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UEFA Champions League Final Live & Free on TV @ 9Go


Put away your VPN's Channel 9 is showing the UEFA Champions League Final on Go.
Thanks to https://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/178615
Start time is 4.15am.
Kickoff 5.00am

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  • Great thanks!

  • Fantastic! Thanks.

  • +1


  • -4

    Madrid 3-0 Dortmund
    Over 2.5

    • -1

      lol, over 2.5??? Obviously if you’re going with a 3-0 victory.

      People like you shouldn’t gamble

      • +15

        No one should gamble. Don’t act smart.

    • +3

      Damn bro better luck next time

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    Start time is 4:15 am AEST (kickoff 5:00 am AEST).

  • Nice thanks !

  • +1

    Tomorrow morning for anyone wondering.

    • +5

      If they don’t already know that, they are not waking up at 5 on a Sunday to watch it :)

  • Thanks OP, just reset my password for LiveScore app for this lol

  • +7

    Watch out with these Muppets at ch9. They'll probably get bored and turn it off half way through!

    • +14

      "BREAKING NEWS from the NRL, the Parramatta leagues club has just installed new carpets. We bring you live pictures."

  • Ad every goal? Id like that

    • Or every time the ball goes out of play

  • Hopefully Martin Tyler not commentating.

    Real Madrid have the players and the coach to win it. Dortmund heavy underdogs but they're a well organised unit that has come into form despite a huge injury list.

    • +4

      Ahh yes, why would you want the voice of football. Hopefully it's bosnich and slater

      • +2

        he's lost it, no passion

        • Fair play. Stopped watching a decade ago with the time difference.

      • +3

        Covering all the action will be host Max Rushden alongside Socceroos legends and expert commentators Mark Bosnich, and Craig Foster. Joining Foster live from London will be legendary football commentator Martin Tyler, for special guest comments throughout the broadcast


    • +2

      wtf? Martin Tyler is the best!

      • +4

        Yeah 20 years ago

      • Yeah not anymore, he was horrible on the World Cup coverage, he sounds half asleep

    • I think it will be Peter Drury, he did the Europa League final commentary for the Ch9 broadcast

    • He really should retire.

  • +10

    Jordan Sancho left united to play in the CL final 😂😂 he know which club is bigger

    • +2

      Don’t know why you got negged, +1 for me though ;)

      • +6

        Rattled United fans when they remembered they bottomed their ucl group by losing to Copenhagen 😂

        • -4

          …maybe rattled, but also lifted by the fact Onana has more goals than Messi this season!

    • +3

      Love the joke but Jordan? Ffs haha

      • +2

        I think Jordan Sancho is a better basketball player than Michael Jadon

        • Jordin Sparks is better with no air

  • +8

    Excellent! For those unaware, 9Go! started a HD channel in May, you can find it on channel number 99.

    • +2

      Thanks for this info! Retuned TV and got it. It's #88 in Newcastle.

  • +3

    Anyone know if they'll have this on demand post the match? Not all that keen on getting up at 5AM to see yet another Madrid title.

  • You'll get to see the best front line in the world though!

    Vinicius (23) - Bellingham (20) - Rodrygo (23)

    And for years to come!

    • Adding mbappe next season is wild

      • Yeah, if you thought Real are masters of counter attacks this year, next year will be another level.

    • Have to say they've bought young talent very well (as opposed to um Chelsea).
      The midfield with Camavinga (21), Tchouaméni (24) and Valverde (25) is also young and world class although Kroos will be a massive loss.

  • Thanks.

  • Glad i cancelled Stan!

  • +3

    Since Stan has had coverage of the European competitions, all finals have been on FTA.

  • Apparently only in standard definition though?

    • 9 Go is in HD where I live.

    • +3

      It's in HD on either channel 99 (capital cities) or 88 (other areas except Imparja/SCA affiliates)

  • -2

    Is this a PSA? Not having a dig or anything, but how is this a bargain? Do you normally have to pay to watch this?

  • Yes, UEFA Champions League is not FTA during the season.


  • Go Dortmund!!!

  • Blah, can't get the steam going. 9 sucks

  • +1

    Thanks, OP. I managed to get up for the second half and stream in 1080p on a projector screen I bought off Gumtree for $20 the other day! Pleasantly surprised that the 9Go coverage didn't butcher the broadcast by throwing in ads during play.

  • It looks phenomenal in 4K on Stan, far higher bitrates than Foxtel/Kayo is capable of.

    • Kayo 4k is 18mb/s. What is Stan's 4k bitrate?

      • -2

        Around four times that if I recall correctly, that's what was quoted to me. 1080p on Stan is close in appearance to Kayo's 4K etc.

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