Apple ecosystem too except kids tablet and a work android phone which I rarely use but like you I haven't bought Apple Watch and won't be buying it in near future. Agree Apple is falling behind in smart phone sector. Got a 15 pro and nothing special about it, getting boring… still happy with the privacy and security of it. Probably will be looking into Garmin a bit more. Interesting read cheers.

      • I have been using fitbit devices for around 10 years now.

        But when my current sense eventually dies I will be moving to another manufacture, probably Garmin like many other fitbit owners are doing.

        Google is killing fitbit at the moment and has even removed many fitbit devices from sale in many geos.

    • I got ticwatch pro and I'm super happy with it. Wear OS with 4 days battery life. Support and update is terrible for some people (not in my experience), but won't break bank like Garmin.

  • I have never purchased anything from Qantas Marketplace. Is it a good idea to buy from there? I tried to price match with JB Hi-Fi and Officeworks, but they denied my request.

    • What reason did Officeworks give? I've just checked the policy they have online and can't see anything wrong with this request.

      • +3

        I tried price matching at JB and OW, denied for both for the following reason:
        OW - Manufacturer model number not listed on qantas site
        JB - It is a "marketplace" so they cannot verify the origin of the product, needs membership to purchase

        • I tried Harvey Norman too, but they also don't do price matches with Qantas.

        • I just received mine today, ordered from QANTAS marketplace. Packaged and sent from JB………

    • +2

      Most of the stuff seems to come from JB in some way.

      • Seems to be. Funny that JB wont match probably their own market place listing on Qantas

        • JB - You need to be a member of Qantas and we don't do price matches with stores which have membership. (Both Online and In-Store)
          OW - Model No. not mentioned, and it required membership (Both Online and In-Store)

        • It's definitely a Qantas store, no "marketplace" setup like others. I just think their supplier for electronic goods is jb or some division of it.

          • @Tony-Abbott: Yeah everything electronic s far I have bought from Qantas has been from JB. So Im sure their head office people know this. Just that they have instructed their own stores to feign ignorance

  • Been waiting for this to go on special. Grabbed one, cheers OP.

  • It's $271 delivered with points club plus and 2,439 Qantas Points.

    Not a bad deal.

    • Points club regular is the same with 1626 QFF points

  • I have a galaxy watch active 4 and I'm not particularly happy with it compared to the older active 2 that broke (and running tizen, I think). The interface and battery life leaves a lot to be desired. I have a pixel 7 and I'm wondering if it's worth the jump.

  • +1

    Not qi charging, means you need to carry your charger when you travel.

  • Waiting for Belong to get LTE….FOREVER!

    • Why not use telstra prepaid?

      • Yes, but then my number wont be connected to my Phone right? Im not to sure how it works with calls and text

      • -1

        Would Boost work?

        • I was with Testra, but went to belong as I pay half the price for the same data, plus it roles over. Someone was saying that LTE on the Pixel is locked to Testra?

    • You mean eSIM?

      • YES, LTE like an fool. WIll fix that

  • This or Ticwatch 5(quality and functions wise)?

    • +2

      If updates matter its pixel
      If battery life master it's ticwatch

      • +1

        The Master is always battery life

    • +1

      Depends if you want support.

      Mobvoi put their TicWatches out the door and that's it. And if they do provide an update, it removes features. Half Mobvoi's fault, half Google screwing them over with doing exclusivity deals with Samsung.

  • I just wanted to confirm in case it had changed, the 4G LTE version of this watch can only be used on Telstra post-paid right? Optus & Vodafone never supported this watch from what I've read online. If so I'll just get the WiFi version :-)

    Also for any of those points guru's out there, am I better off going and getting this from Officeworks for $260.30, or is it worth the 50,270 + 1,200 (delivery) = 51,470 Qantas FF points? Do Qantas FF points go further on actual flights, or should I just spend them on whatever?

    • There is a hack. You just need to get esim qr code and

    • My 1,200 points delivery dropped off when I checked out. I think its because its free shipping for anything over $200.

    • +1

      You could nearly fly one way to Dallas or Melb/ Sydney return 3 times with 50,000 points. (I quote Dallas cause I've just booked it in Nov and it's front of mind…) Both these options obviously worth a tonne more than $260. Using points to buy trinkets is the worst way to use points

    • +1

      Also for any of those points guru's out there, am I better off going and getting this from Officeworks for $260.30, or is it worth the 50,270 + 1,200 (delivery) = 51,470 Qantas FF points?

      According to this, exchanging points for product is generally bad value, around 0.5 cents per point. In this case, it comes to 0.545 cents per point. A little better than average.

      • Thanks both for the advice! The points just came with our CC and we racked up a few a lot faster than I thought, but haven't given it much thought on how to use them. I definitely think we'll save them for some flights! I kind of felt this was the case so ordered using cash, I appreciate the validation.

  • How to enter the billing information in the order? i want to order in different name. is it possible? if i change the contact information, does it change the billing information details?


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