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TP Link Tapo C420s2 X2 Wireless Battery 2k Cameras with Hub $199 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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TP-Link Tapo Smart Security WiFi Camera, Wireless, 2K QHD, 4MP, Colour Night Vision, Smart AI Detection and Notification, Light and Sound Alarm, Local Storage, IP65, Hub Included (Tapo C420S2)

About this item

2K QHD-Now with 17 times more pixels than 1080p, providing clearer videos and photos
180-Day Battery Life-The rechargeable and removable battery with a low-power protocol extend your usage
Full-Colour Night Vision-Reveal high-fidelity details and colour at night with the starlight sensor
Smart AI Detection and Notification-Smart AI identify people, pets, and cars, notifying users as needed
TP-Link - World's No 1 Provider of WLAN Products within last 13 years Leading support - Industry leading 1-year warranty and 24/7 technical support

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  • +8

    JB $179.10 after 10% off.
    Thinking of getting it But not sure if the cameras are good

    • +5

      They're good! I've got about 6 around my house and they're solid

      • +1

        Reading this I thought this hub only supports 4 cameras? If you're using 6 cameras, does that mean you're having to use more than one hub?

        • +1

          Yes i have 2 hubs. Actually that is the ONLY thing I don't like about these though it makes no difference in terms of usage anyway. It just makes me wonder why you need a hub when their other cameras just connect via wifi and have microsd card slots for storage. Not sure why a hub is necessary for these.

          • @jay889344: Can the hub take care of the microsd storage? So if the camera itself was stolen you would still have the footage stored inside the house?

            • @rt1111: Yeah so from what I understand, the MicroSD card I put inside the hub stores the recordings from all the cameras connected to that hub.

              On the other hand, I also have some Tapo C210 cameras inside and those have individual MicroSD card slots in them so its 1 memory card per camera.

      • how long does the battery last and how do you replace the battery or..???

        • About 6 months. No you don't replace it. You take the back cover off and there is a microusb charging slot in the battery. You just plug it in and recharge it

    • Got the 4 camera version (c420s4), can confirm the performance at day and night both are good with good detection. Have not used any other cameras, so can't give a comparison.

    • The thing with these battery cameras - lets say an incident happened in the street at 3am and I want to review the footage in the morning. I don't think I'd be able to "rewind" back and look at 3am since these are event driven only? (correct me if I'm wrong).

      So I'm thinking it's probably better to get wired tapo cameras that I can have 24/7 recording on…

      • -4

        Both event-driven and 24/7 recording are available.

        • +1

          Not on the battery cameras. Would chew through the battery in a few hours so it isnt an available function. I have the C400s.

          But if the camera can see the 3am motion it will record it with event detection anyway

          • @alex-t: Can the cameras be plugged into power 24/7 (with or without batteries inserted)?

            • @MerlinKlendatu: No but Tapo has cheaper wired outdoor options for that purpose

            • @MerlinKlendatu: | Can the cameras be plugged into power 24/7

              I think TP-Link has a solar charger? Also, I think it should be possible to use a usb charger anyway?

              But regardless, the firmware does not like continuous recording on these models.

      • -3

        I don’t have these exact cameras but i am sure you can use the recording schedule for 7 days. So what i do is continues recording between 10pm to 7am and then it’s detection only.For my kids room I have different setup and for my backyard/front I have intrusion or line detection as well. So many different detection options are available. Person, vehicle, baby crying, camera obstruction etc to name a few. I have tp link for like 6 years and still working great. I actually have indoors cameras mounted outside and never had any issues lol. It’s under cover of course but yeah it works fine. I needed tracking ones so just installed it outside. Thanks

      • What event would you imagine would happen without movement occurring though?

    • No stock within 200 kms from VIC metro

    • @bb_hunter hi how do you get an extra 10% ? thanks.

    • surprisingly not bad…happy meal style

    • These are pretty good.

    • This is the reply I got from JB… Just a heads up, we have a price match policy and not price beat here at JB, but depending on brand and model ill see if I can offer you a better deal.
      $196.50 would be my best price for these cameras.

      • +1

        Sign up for perks with a new email and got 189 with the 10$ coupon you get for perks signup.

    • 10% off how?

  • +3

    2K QHD-Now with 17 times more pixels than 1080p

    Somebody didn't pass math class.

    • +1

      Maths class?

      • +1


      • +6

        1080p = 1920 * 1080 = 2,073,699 pixels
        2K QHD = 2560 * 1440 = 3,686,400 pixels

        So, 3,686,400 ≠ 17 times more pixels than 2,073,699

        They probably meant 1.7 times more pixels, which would be correct but obviously not as impressive

    • +2

      Just shoddy copy paste job by Amazon. Official product page correctly says 1.7 times.

    • Maths

  • Can you connect more than 2 cameras to the hub?

  • How long does the battery last on one of these?

    • I've set mine to only record based on detection rules, on average, they last 5-6 months.

      • Just this morning, I set up 2 cameras. Can you please share the optimal settings for similar battery life? It's already showing 94%, charged yesterday.

    • Charge it quarterly and you'll be golden.

      • What sort of batteries are these? What can i use to charge them?

        • 18650 Li-Ion.
          Either a cable into the camera body itself, or if that failed, a hobby charger @ 0.5C would be fine.

  • +1

    Reading some reviews, and it sounds like motion detected recording only, and doesn't record 24/7?
    Understand that would smash the battery, but can it run on mains also? Assume not ONVIF?
    Already have a NVR with power & ethernet, just after a good quality camera to add.

    • I'm using 4 cameras and been over 6 months I guess.
      This is not 24/7 "continuous" recording but 24/7 motion detect (depends on schedule setting).
      Each battery on my cameras are still in good state, not replaced yet. I also bought spare battery just in case (to swap the battery to minimize downtime) but not yet used.
      The video quality is good and I'm happy with this. Using 128db SD card in the hub.

      But I guess Eufy cameras are also considerable as it supports HDD local storage in their newest model.

      Anyway, the good thing about this Tapo cameras, they have micro usb port on the back so you can also do some wiring for continuous supply of power if needed. (either solar or wire)

      • Anyone tried continuous power supply 24/7?

      • How is the detection alert to your phone? Do you encounter significant delays when you are away from home i.e. on data network instead of home WiFi?

        • Can't tell if there is a delay or not as cannot check in a real time for comparison for any moving object.

          • @Dalgona456: I mean you could stand in front of the camera and watch on your phone…

            • @Buyingcrap: ah yeah. I did that when I was installing them lol
              yeah there is a delay on both 4g/5g and home wifi, for about 2 seconds or maybe less. When I come home at night, as soon as my car drives in
              I get a notification almost straightway. However to watch the recorded video it takes time for the clip to be available. maybe 10 seconds or less.
              Thing is that when you get notified, just go to the app and open the camera for live view. The live view come up really fast (when compare with Arlo).

  • Are these ok compare to Eufy considering the price?

  • +2

    Seems like these are local storage, with option for a subscription-based service. Not sure how cost effective subscription plans are

    • +1

      The storage is kept on the hub, not the camera and can be accessed remotely via the app so I haven't bothered subscribing.

  • I've watched a review that if someone steals one of these cameras and destroys or resets it/them, you lose access to that camera's recordings. Even when you view your sd card via a PC for eg. Same fatal flaw with Eufy cameras. Be aware of this before buying. I'm pretty sure both companies know about this flaw from their complaints but still no resolution.

    • The review I watched the guy was able to access the videos via sdcard plugged into PC after camera theft/reset. There was no encryption.

    • +1

      The cameras record to a hub H200 with a micro sd. Some other models may have local storage on the camera itself but not these. You can still access files from the app through the hub if your cameras are down for any reason.

  • are these weatherproof? Can be used externally? Never mind. Just saw they are IP65

  • Does it support HomeKit ?

  • +1

    Cant add to cart. Must be OOS
    Edit: bought from Jbhifi with my perks members code. $187 delivered.

  • Yup OOS damn

  • +12

    If I install these cameras, will my neighbour’s wife ask me to remove them?

  • Thanks. Got a set from JB with perks 10%.

  • For those that don't have JB perks (10% off today) you can get Bunnings to price beat and get 10% off the JB price of $199….

  • +1

    do you know if you can buy (either official or third party) magnetic base for these so can just sit them on something metal without having to drill holes etc. I know the c425 comes with a magnetic base but it's way more expensive!

  • Thanks, got from JB for $179 delivered with perks and Amex.

  • If I get two of these 2 packs I can basically have 4 cameras and sell a spare hub?
    Or are these cameras linked to their own packed hub?

  • +1

    These are an old model and the current model is https://www.tp-link.com/au/home-networking/cloud-camera/tapo…

    I have 3 of these and about 10 other Tapo cameras around the house and they are solid for the price point

    Chuck an UPS for your internet connection as recently the break ins around here, they have turned off the power so the NBN/internet/cameras then no longer work….

    • Magnetic so they are even easier to steal?

      • I bought a set of these so my next challenge is figuring a spot where they are out of reach but still easily accessible to change the battery every few months…

        • Adding a plug in solar panel means that you don't need to.

          • @Mnke: Any good solar panels?

          • @Mnke: yeah will probably do that after i see how troublesome battery changes are

            Edit: oh damn, $46 for two is good - but waterproofing of the camera will be comprised, right?

    • I’m a little concerned when the newer models are magnetically attached with onboard recording. Seems perfect for thieves, i.e., got the unit quicker without leaving footage. But thanks for sharing the info and your experience.

  • Cheers, grabbed a pair.

  • -3

    H.264 only ouch!

    • How is that a factor?

    • Thats not bad at all; its a very efficient codec.
      You don't want H265 because of the low light banding artefacts, and its assumed you'll record at night (nothing has the CPU to do 10bit to avoid that yet); and AV1 isn't on much at all yet!

      Consider the usual 16mbps for 2k@60.
      Correct for the usual 15fps of video cameras ( 60fps/4 == 16Mb/4) = 4Mbps
      These cameras are known for using a low bitrate, so I'd halve that again to 2Mbps as more likely… (their 1080p models were sub 1Mb)
      8Bits to a Byte, so thats 256Kb per second; which would be over 15 minutes of events on a 256GB card.
      A quarter hour is a lot of 'hanging out' time for a burglar to be chilling in front of a camera, haha.

      The bigger concern is this lines historically low bitrate; and is a valid reason for pause on the purchase.
      Amazing sensor, great price, but if theres no bitrate to back it, it's hamstrung.
      Anyone have this already who could drop a recording into VLC or MediaInfo and check the bitrate please?

  • Grabbed a pair + delivery. Nearest store is more than 200km away from me :(

  • Thiefs using wifi jammers nowadays, what would people get that can't be jammed over wireless or 4g ?

  • Thanks,

    got some with the 10% off today. :)

  • OOS

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