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30% off Kai Coffee Arrow Blend: 1kg $35 (Was $50) & Free Express Postage @ Kai Coffee


It's been a minute Oz Bargainers! We are offering 30% of our 1kg bags of Arrow Blend from now until the end of May (one week). Normal price is now $50, so don't miss the chance to grab a bargain $35. This offer is for Oz Bargain only so please don't share this around. The code works for as many kilos as you want but doesn't apply to our 500g sizes. It does however include free express postage. We roasted up yesterday for the sale so all orders will be shipped with coffee roasted the 24th of May - the end of May.

Arrow blend is the most popular blend we offer. Full of chocolate and smooth caramel flavours. It's the everday crowd pleaser. Works great on home espresso machine as well as filter options as our roasting style is a medium roast.

Happy shopping. Hit us up with any questions.

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    Anyone here tried it? I've been using the Inglewood beans sunset Boulevard and been happy with them but up for trying something else

    • +3

      I regularly buy the arrow blend, I found it to be much smoother than a lot of the Airjo and Inglewood blends. Unsure if it's a lighter roast or what, but it always makes a damn good brew. I get it preground for Aeropress as well and have never been disappointed.

      • Thanks mate! appreciate the love!

    • I once ordered Kai Coffee's Old School Blend from an OzBargain offer and it was good, although I'd try a different one from their range next time just to explore.

    • Arrow blend is personally my all time favourite out of all the regular posts for beans on OzBargain as well as other places. They've just advised of price increases so this is a perfect time to try it.

  • +2

    Definitely recommend Kai rosters
    Consistent roast and great cup

    Any chance of getting 5-0 blend on special.

    • +2

      Thanks so much mate. this time is just Arrow but maybe next month we can do something for 5-0

  • Great coffee, I just started my subscription before the recent price increase

    • Thanks for the kind words!

  • Thank you, have been on Airjo for ages so will the these.

  • +1

    Any chance of delayed dispatch?

    • +1

      Hey mate write in the notes section at checkout what date you prefer us to send.

      • Oops forgot the note but sent an email order #21999

      • Where is the notes section on checkout? I don't see any.

    • Can you send us an email to [email protected] to make sure we get the delay correct?

  • +1

    I too have been using Airjo for a while. Will give these a go. Thanks OP.

    • glad to see some competition at this price point!

  • Why not… ill give it a go

  • Im up for something new

  • Is delayed dispatch available?

    • Can you send us an email to [email protected] to make sure we get the delay correct?

  • +1

    If delayed shipping is chosen, does this mean the bags would still have a roast date of 24th of May?

    • +1

      "We roasted up yesterday for the sale"

      • +2

        Yeah, which means there is no point in delayed shipping.

    • +1

      We roast 5 days a week. Just put your prefered shipping date in notes, and that you want fresh as possible

      • +1

        Hi OP, how far i can delay the shipping date?

    • Can you send us an email to [email protected] to make sure we get the delay correct?

  • It's definitely been more than a minute

  • +1

    what grind do you recommend for a bialetti moka?

  • Thanks had run out of Airjo, so this is great timing.

  • I was a regular of Kai for 5 years prior to roasting for myself. Can 100% recommend them to anyone on the fence. This price is great. Arrow is a smooth starter blend for anyone, and they have a good range of other options to try too!

  • Would this be good for latte? Thanks.

    • Yep works great in milk

  • Hi there
    If I use shop pay, I'm not sure where I can write notes to mention delay shipping. Any advice?


  • How do these guys compare to LimeBlue & Airjo?

    • Only had this blend once but it was great. Would jump on this again but I’ve got 2.5kg of LimeBlue beans ready to grind and no space left in the freezer.

  • Can you please help me delay the Order #22045 to middle of June? I can't find any place to leave the note in checkout page. Thank you!

  • What’s your strongest/darkest option?

  • Got one. Thanks!

  • Thanks.. bought to try..

  • Great price, and a great blend. The last time I bought it was around July 2023.

    I am fully stocked up atm to benefit from this deal :) Is there a delayed shipping option or do I have to rely on AUPost? lol

    • just send us an email to [email protected]

      • Let me do so, thank you :)

        • Hey mate did you get delayed shipping in the end?

  • I really enjoy this coffee well worth the buy

  • Hey Bargain hunters, if you need us to delay your order just send us an email to [email protected] and put your name and order number and the date you need us to send it. we cant delay past a month sorry. happy shopping.

  • espresso only?

    • I use it as a v60 every day

  • Ordered the 500gm for $30 instead of 1kg for $35

    Anyway I can cancel and re order?


  • How does this compare to Aldi dark roast?

  • Ordered.
    Whats the best ratio was aeropress? I've been using 18gm with 90gms of water for 3min before extracting for Airjo enterprise beans.. Similar?

  • they just had a price increase but their stuff is good. good to see a new deal!

  • How does this compare to ALDI seeing it's double the price?

    • This will be freshly roasted so at least 10 times better. Give it a go.

      • ALDI also fresh roasted in Melbourne, I buy it about 2 weeks past roasting date, does it make that much of a difference?

  • Frequent buyer of Airjo, Inglewood, Grinders, Campos.

    Just purchased so will report back.

  • I tried their Old School blend earlier this year for espresso based milk. Was bloody great. Would be on this for sure if I wasn’t already loaded up.

  • Wow. Thanks! Can’t go past this with all these great comments. Look forward to trying it out!

  • Thanks. Which coffee in your range has lowest acidity. Been using Sacred grounds Breeze.

  • Thanks all. Grabbed a bag to try going off all the recommendations. I normally get the Bay Beans premium blend deal off here @ $50 for 2 kg with free delivery - but worth a try at this price and every now and then I like to try another brand to appreciate how good Bay Beans is for flavour and price. Cheers

  • Airjo samatra user here, any comparison?

  • @OP, Possible to discount the 500g as well?

  • Ordered and emailed about delayed shipping!

    Haven't jumped on any of the $30+ deals for a while … don't mind Airjo but not enough over Aldi for the price since the rises :(
    Convinced to have a go at this one with the focus on the chocolate part lol.

    • So much for emailing about a delayed order. I got a tracking number email from AusPost and expected delivery date anyway.

      • Send me an email with your order number mate and i'll make it right for ya! info@kaicoffee. we did recieve a lot of requests for delay and perhaps we missed yours. I'm happy to resend another bag if we messed up. Thanks for your patience.

  • How long does it normally take to process orders?

    • I ordered on Saturday. Arrived today. Hope that helps.

  • -2

    Received it. Am I the only one who thinks it tastes bad? There's not even a date on the packaging. I won't buy it again.

    • I re-checked the back, date 27.05, blurry black. It was the same day as the date I placed the order.
      But regarding the beans' state, this is not the time it was made.
      Lime Blue ,Airjo ,Inglewood,I have bought them all, they are better than Kai's beans

    • Hey mate, sorry you didn't like it. You guys wanted fresh so that's straight out of the roaster. For espresso we reccomend resting the beans for 10 days without opening. That opens a whole new world of flavour. There is a date stamped on the sealed back. take a look the back, top, left of the bag. Hope that helps.

  • Mine came today. It is stamped with 28.05 on the back so I'll be waiting several days before opening it

    • +1

      That's great news! and yes, please wait 10 days for espresso. The Comment above is unfortunate as there are no professional baristas i know of, or roasters that reccomend using two day old coffee as espresso….

      • Perfect, I will open it on the 7th

  • +1

    Thanks everyone who jumped on the sale! Hope you enjoy the beans. As discussed in a few comments above please rest the coffee 10 days from roast date if you are using it for espresso. This is industry standard and I really want you to get the best out of the bean. If there's any issues with delivery, delayed shipping etc please feel free to email us at [email protected] Happy drinking!

    • Thanks for the beans. I’m enjoying a cup currently and more importantly the missus enjoys the beans too. Looking forward to the next sale!

  • +1

    Received my yesterday, despite sending an email last Friday with my order number (to the email that OP provided above) asking for it to be dispatched at the end of this week …..

    So not sure you guys read your emails ?

      • yep agreed

        this will be my first & last purchase from these guys

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