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20% off Storewide / 25% off with eBay Plus ($300 Discount Cap Per Transaction) @ Mobileciti eBay Store


Hey guys. Mobileciti’s 25th birthday celebrations kick off with a bang with this ripper deal in partnership with eBay. Starts 10am June 7, running until eBay pulls the plug. Stay safe, and enjoy 🎂😊

Eligible Items means items listed on Mobileciti’s eBay store where a link to these T&Cs and the coupon redemption code MCITI20 for non-eBay Plus members (20% off) and MCITI25 for eBay Plus members (25% off) is found in the item listing, or the item appears on this link. Multiple items (up to 10 per transaction) may be purchased in 5 transactions per person, and capped at $300 discount per transaction.

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  • +19

    Gonna wait for JV to ask "any deals?"

    • +7

      “Any deals?”

    • -1

      Are there? I don't up vote on advertising

    • +1

      From 7 Jun 10:00am

  • +5

    I hope there is no price jacking…

    • +1

      keep screenshots of the prices now to call them out if it does…?

      • +1

        Mayb Jack arrived before the announcement?

        • +3

          Nope, DJI Osmo Pocket 3 is still RRP $849.

          Wait to find out the price tomorrow.

          • @YellowKnight: They had 14 Osmo Pocket 3 in-stock, I guess. Out of stock now in 5 mins.

            • @Sub: Don't worry, I'm sure they'll call and cancel some orders and say they don't know when they'll get stock again.

              The Osmo Pocket 3 stock are already limited and for one store to have 14 is pretty unbelievable.

              • @YellowKnight: Hope they don't cancel my order. :-)
                I thought they would have listed quantity as per what they have.

              • @YellowKnight: Mine has already shipped so they’ve honoured the 25% off :)

                • +1

                  @fatmanrulz: Same - am stoked as going overseas soon

                • +1

                  @fatmanrulz: That is great. The Osmo Pocket rarely goes on sale and has never gone on sale for 25% off.

                  You got yourself a bargain.

                  • @YellowKnight: The mciti20 code was still working this morning and for the creator combo too in case you missed the other deal!

  • Is it 25% percent off on top of items that are already on sale? Item I'm looking at is already 26% off.

  • +3

    If they don't remove items, then 25% off storewide is actually an insanely good deal. I'm sure people will complain that the specific item they want is not at an all time low, but plenty of items will have great prices.

    • +6

      They already nerfed their eBay store to get ready for this. A quick search of the Mobile Phone category for "Google" or "Motorola" says it all.

      • the Moto 50 Edge is regular price, so 25% will make it about $450 … cheaper than last Bing Lee deal.

        • There were no Motorola phones and only the Pixel 4a visible yesterday, hence the comment.

          It's good to see they put most of the range back on and made them accessible, though all the popular/low margin stuff is excluded (recent Pixels, Moto G54/84/Edge 40/50 Fusion

          • +1

            @duyfken: Pixel 8 128/8 unlocked is $719 with 20% code, $674 with PLUS.

            • +2

              @Igaf: Good to see they're still adding more.

            • @Igaf: Great price - better than the Amaysim $749 plus $30.

    • I'm not sure where you got the idea that it was a storewide sale.

      • +1

        Because the post literally said storewide? It has since been edited. The terms and conditions also say storewide, but since they then contradicts it by saying eligible items, I guess we'll see

      • Looks to be sitewide after all. I just bought an apple pencil pro. Also seems to apply to all iPads I've checked etc.

  • +1

    including apple?

    • +1

      Surely not

      • -1

        Likely not.

        “Eligible Items” means items listed at Mobileciti eStore on eBay.com.au where a link to these terms and conditions and the coupon redemption code MCITI20 for non-eBay Plus members (20% off) and MCITI25 for eBay Plus members (25% off) is found in the item listing, or the item appears in the following URL:

        Mobileciti just wont link the promo on Apple listings.

  • +1

    Get ready for DJI products to disappear.

    • Why? Has it happened before ?

    • Yeah, i’m looking for the DJI mini 2 se fly more - mobileciti didn’t have the 25% code on their direct website working for it. Lowest i could find would be ~$580 including discounted gift cards via catch.

  • +4

    looking forward to 100th Birthday…

    • +2

      by that time, you may not interested in any of those items listed.

  • Ticwatch pro 5 for $284 is pretty tempting…

  • +3

    I am sure uncle Jack will be on some items

  • +5

    Steam Deck LCD 64GB could be $550.

    That would also be a new all time low.

  • +1

    SD LCD $547 not bad

  • +1

    No Ubiquiti stuff on eBay. I'm almost certain they normally sell it on eBay. They defo have it on their website.

  • What's the chances of the Lenovo Tab M11 LTE w/ Tab Pen (128GB/8GB, 11'') - Luna Grey going down?

  • How much for a pair of cycling gloves after this discount?

    • 1 finger discount per glove.

  • What’s the difference between this sale and the other 25% sale they having on their website currently. Seems like the same products and same prices

    • +1

      But if you can get discount eBay gift card plus cashback it's actually cheaper than order from mobileciti

  • They've already delisted the item I was after…

  • anyone know is there any discounted ebay gift card to buy anywhere at the moment?

  • -1

    Jacked prices not on delisting OK revolt if Jacked prices wait go to another provider its all competition

  • Any deals on the tablet or iPad?

    • Yes. All of them. If you are quick before they sell it out!

    • Samsung Galaxy s7+ Tab(refurb) is a solid deal for ~$375. Although a few years old, it was a flagship with mighty specs for that price.

      • Galaxy s7 or 9+ or Lenovo ?

        • Galaxy s7+ best specs by a long long way but is old and I think won't be getting updates. A9+ newer with updates and a bit better than Lenovo M11. Lenovo M11 cheapest and solid for future updates. A9+ and M11 will do basic browsing and YouTubing, but will struggle anything more.

          • @Rochie: Yes my requirements are simple browsing , Netflix and YouTube . No gaming

  • Reeeeeally hoping that bots didn't get the 2 items in stock of what I wanted, I checked out at 10:00:01

    • How did you go? 🤞

      • Negative 'review item' after confirming as they'd been pillaged somehow

  • May be we should put back storewide on the title.

    Yamaha RX-V6A 7.2-Channel AV Receiver w/Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Musiccast - Black $740


    • +1

      Done. Was mod edited last night, but Aaron from MC confirmed with me it's definitely storewide. Cheers.

  • +1

    Can confirm it's 25% (20%) off the already discounted prices, no price jacking. Got Sony WF-1000XM5 for $306 and XBox Wireless Controller for $58.

    • Sony XM5's for $306??? Please explain how?

      • +1

        WF, in ear. Not WH.

        • Sorry my bad!!
          Just now bought WH for $366 so got worried that how come ots so cheap.
          Thanks mate.

  • +1

    I see SB have stopped selling ebay gift cards??

    Is the superswap still valid to change for eBay?

    • Just checked my Prezzee wallet for a previously purchased SS gc, and eBay still available to swap for.

    • The ShopBack Home still has eBay listed

  • Got Pixel 8 for $674, no price jacking

  • +1

    Got a 10th gen 256 for 650 something… Sweet!

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/145756194667

    MSI GF63 i5, 512GB SSD, 16GB RAM, RTX4060.


    • yeah but should we trust MSI low-end laptop build quality?

      • I can only show you the door. You're the one who has to walk through it.

  • Samsung 31.5'' UHD FreeSync 4ms VA Business Monitor UJ590 $262


  • I just ordered a Samsung Tab A. I checked before the sale at about 8:30am today and the price didn't changed after the sale started.

    Plus I used Shopback (3%) and my Westpac (2%) card. Lets see if they are honoured.

    • +2

      These codes are not eligible for cashback mate.

  • +2

    Moto G54 becomes $186

  • Nice got an iPad Air M2 $300 off, thank OP

  • Did the MCITI25 code ended? Only seeing the MCITI20.

    It was fine this morning

    • +1

      it still works if u apply in checkout. Ebay is known to not always showing you the best promo code

    • Just bought Moto G54 with MCITI25 code

  • The 25% code no longer work on all items I looked at including this. Yes I have eBay Plus before anyone ask.

    Unfortunately, this code no longer works.

    • Probably but at 11:05am today it worked as after cancelling my Moto G54 order, I placed the order for Moto G84 and it worked.

  • It's still clearly advertised on the eBay homepage for me but hasn't been working for hours. Not the first time eBay has pulled a code while still advertising it on the front page

  • MCITI25 not working for ebay plus member

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