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Mega Fonts Bundle (158 Premium Fonts) - Free (Valued US$1830) @ Creative Fabrica


Get the Mega Fonts Bundle for FREE, worth $1830! This bundle includes 158 stunning fonts for all your projects. It comes with a commercial license, letting you create without limits. Don’t miss out on this amazing offer, download it now!

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  • Dammit not again 3 from 3 🤦‍♂️

    • ?

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        Obviously paid $1830 yesterday 😉

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          Haha now I’m picking up what you’re putting down 😅

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    with over 150 extra fonts on top of the fonts already on your computer … how are you supposed to be able to pick a font easily? lol

    too much choice!

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    For those who want to install it fast, type .otf in the extracted zip, select them all, right click and then install! Saves you clicking each one haha

    • Use fontbase

  • The Big Cute Fonts Bundle is also free.

    I keep downloading these, but I haven't unzipped any of them ;-(

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    $1830USD worth huh? Really?

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      commercial license

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    I already have comic sans, what more do I need?

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    Just be careful using these fonts if you're taking it to a business to get it printed. If they dont have the font on their software, it will revert to whatever default font they have.

    Found that out the hard way printing a PhD back in the day.

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      You can embed the fonts in a pdf

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