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Spend Targeted Amount (Min $50) in 1 Transaction for 4 Consecutive Weeks at Coles, Get 10000 Flybuys Points or $50 off @ Flybuys


Collect 10,000 bonus points OR get $50 off off (within the next one month) when you spend $50 in one transaction in-store or online at Coles, each week for 4 weeks. Min spend might be different for each flybuys account. Look in your Flybuys or Coles Mastercard app to activate.

Week 1: May 24 - Jun 2 (10 days)
Week 2: Jun 3 - 9
Week 3: Jun 10 - 16
Week 4: Jun 17 - 23

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  • Mine is 10,000 pts for 4 x $110.

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      This happened to me too. I activated and didn't follow through on purpose. A month or two later it came back to $50x4. YMMV.

      • Does this work? they put me on $100.

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          Nah, i activate everything and ours never goes down below $100ish

          Probably cause we’re spending $2k a month with the grocery gestapo (Coles and WW)

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            @WhyAmICommenting: I believe I read somewhere if you activate but don't spend or only spend minimal the minimum spending comes down. Not sure. If anyone had better experience with confusiing the algorithm please let us know.

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            @WhyAmICommenting: everyone in the family needs a card and rotate them , keep the spend low on the card and youll get $50 spends

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            @WhyAmICommenting: I spread mine across a couple of cards - so $200 shop I would do $100 $100 on each

            I got the $50 offer on one card and $70 on other

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    Wow, this one actually landed for us for once, ours is spend $70 per week for 4 weeks for 10k flybuys points. Thats our weekly spend on milk and cheese these days…..

    Thanks for calling it out OP

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    Been doing these for a while now, mine is up to $320.

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      Just make purchases elsewhere or at Coles but with smaller amounts like $5 or $10 each shop, they will bring the requirement down to $50 in no time.

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        Exactly what i do, had $50 last month spent pretty much only $50 each week, and got it again now .

      • Whats good to spend $50 on? For 4 weeks

        Usually i buy from woolworths

        But rarely at coles or aldi

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          Whatever staples you normally buy at WW, or bulk stuff that's on special, eg multi cans of soft drink, laundry/cleaner, etc. You want to buy stuff you would normally buy, don't just buy stuff for the sake of meeting the $50 spend.

          • @wavesgreen: Thanks mate!

            Yeah nothing on special at coles i wanted at the moment so thats why i was asking

            Yes i did not plan for them to suck me in to spend $200 over 4 weeks to make $50 just for the sake of getting 50 on stuff i didnt need

            • @ATTS: To be honest I usually just grab a couple of multi can packs of Coke because there's always one on special be it WW or Coles and I drink those regularly. Literally did this on Friday to complete a $40 spend I had at WW which I do not routinely shop at.

              • @wavesgreen: Nice

                I use to drink those regularly

                Now only for special occasions

                How often do u drink coke?

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    Mine is down to $50 x 4 as well, I haven't been shopping at Coles for a while thanks to their Flybuys deals being shit and Woolworths being more convenient (but not that much more convenient - Coles is across the road!)

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    Coles is losing when they play games by increasing spend. I stop shopping until it comes back down to 50-60 per week

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    I was surprised to see another offer in my email after completing the last one just two weeks ago.

    I'll happily take an effective 25% off products that are the same price at every store. Maybe Coles has finally seen it's the only way to get me to spend more than about $10 at their business.

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    Fantastic timing: I got all 3 offers,
    Collect 2,000 bonus points
    When you spend $80 in one transaction in-store or online at Coles.
    Offer valid in-store or online for orders placed and delivered or collected between Wed 22 May and Fri 24 May 2024.

    Collect up to 1,500 bonus points
    Spend more get more!
    Collect 500 bonus points
    Spend $70 in one shop at Coles!
    Collect 1,500 bonus points
    Spend $100 in one shop at Coles instead!
    Offer valid from Mon 20 May to Sun 26 May 2024.
    Offer redeemable once

    Collect 10,000 bonus points
    when you complete a $60 shop at Coles each week for 4 weeks.
    Week 1 of 4: Fri 24 May to Sun 2 Jun 2024
    You have 10 days in week 1 to shop in-store or online.

    So, to get all these 3, I have to shop tomorrow… will go for $100 to get 3500 points for tomorrow and qualify for first week as well. cheers!

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    I've missed out on these deals since last year.
    Still do regular $20-$30 shops to keep "current".
    If I need a bigger shop than $45 I don't scan my card .
    Used to get this offer at least 4-6 times a year.
    Think maybe I should get a new card and see if I start getting worthwhile offers again.

    • you can apply for 2 flybuy cards. 1 for regular shopping and one don't use unless you have good offer

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      Since mid-March I haven't had any flybuys points offers, period. None of the 10% off offers either. All I've had is 5x points on Bakery and/or Fresh Produce.

      I used to get every 10,000pt offer like clockwork and regular 2,000pt ones too. But my account has been eerily quiet for a couple of months. Haven't changed my spending, which is small $20-$70 shops a few times a week.

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    This is the third month in a row that I've received an offer for $50 x 4 weeks - 10,000 FB points. I keep waiting for them to adjust up how much I need to pay but they keep offering it…and I keep activating it…

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      And if you stick to $50 you can’t beat 25% off everything you’ve bought it’s glorious

    • save here, this is the 3rd 4 * 50 for my flybuys account contiously. i always participating for 10k bonus points.

      except from spending money with this offer, i also randomly shop at coles, but no more than 15 each time. maybe this helps keep the offer with $50

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    Christ can we just get slightly cheaper groceries instead of having to jump through hoops for these companies?

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    mines 20k for $180 x 4

    • Try signing up for a new Flybuys card and ignore your current one for a few months.

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    I got 10k points for $60 for 4 weeks. I will be taking up the offer this time.

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    Did anyone also get 10% if your total spend?

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      I plan to use it in parallel, fingers crossed.

      • Do you know if checkout machine will prompt you apply 10% or its automatically

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          Once activated, it asks if you want to use it or not. You can decline and it will keep asking each transaction till you use it or it expires.

          • @soan papdi: Weirdly, I got the 10% offer but it didn't prompt on either of my shops yesterday. I'm worried it applied on my first transaction which was gift cards only.

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          If you do use it in parallel, remember that the $50 cutoff is after the 10% is removed. So you have to spend $56 (or a bit less) to get both

          • @soan papdi: Which is why we'll be spending $225 before 10% to get $10 commbank cashback

  • Finally got targeted, feeling grateful after missing previous 3.

  • No luck here A month ago got Spend 70 x5 Get 10K Just checked app and its spend $100x4 Get 10K No going to bother since for 2 people and a cat there is only so much stuff you can stock up on

  • Amazing timing as I have two c&c's for tomorrow, booked on Tuesday so I could stack the $10 off $100 and 10% FB.

    • +1

      The T&C says

      Eligible online orders must be placed and delivered or collected within the weekly dates to qualify.

      I could be wrong but this offer begins tomorrow. So you need to place the order tomorrow (or later) and pick up on/before June 2. Then again each week.

      • +1

        Looks like it worked (week one message on the bottom of the e-receipt), so maybe the system only considers the collection date despite the Ts&Cs.

        • Yeah it's always been the collection/delivery date for me with these promos.

  • It's a $50 spend for 4 weeks for me, came up in the app.

  • +1

    I got a 10% off offer

  • Legit never get this deal or any variation of it, ever

  • If I use flybuys dollars, is it counted as $50 spending? I got a lot of flybuys points since the last MasterCard deal.

    • -1

      I don't think so. You can however sign up to Flypay and spend your points there, like up to 10K points to pay for $50 of spend.

    • +1

      FB $ is counted like using a debit card if you swipe it

    • +1

      Yes, it counts. You just need the total line on your receipt to be above $50 (unless you bought excluded items like gift cards). Both the instant $10 off and Flybuys dollars are considered a payment method and will not affect the total.

  • Got this one after missing out on the last two(?) 10,000pt offers. $50 spend. Last one I had on my account was March iirc. Didn't get any of the 10% offers either.

    Glad to see this one, thought my account might've bugged out.

  • Bought IKEA gift cards and now mine is up to $60 4 weeks lol

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    I just got a Coles offer to spend $60 on one shop for 4 weeks to get $50. I'm surprised, because I'd just finished a Coles $50 shop for 4 weeks to get $50! It has to be in one shop not spread over a few shops. I wasn't sure if I had qualified at the end of 4 weeks. I did a shop for $50.55, scanned my card and I was left with 0.55cents to pay! I joined Coles flybuys three months ago.

    • +1

      I wasn't sure if I had qualified at the end of 4 weeks.

      Check your receipt. At the bottom, it will say "Congratulations! Just 3 more weeks to go" and so on. I think you have up to a week if you forget to scan your flybuys card. Take the receipt and they can add the card to it.

  • Urgh mine's gone up to $70 this month.

  • Haven't had the offer since March now.

    Even signed up for a new card and haven't even got it on that one.

  • I've got $1400 saved up in flybuys. Been years in the making though. Missus wants to spend it. I'm keeping it for a Ps5 pro. Tell me I'm right.

    • +1

      Would've been better to use those points for groceries and then invest that cash that you were going to spend, in say boost for-profit sims. That's what I did and made way more profit than $1400. Profit, not gross take.

      Remember money/credit that is just sitting in an account can actually be leveraged to generate income for you.

      • +2

        Best advice around

    • You're right, if you like loaning your money to Coles interest free

    • +1

      Hey, only my wife was meant to make me feel guilty. Lol

      What's a boost for profit sims? Google is just telling me it's a video game.

  • 20000 for 220 x 4 weeks. Lol looks like I got to put a hold on Coles for a bit.

    • Yeh. I just stop shopping when they pull the promos rug out from under me and wait for it to come back before I spend anything there.

      • How long does it take to come down? Do you stop shopping at coles altogether?

        • A few weeks sometimes. I’m not sure if it makes a difference or not but if they are just plugging into some database arbitrarily etc I’ll play it safe and not shop at all at coles.

          Also, the prices just don’t makes sense without these promos so it’s just easy to not shop there

    • Perhaps register a new account?

      • Too much effort tbh. Shopping at reasonable prices is only worth so much effort. I do my best to max things out but just as a matter of principle I’m not going to spend my whole life trying to nickel and dime scumbags through reward schemes.

        I’ll take the easy wins and leave the account juggling to the true heroes.

  • Just for this

    Aka; the only thing that will make me shop at Coles when stacked with other promos.

  • +3

    Got bumped up to $60, still worth it but will see how much it keeps increasing

  • Sorry if this is a silly question. Once activated, how does it get tracked whether you spent $50 or not? Do I just need to tap my flybuys card before each $50 purchase for it to register?

    • +1

      "Do I just need to tap my flybuys card before each $50 purchase for it to register?" Yes
      You can see your purchase history in 'activity' to keep a track

    • +3

      You will get a congratulations message on your receipt saying words to the effect of "Week X Spend complete". Then a final one after your Week 4 Spend saying you've got 10,000pts. In general it shows up in your account the next day.

  • I got targeted with $60 each week, and I just completed my first week purchase (total $61.40spent) and scanned my flybuys. However this time the receipt doesn’t have that congratulations message, I have confirmed the offer is saved and the correct flybuys is scanned. Does anyone else have the same issue? Thanks

    • Does the receipt have the flybuys number in it? If so, compare to the account where you accepted the offer. If the number is different, then don’t know, call flybuys

      • Thanks. The receipt has the flybuys number and it matches. I have completed this promotion a couple of times and this is the first time I had issue with it, not sure if it’s the system issue.

        • +1

          Maybe wait a day to see if your 61 points land correctly. Otherwise call flybuys to check. First week of the offer ends June 2nd.

        • +1

          I wouldn't worry too much about it, this gets reported at least once every time this deal is posted. Just hold onto your receipt in the event.

  • Didn't get the offer once again. Didn't even get it on a brand new card I signed up.

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