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1kg Aussie Certified Organic Honey Roasted Macadamias $39 Delivered @ Nom Nuts


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Enjoy an entire kilogram of Organic Honey Roasted Macadamias for $39 delivered. A saving of $25!

Hurry, valid only while stock lasts.

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    How to store your nuts
    We recommend a temperature between 3-5°C.

    • Hurry, valid only while stock lasts.

    • they forgot to mention below body temperature

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      It would be nuts to think carb from nuts is the same as carb from bread

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        carbs are carbs

        most of these are from the honey too…

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          Yeah nah not all carbs are the same, the same way not all salt the same

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            Yeah nah not all carbs are the same

            In this case, they are…

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    can get

    Market Lane Honey Macadamias | 350g
    $40.00 per 1kg

    at woolworths… not sure if its 'organic' though hehe

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      so that’s $1 more, no delivery and indeterminate organic status..? got it.

      • true, organic stuff is usually more expensive

    • Cab you share the link of Woolworths.. As when I searched in Woolworths site.. It's showing $19 for 400g..and says $47.5 for 1kg

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      Yeah buy from colesworth to save a dollar then when small business like this shut down, buy from colesworth for a marked up price because you have no other options.

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        true, better to support small business

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        Another option is Aldi and it's cheaper at $11.49 for 400 grams if you can find stock.

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      Cheaper here $37.4875/kg

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        Nah … Aldi is cheaper at $28.73 per kg but in 400 grams/pack.

        • But it's Organic

  • It says out of stock

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    $16 at Nuts About Life but currently unavailable

    • Not the same product. Nuts about Life honey roasted is $31.99 excluding delivery.

      • Their macadamias are all at over $30 normally but that maybe due to a mix of broken.

  • Sold out

  • Macadamias , i love DEEZ NUTZ!!!!!!!!!!

  • +7

    Everyone should have a macadamia tree in their backyard, they are easy to grow and a hardy little tree and produce So Many Nuts .

    Pecans are also on of my favourites , a wonderfully medium sized tree that’s fun to climb with super flexible branches , and also a big producer of nuts .

    • Gimme the seeds

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        Their called nuts , you put them in the dirt and add water .

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      I was keen for a tree after reading you can grow them, then read this -

      Height: A macadamia tree naturally grows 20m high and 10m wide over 30-40 years. If your garden can’t fit a tree that size, you can buy a ‘home’ variety that grows to 2-4m, or a dwarf tree that grows to 1-2m.

      Might have to get a home/dwarf one instead…

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        You also need frost free and over 1000mm pa rainfall. Which does suit a lot of areas but cuts out pretty much everyone who lives inland

        • Ok , maybe frost free when they are a seedling,
          but this is a tree where talking about ,
          the flowers maybe frost affected and therefore smaller yields.
          And water also , their not going to need as much once established.

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      everyone should have a backyard

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    Yea , most end up only getting to 8 - 10ft in people’s backyards but they sometimes can get bigger if you get lucky , but can be trimmed as required .
    A very sturdy timber super flexible and safe as houses around your home .
    They are also a native nut from the Sunshine Coast , just like me .

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    If you bushwalk you will see the native trees around the Sunshine and Cooloola Coast , they are a spindly little thing that you would barely notice mostly . Their are grafted trees that are commercial varieties that are obviously bigger and produce loads more nuts , that’s why they have a small power station in Gympie that runs by burning macadamia nut shells .

  • Well this hasn't happened. I was looking forward to macadamias being on par with peanuts.


  • Just plant your own tree and cut out all the middle men .

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