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[Refurb] Dell Latitude 14" 5420 i7-1185G7 32GB RAM 512GB SSD Win 11 Pro FHD Touch Screen Laptop $579 Delivered @ MetroCom


Hi guys, I've been waiting for this deal since yesterday when an affiliate of metrocom commented there would be an 11th gen i7 laptop dropping today, and im quite impressed. pretty good cpu matched with a moderate amount of ram, also comes with Intel iris xe graphics. which isn't too bad at this price point, enjoy.

Condition: Good cosmetic condition, may have some scratches wear and marks. Battery Health 70% and above.

Intel Core i7-1185G7 (4 Core, 12 MB Cache, up to 4.8GHz)
Operating System
Windows 11 Pro 64(EN:English)
Hard Drive
1x 512GB SSD
Wireless Network
Intel Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 AX201 2×2 802.11ax 160MHz + Bluetooth 5.1
1 RJ-45 Ethernet port, 1 USB 3.2 Gen 1 port, 1 USB 3.2 Gen 1 port with PowerShare, 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports with DisplayPort Alt Mode/USB4/Power Delivery, 1 HDMI 2.0 port, 1 Universal audio port
Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics
14″ FHD (1920 x 1080) Anti-Glare Touch SLP

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    How heavy is it please?

    • +4

      Hi it's 1.4KG.

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    Thanks OP was going to post it ourselves.
    We just fixed the listing, it's a 14inch touch display not a 13.3.

    • no worries, i was very tempted to buy the previous Latitude 5300 deal, but when i read there was 11th gen i7 laptop deal coming today i couldn't help my self but wait, and im glad i did. this deal is very good. thank you guys.

      • +2

        Suppose he means that you need to update the description to say 14" instead of 13.3".

        • i just picked that up, thanks. i just edited the post

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    What is the battery like?

    • +5

      well seeing that there all refurbs its luck of the draw, but they do specify its 70% and above.

      • Thanks, bought one.

  • Any 15.6" FHD laptops available?

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    USB C powered or separate power supply like the G7?

    • +1

      Hi USB C Powered.

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    If this can be put on ebay and then we have 22% refub plus member promo code, awesome!

    • +2

      its priced at $649 on ebay so even with the $50 off with code HGT120 it still doesn't beat $579.

      • Yeah i mean 579 as well in ebay before any disc

        • +9

          Do you understand ebay take 20% and generally go halves in the discount saved per coupon

  • From memory the Latitude laptops come with 3 years warranty? So these could possibly still be within warranty?

    • +1

      Yes manufacture warranty ends in Sept 2024!

      • So you could possibly get that intermittent battery issue replaced 😉

        • +6

          Laptop battery warranty is usually 12 months

      • +2

        Where were these laptops used before? government?

  • Good deal

  • Is the rrp over 2k when it was released?

    • +19

      That’s quite a list of features. I’m sold.

    • +3

      once my order arrives ill give you an update, also its 3 months warranty.

    • +12

      We bought a stack of these for work. The biggest flaw is the underside of the case scratches easily. Beyond that it's physically fine: Had a couple with faulty batteries, one with a faulty touchscreen, one person with nails who wore down the visible text on the keycaps, and somebody who ran theirs over with a car. Otherwise they're a middle of the road solid laptop, for 11th gen and 32gb ram it's a good deal.

      • +10

        You deal with an interesting bunch at work.

      • +34

        they're a middle of the road solid laptop

        somebody who ran theirs over with a car

        Ah, you can see why.

  • Can I get someone to confirm - I’m looking at the original specifications document and there are five display options and only two include touch screens: which are =< 300 nits - quite dull for a modern standard

    Otherwise I would be tempted to try and cancel the $630 8GB XPS 13 (7390) i5 I just ordered through a nonprofit

    E: the big plus to my nonprofit is that it’s sold as an A-grade computer which has min 80% and I have often gotten >90% battery and sometimes brand new from them before

    Other comparisons (edited x5) +being for Latitude 5420 and -being worse than XPS 7390
    -Speakers on the bottom (vs front of side for XPS 7390)
    +Xe Graphics
    +WiFi 6
    +Ethernet port
    +Four total USB ports vs three
    -Two USB-C ports vs three
    Dual sides for charging (massive minus for XPS 7390 is it only charges from the left - but also has charging indicator bar leds and a charger with a light-up usb connector) (Edit: I was looking at the wrong XPS, this one has 2-way power delivery in its one non-Thunderbolt USB-C port unlike a different XPS 13)
    +Upgradable RAM to 64 GB (honestly around 12GB is enough for me for a decade as I run linux)


    • +1

      Other comparisons [(+)being for Latitude 5420 and (-)being worse than XPS 13 7390]
      (-)Current biggest downside is the 300 nit display on the touch vs XPS 13's 400nit
      (-)Speakers on the bottom (vs front of side for XPS 7390)
      (+) 1.5mm travel with rubber keys > XPS 1.3mm travel PBT
      (+)PLUS (-) Xe Graphics
      (-)Big MINUS: half(-)sized up/down arrow keys. I honestly don't know how people tolerate these. Only some dells and lenovo's thinkpad line seem to prioritise this in small laptops.
      (+)WiFi 6
      (+)Ethernet port
      (+)Four total USB ports vs three
      (-)Two USB(-)C ports vs three
      (+)Fractionally bigger touchpad (10mm wider)
      (+)Upgradable RAM to 64 GB (honestly around 12GB is enough for me for a decade as I run linux)
      (N) +14">13": -Heavier (vs 1.23kg) For my use case I would rather a bigger screen, but low weight essential

    • +3

      If I recall correctly ram is soldered on xps. Which is a big limitation. 8GB is not enough.

      • You are correct, but 8GB is enormous for my usecase. I don't use windows and I don't use Chrome. My server has 16GB and and I never shut it down and it rarely passes 8GB of usage and memory intensive tasks can be offloaded to the server

        Currently I use a 4GB resurrected chromebook (running debian) for my light note-taking machine. I get future proofing and 16GB was what I was looking for, but for sub $650 the XPS will be hard to beat

  • @MetroCom, just ordered the laptop. Would I be able to get the battery replaced within warranty from manufacturer with your invoice?

    • +3

      Unlikely - Dell only warranties the battery for 12 months after purchase.

      The only exception is if the 3 year battery warranty upgrade was purchased with the laptop, which is also unlikely.

  • +1

    Slightly ooo, can i hook up eGPU (with rtx 3050 or similar) on the thunderbold ports to connect 4 separate monitors? I mean if this laptop can handle the heavy duty like this. Not for gaming but productivity

  • +1

    Does anyone know how much a DIY battery replacement would cost — and if there’s a “safe” cheap option (reliable & performant third party brands)

    • +5

      Dell sells replacement OEM battery for this mode for ~$100. Purchased 5 batteries last week from them for the same model (work laptops) for $97.16 each.

      • Thanks this is very helpful to know.

      • Tried to search in Dell AU site, cannot seem to find it. Can you share the link? Thanks in advance!

  • @MetroCom I guess I should ask: do you offer any registered Non-profit discount?

  • With 70% battery, how many hours are we talking?

    • -1

      How long is 70% of a piece of string?

      • Its not that linear. Older batteries discharge much faster. With a original battery if a laptop lasted 10 hours, with 70% battery maybe 4 hours to 5 hours- just guesstimating.

    • +3

      Relevant, it seems there are four different battery options available (pg19):


      42 and 63Wh - but I suspect the i7 and 42Wh are never in the same configuration. 42Wh at 70% is pretty junk imo

  • +12

    The problem is… I don't need it

    • +4

      But you want it, yes.

  • +1

    Best I've used is 8th generation i5. So if I upgrade to this i7 and generation 11, what sort of change I will be expecting?

    In general relatively happy with my i5.

    • +1

      This might be a contraversial opinion: if you're generally happy with an i5, don't upgrade to a CPU with a higher powerdraw as you'll effectively just be increasing demand for battery

      That said this one's Xe graphics should blow any Gen 8 out of the ground

      • +1

        Not quite. Laptops with higher IPC would mean that it can complete task faster, so allowing for the CPU to go back to idle quicker. So this laptop will save more battery purely for it being a 10th gen Intel.

        That being said, 8th gens are still very capable, so if there's no need to upgrade it's fine to stick with it. These laptops will drop further in price in a few years.

        • I did consider that, but figured the baseline clock speed is likely higher. I guess thermals are a more common gap

          • @freedomj: This one is newer arch and newer node as well and has hardware level video decoding. Which means playing youtube etc will cause much lower battery drain. Also that increased single and multicore performance will make it a bit more snappier for websurfing, opening apps etc.

        • I’m assuming the impact is fairly small, but is there a possibility that the improved graphics would increase power draw for simple window management / basic browsing and office tasks?

          I think again it would cancel out by recovering faster from slowdowns and more efficient media decoding etc.

          • +1

            @freedomj: The improved graphics will lower power draw, not the other way around.

            Higher tdp matters in things like games, where the game will suck as many power as you're willing to give it so that it'll push as many frames as it could.

    • +1

      CPU - not much. The uarch didn't change all that much until 12th gen.

      However, this laptop would contain a significantly better iGPU. Still not anything you'd game on, mind. The biggest single difference is it can do AV1 decode in hardware, but you'll also get faster rendering in other applications.

      • +2

        You're joking. Single core in this i7 is significantly faster than the i7 8th gen in this laptop series let alone the i7. Daily work is just faster all round.

      • +3

        Not really. 24% faster ST and 40% faster MT scores. Will be day and night difference when you load the CPU.


        • Fair enough, that's more than I'd thought, and I'd missed that this chip has a higher cTDP, which does allow for more raw performance. Oh, and there's that die shrink too.

          • @elusive: In my previous company they gave me a 1165G7 for software development. I was really pissed. 14" quad cores are not code compiling machines, none the less got the job done without high levels of frustruation.

            • @John Doh: Mine has had me on a 10th-gen laptop since they decided desktops aren't necessary (:(), but at this point I've given up and chucked everything I can onto build servers.

              But even down to that 8th-gen i5 is still perfectly fine if all you're doing is browsing the web - I hop between an i5-8365U and U7-155H on personal devices and you don't really notice a difference. But then I also have the luxury of a desktop for anything actually intensive, it'd be quite different if this was my only device.

              • @elusive: Ya agree does not matter if not loading the CPU.

              • @elusive: Work gave me a 13800H based Dell Precision 3581 laptop last year. Even though the fans spin up at the slightest whiff of CPU activity, it is a compiling beast. Intel laptops are not so bad for heavy development these days.

    • Thanks a lot. Great insight. Looks like if happy with i5 8th generation, there is no strong benefit as such. I guess this would be good when it is sub $400 (if that ever happens :))

  • hi everyone I was just wondering if this processor was very good to use for hardware transcoding for a Plex server?

    • Should be fine

  • +8

    for a couple of hundred bucks more you can a new ryzen with twice the cpu power and half the power consumption

    half the ram though but 16gb is fine tbh

    • +1


    • Could you pls link that? thanks

    • I got the Lenovo ThinkBook 14S 14in FHD i7-1165G7 8GB 256GB for $650, NEW.

      Not sure if the RAM can be upgraded?
      32GB RAM is nice, but usually 16GB is sufficient for a laptop.

      • With W11 getting more bloated by the day and MS Teams I am starting to concede perhaps we need 32GB even for day to day use.

        Speaking on experience of my work laptop.

        • +1

          I have Teams running on 8GB mini work PC, along with VDI and Outlook.
          Works OK.

        • honestly 16gb is more than enough

          if it isn't then that's definitely a exception for a general user, you're doing something that requires more - 16gb is not going to adequate for 100% of users - but neither is 32gb

          if you're a gamer allocating 8gb of RAM to video for the IGPU then thats a user error issue, no need to allocate more than 512mb, the operating system/hardware will automatically allocate GPU memory on demand, cutting your ram is half just to reserve it for GPU is just ignorance of modern computing

    • link?

    • +1

      Twice the CPU power? It's using old Zen 2 cores.
      In terms of performance, the i7-1185G7 is about the same, if not slightly better.

  • The previous intel nuc 12700H for approx 6xx was a very good deal. Would make a fantastic machine for less than 900 if size wasnt the concern.

  • +1

    The keyboards on these are horrible, much worse than the keyboards on the old black latitudes.

    • Is it that bad? Was about to buy…

      • +1

        "Horrible" might be too strong, it's usable, but if you are used to thinkpad or old latitude keyboards you won't be happy with it

    • I have 7430 the keyboard is horrible. I reckon 5420 will be the same. I have elitebook 840 G8 too the keyboard is day and night compare to this.

  • Can i run photoshop and lightroom and premier pro at the same time?

  • +1

    Family friend uses this for work.

    Just a FYI these will ramp up and will sound like a jet engine and they had to replace it a few times due to it not booting anymore. Plus it gets really warm near the exhaust fan which extends to the left hand side of the keyboard from caps to around the d key

    • +4

      Dell used horrible thermal compound (hardened, very thick paste) on some of one's I've checked at work. Replacing it with some arctic silver reduced operating temps by ~20c.

      Before change cores would hit 100c under load and ~65-75c browsing, after change the cores ran ~75-85c under load, and ~45-55 under normal browsing.

    • Thermal and fan issues should be less under Linux yeah? Never had fans kick up more under Gnu/Linux than windows

    • Same experience with my work laptop too.

  • I was upgrading from Latitude e7270 to this 5420 i5 version.
    Build quality is definitely inferior to e7270, but by no means bad at all. It's still quite solid and does the job.

    Dell released drivers cause lots of bluescreens problems, and I have to download directly from intel to fix the issue. Can't tell which driver fix it, as I update almost all drivers and the bluescreens issue stopped.

    Fan can be quite loud when under heavy load, but otherwise you barely notice it, and I agree with the other comment regarding the heat on the left side of the laptop. That's where the exhaust fan and the charging port is.

  • Holy shit that's cheap

  • +1

    Can the rep confirm if these are the 42 WHr or 63 WHr battery ?

  • How is the return policy for this?

    Reebelo offers more options to choose with 1 year warranty and 14 days return and 80% battery. Their 16GB ram 256Gb is the same price if that fits your case.

  • hi @MetroCom can you please advise which display panel is present on this unit? according to the Dell specifications there are several options, only 2 out of 5 listed are 100% sRGB


  • +5

    Hi a bit more info
    4 Cell 63Whr
    Screen 14" FHD (1920x1080) Touch, Ant i-Glare, 300nits but can't find out is 72 or 100% sRGB.

    We notice some of them manufacture warranty expired in April so the manufacture warranty may vary.

  • +2

    Very similar deal, display config not confirmed: 70% min battery life:


    $594.15 ($580.17 eBay+) Shipped

  • Will this be able to run after effects ok?

  • +1

    This is tempting just as extra compute for a home lab.

    The 32GB RAM and i7 will be pretty decent for a Proxmox node, and laptops have the advantage of acting as their own UPS (until the battery dies, anyway). Plus, the power consumption is usually pretty decent on mobile gear, which is exactly what you want when running 24/7 in a home environment.

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