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Netflix Basic Plan INR₹199 (~A$3.68), Premium INR₹649 (~A$11.50) @ Netflix India (VPN to India Required)


My Turkey subscription broke when my CC expired previously so I have been holding off on buying till now.

I managed to get it to work with Nord via India.

The process is:

  • Wait for your plan to cancel (I don't know if it will work on existing plans)
  • Stay OFF the VPN
  • Sign in to netflix.com
  • Connect to the VPN
  • Go to the renewal page
  • Subscribe to India prices.
  • Mobile Plan ₹149 (~A$ 2.75)
  • Basic Plan ₹199 (~A$ 3.68)
  • Standard Plan ₹499 (~A$ 9.22)
  • Premium Plan ₹649 (~A$ 11.50)

I've had my plan back on for about two weeks now and it seems to be working.

I'm sure I'll need to update this post with other info as you all comment and tell me everything I didn't know or factor into this.

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  • +6

    Didnt they kill all vpn subscriptions ?

    • +5

      They did have a big cull where they cancelled all VPN subscriptions but it seems signing up via VPN works again.

    • +4

      It started working again after that mass cancellation event. I have an active Nigerian subscription. They’ve just taken the money out for 3rd month. 5000NGN($5.34) for 4K Netflix.

      • +1

        I have an active Nigerian sub too - 4 months - signed up via vpn - watched a few movies via vpn for first 30 days then disconnected VPN and watching normally now - another mate who did the same but shared the id with his brother got disconnected next day after sharing YMMV

        • Which bank card did you used? I used Coles and was able to get sub but then today rather than getting renewed, sub got cancelled.

    • You could keep it going with gift cards. I did that for a few months and have now changed it back to cc and will see what happens

  • with vpn do you get buffering/quality issues? Wouldnt a $6.99 plan with ad be better? The adverts are really only about 2 minutes per hours and some dont have any ads.

    • +16

      You only use the VPN to sign up to a plan at less than what it costs in Australia.. You don't need to continue to use it once you have signed up.. you just watch the service as you normally would, without a VPN.

      • -2

        that would risk cancellation from Netflix.. wouldnt it? I read somewhere that they now use a number of days mechanism and kill your sub after a set number of days. I have a with ad subscription as Netflix content is definitely not worth more than $7 a month haha. The ads are so few and small they dont really bother.

        • +17

          Once in a while watch on VPN to keep them relaxed.

          • @John Doh: lol yeah that'll do it

          • @John Doh: This is what I have done too, having one home TV (TVOS) connected to India VPN and open Netflix probably once a week (basically just loading up the profile selection and the home menu)

            On the same TV, using a Google TV via HDMI and just watch Netflix normally without VPN

        • +9

          So I have an indian netflix account. Have been using it for years he in Aus. I didnt sign up using vpn because I have an Indian bank acc. On top of that, one device is being used by my brother in India.. The only issue we sometimes face is Netflix saying the devices are not part of the same household.. which is easily resolved via otp in email.. you would not face this issue if all devices are connected to your home network.
          Which is how they detect this..

        • +3

          Then you mute the ads and check Ozbargain..

          • @beach bum: The ad will be finished by the time OzBargain page loads haha.

        • Have you tried an adblock and any luck?

          • @Bii: Nope sorry.. I have always used it on Tv only.

    • +1

      I could be wrong, but i believe you only sign up on the VPN then watch netflix off the VPN

      • You are correct

      • +7

        Yes, but after a while they cancel your account (and don't even refund your last payment). It happened to me.

        • Wouldn't you be able to do a card dispute as they haven't delivered the service?

          • +3

            @K1LL3R12: My service was cancelled about a week into the new billing cycle and I didn't receive a partial refund. I was able to dispute the charge and I got a full refund, but may not always be successful

    • +1

      Pihole work for this?

      • how would Pihole work for this? can you point Netflix to the country of the account? like a VPN?

    • I watched 3.5 hours of shows and got less than 2 minutes of ads. Mileage varies a LOT.

  • +5

    I signed up via India soon after they cancelled my Turkey sub but they cancelled that too and kept the month that I had paid for. How long has yours been going for?

    • +10

      Two weeks [Total Recall Meme goes here]

      I hope it stays because it's working great.

    • I have been using it since Feb 24. My bankwest works fine but every month Netflix fails to deduct money and ask me to put in the card details and card verification again. Yes it is a pain but it works.

    • +2

      Dispute that transaction. I got a full refund. Don't let Netflix win lol

    • +2

      Use gift cards. They never cancelled my Turkiye account with gcs

  • +35

    A good deal if you can get it to work, but I've now had both my Turkey and Kenya subs killed by Netflix mid-month, so not willing to risk an Indian one being cancelled early (and think $26 for the 4K plan is too much given that most Netflix content is now dross IMO).

    Stremio it is.

    • My Nigeria account still works

      • Me too. First month in VPN, then back to Australia without issue. If I get booted again I'll try the sign up and cancel immediately method that someone else is having success with. Can't complain for $5.

        • what's the sign up and cancel method?

          • +2

            @dealer453: Sign up to Nigeria and cancel immediately. Apparently they're not getting booted from already cancelled accounts and you keep it for the rest of the month. Can't cancel what's already cancelled maybe.

      • +2

        My Nigerian account just got cancelled after 4 months :(

        TBH nothing to watch on Netflix anyway.

      • Mine just got cancelled!

    • +12

      new to stremio. Just doing initial research. Is best practice currently Stremio + Real-Debrid?

      • +4

        Yup. Works flawlessly for 4K HDR Atmos rips here so far…

        • +1

          It's good but I wouldn't say flawlessly. Be ready to wait 1 minutes before each video starts even with a gigabit connection. Apart from this yes it's very good.

          • +2

            @ValouSydney: Takes max 10seconds for me and I'm not on a gigabit connection

            • +1

              @Ethan Bargain-Hunt: Yeh I’d agree, max 10s for me.

            • @Ethan Bargain-Hunt: It takes this time once you've already watched the video or someone in realdebrid within the same region have already have the links to stream it.
              Regardless its definitely not instant like Netflix.

              • +1

                @ValouSydney: Never said it was instant, but regardless that's how long it takes for every video I play whether I've played it before or not.

      • +10

        I set this up about three weeks ago and I'm kicking myself that I didn't do it sooner.
        I am not great with technology but followed a very user friendly guide on redit and it worked straight away.

        The Real-Debrid option makes this so much smoother and so much faster. You have access to virtually everything that is popular at the moment across all the networks. I was also recommended to add the Torrentio app to Stremio and Real-Debrid.

        No need for a VPN with Real Debrid either, and the RD subscription only works out at roughly $1 per week for each 6 month period.

        • +4

          +1 for this. Stremio+RD = GOD Tier!

        • Could you please share or PM me the reddit guide you used?

        • +1

          add cyberflix too

          • @Irishness: Yes - absolutely.
            I added this on a week later and find this to be much easier to use.

            Instructions in the link above

          • @Irishness: @Irishness: Can you (or anyone) recommend anything other than Cyberflix please? It seems to stuck with the same programs for Apple TV and fixated on others. Thanks

          • @Irishness: how do u setup cyberflix, it wont show the configuration page on my google tv .. any other way to set it up ?

            • @ravzter: has to be setup like most of the apps/addons in a non mobile environment like windows, just download the stremio file run it, log in, then go through the cyberflix setup again

        • so I can stream from multiple other streaming services through this single app?

        • any way to get stremio/RD working on Apple TV?

        • What is your internet speed and how many devices at a time?

      • +1

        Real-Debrid allows for cached streams from their servers rather than relying on P2P torrents. It’s worth the price. On Stremio/Torrentio cached streams appear as RD+ links.

        • +1

          The only issue is simultaneous streams are limited to same internet connection, so you will have to pay per household.

          It's still cheaper since you could get 3 DB subs for the average cost of a single basic subscription.
          It's just more about juggling and paying for 3 different accounts but beats jumping through the hoops of a non-Aus netflix sub.

      • +4

        https://stremio-addons.netlify.app/ is a site for stremio addons. If anyone is into live sport can use the MediaFusion | ElfHosted addon.
        Stremio is a game changer!

        • I've just added MediaFusion for NBA, Formula 1, and Football - havent figured out how to locate the media that it has enabled in the catalogue yet though

          • @isthisreallife22: Me neither did you figure it out?

          • @isthisreallife22: I figured it out! Go to discover Tab and click on movies drop down menu and scroll down to events. But this seems to be live events and channels, rather than cached replays like stremios main library.

      • +1

        Perhaps a stupid question but is Stremio + RD torrenting and therefore illegal if caught?

        • Only if caught…

        • +1

          Just clarifying that it’s not the torrenting part that makes it illegal. Bittorrent is just a method of transferring files, though often used for transferring files illegally as in this case.

    • They have killed my Kenyan subscription a few times now. They wanted a Kenyan phone number verification when signing back up again this time, I used the pingme app for that no issues.

    • +1

      Sounds like a lot of headaches, why not just get real-debrid. The setup is a bit of a pain, but once it's done smooth sailing.

      • +2

        Lol when I recommended real debrid on Ozbargain before I got flamed hard because people were like 'I'm not paying to pirate content'

        • +3

          Real pirates only pay the Iron price.

  • Do you need VPN to play back or only for sign up?

    NVM, just saw the post above.

  • +1

    how do you pay? Do they accept an AU credit card?

  • +3

    My turkey sub is still going but it now gives the not in the household detection that it never used to have. I mainly just keep it for my parents so I changed the home network to their house but sometimes my kids want to watch something on there and the “I’m travelling” only works for so long

    • +1

      Same here. Turkey sub still working but getting household change messages but still works.

      • same here. is there any fix for it?

  • From what I understand, after signing up you are region locked for 2 weeks (i.e. don't watch, or don't watch without VPN) then after 2 weeks it's open?
    Had my turkey sub killed so haven't resubscribed

    • +3

      RIP turkey sub 🥖.

      • +3

        Eat fresh

  • 2 weeks is a short timespan to preach this. Im hoping this works for good even after a month.

  • +15

    But I've already found cheaper methods of old, sorry Netflix

    • +5

      Shiver me timbers!

    • Is it one of the rules of fight club?

  • I have been using VPN to India and been going good so far it’s my 2nd Month now

    • hi which VPN do you use? and are you able to use it on mobile and cast it to TV?

      • I am using both HMA and surfshark to test them both surfshark has better speed and only been watching on my Tv not sharing with anyone just playing it safe 👍🏽

  • +1

    $11.50pm in India. Prices sure have moved up. Given the risk of cancellation again, may be less effort to just share an AU account with 1-2 friends/fam pitching in. same cost or less at the end.

    • Can't share Aussie plans now, can we?

      • can. doing so (same login, different profiles for each user). But have experienced issues when exceeding 3 parties.

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