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Trojan 300mm Heavy Duty Hack Saw $5.00 + Delivery ($0 C&C/in-Store/OnePass) @ Bunnings Warehouse


Nice price drop on this saw that was posted as a deal in January for double the price https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/829079

Standard 300mm Length
Lightweight Aluminium & Steel Frame
Easy to Adjust Tensioner
Lifetime Warranty
The Trojan Heavy Duty Hacksaw is Ideal for cutting soft metals & PVC Pipes. Compatible with all standard 300mm Hacksaw blades, it comes equipped with a 24TPI blade that can be fitted at either 90 or 45 degrees. Featuring an easy to adjust tensioner and a lightweight Aluminium & Steel frame, the Trojan Heavy Duty Hacksaw is perfect for DIY projects and construction use.

Credit to pricehipster

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    Good price, but they debited my account twice
    So that’s something

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    Damn I was at Bunnings today and wanted to buy one but my Mrs said “no we don’t need it because you already have 2 others”

    • +73

      Amateur hour taking your partner to Bunnings

    • +9

      Denied by the financial controller, I feel your pain.

      • Letting your wife control the purse strings…massive oooff.

    • +22

      Female logic ,
      I mean what happens when one’s broken and the neighbour borrowed the other and handcuffed to something big heavy and immovable,
      And the cops are coming and you better start running.
      Did she think of that ,
      no .

    • +11

      Walter what are you doing on that junk bargain site again!

    • +7

      So, she said "you already have 2"??

      Tell her about this when she goes shopping for bags, or shoes, or ear rings, or rings, or……..

      Also, get a divorce lawyer. Lol

    • +1

      You should have said if she lets you get the hacksaw you’ll get her some chips on the way home.

    • Ha! ha!, keep an eye on makeup purchase!

      • The Botox is what I should keen an eye on tbh

    • Did you tell her that's not the ozbargain way?

      • She knows I love a deal

    • You can tell her the same with her shoes and bags please. What's $5 compare to those items?

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    Got one..Thanks Op.

  • +3

    I can still remember the day I was an apprentice and was asked to go get a hacksaw. I had no idea what I was looking for, and they never let me forget either 🤣

    • +7

      Sounds like you couldn't hack it?

      • +3

        I hacked it all day long after that

    • Common joke they play on all apprentices

      • +10

        asking them to go and get an actual thing that is in the toolbox?

    • Good story Hacksaw Boy

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    $4.75 with PowerPass btw :-P thanks OP, grabbed one.

    • +3

      Same. Saved 25c

    • +3

      real OzBargain spirit, right there

    • Can you use power pass + onepass for delivery?

      • No :(

      • +1

        you only only get flybuys

  • +3

    I want to play a game..

  • Great price! I've got this exact one and no issues for my basic needs (of cutting cable conduits).

  • +1

    Thanks OP, grabbed that and a wrecking bar for $6.98.

    • +1

      Don't mind Trojan quality. Picked up a staple gun for $2 a few months ago

    • +1

      I came in like a wrecking bar….

  • -1

    Can I make a horse from this?
    A Trojan horse? 🐴

  • +6

    Is this brushless?

  • Might be a stupid quesiton but is my powered multi-tool just as good for cutting PVC pipe?

    • Yes I use my oscillating tool.

    • Well, forgot I’d bought that already aha

  • Just being the 100th +

  • Smelling my $5 back.

  • +3

    These handcuffs are made with a high tensile steel, if you're lucky this hacksaw could get through them in about ten minutes.

    Now if you're fast, you might get through your ankle in 5….

  • Thanks OP…. got one… didn't know i needed one till now. Lol

  • +1

    Would this be suitable for a 105kg …. chicken?
    Needs to be able to fit it into a … tupperware.

    Asking for a friend.

    • +1

      Did you want to soak the chicken in "vinegar" afterwards

    • +1

      I did a course on Forensic investigation.

      Analysis of dismembered bones show that people who start with a hand saw may switch to a powered one about a quarter of the way through. You can tell what kind of blade by examining the edges. False starts are common.

      So, uh, the more you know (but wish you didn't).

  • I know this is cheap, but what's the RRP on this?
    And, is there a website that shows you the history of Bunnings prices, the way camelcamelcamel does?

    • +1

      Never mind. Found Price Hipster and answered my own question.

  • Bought one and used for a couple of hours on a small project. Very sturdy and well built. Handle is quite comfy as well.

  • ordered it for delivery using one pass, just logged into Bunnings website and my order is cancelled there - no communication though! I thought Bunnings is better than Kmart!

    • same,Refunded without contact

  • Got one,
    or I got the ten dollar version for $5 because they couldn’t be bothered to go and unload the pallet of them .

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    Dam i brought one a just over a month ago, wonder if i can get the price protection on this.

  • +1

    gift for donald sorted …

  • +1

    If you bought the recip saw the other day, just get a metal cutting blade for it. So much easier.

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