[PC, Steam] Horizon Zero Dawn - Complete Edition $16.79, Hi-Fi Rush $12.19 & More @ CDKeys.com

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Some decent games for pretty cheap for your gaming PC.

Hi-Fi Rush - $12.19

Disco Elysium - The Final Cut - $9.59

Outer Wilds - $15.69

NBA 2K24 - $14.69

Monster Hunter World - $12.99

The Calisto Protocol - $10.29

Lego Lord of the Rings - $5.69

Bully Scholarship Edition - $6.29

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - $4.59

Doom - $6.89

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  • +15

    Horizon is definently worth $17 if you havent already played on PS. The first game I ever platinumed, story was awesome.

    • +1

      Great game

  • Hi-Fi Rush was in the humble choice last month for $17 for 8 games so $12 isn't that great

    • +6

      I know, but we won't be seeing that deal again.

    • +2

      I skipped that month, the other 7 games weren't great and the backlog is too strong. Have paid 12 for Hi-Fi by itself.

      • +1

        I would say if you don't already have it Yakuza Like A Dragon alone is worth more than $5

    • With Humble Choice do you only have access to the game as long as you're subscribed ala Playstation Plus? Or whatever you get during that month is yours to keep, forever?

      • +1

        Yours to keep

        • +1

          Thanks! I never subscribed before and missed out on last month’s ones, shame coz it had Yakuza and Hi-Fi Rush.

    • +1

      Reminder Hi-fi Rush is on gamepass

  • +5

    Still waiting for horizon to be free on epic

    • +8

      Saddle up and get comfy, you'll be waiting a very long time for a Sony IP to be free on another platform.

      • It's a single player game who cares how long it takes, it's already been years at this point.

        • +1

          My point is that it'll never be free outside of a PS… but y'all feel free to wait forever.

          • @eggaz: the limits people will go to to not pay for something…

    • +1

      Me too! so I can add it to the list of games I'll probably never play.

      • Horizon is one worth bringing up to the top of the list.

  • +7

    Disco Elysium is just amazing (if you like to read, that is).
    Can't recommend it enough. So emotional and just overall great.

    • +1

      FINE! I will buy it for the steam deck if you insist!

    • I actually just found it too much reading. I'm done with early 90s text RPGs. Just took too long to get into

      • It's a true successor to Planescape: Torment.
        Once I got into it, I couldn't stop until I finished the game, having completed almost all available quests.

  • +2

    NBA2K24 is amazing, especially if you are into Kobe lore.
    Be sure to get the Colorado DLC!

  • +8

    Outer Wilds is a genuine 10/10.

  • +10

    A lot of these have been around this price in previous steam sales on steam, epic, GOG, etc.

    And unlike with CDkeys, you can be sure the Devs will actually get some of your money.

    Places like CD keys sometimes use codes from cheaper regions, but often it's just game keys bought with stolen credit cards.

    If I didn't care about my money going to the creators whose games bring me so much enjoyment, I'd just pirate.

    • +3

      The devs also lose money in some cases when it involves chargebacks, etc.

    • +4

      The studio that made Hi-Fi Rush was bought and closed by Microsoft so feel free to buy that from here or pirate it guilt-free.

  • +1

    Purchased horizon, thnx!

  • +1

    Nice! Been on my wishlist on Steam for ages! Just got Horizon Zero Dawn!

  • +1

    Thanks bought like 3 games.

  • +1

    Nice game.

  • +2

    Is CDkeys a legit site? I've only ever gone with Greenman Gaming outside of the steam store.

    • +5

      Nobody has ever had an issue.

      As an aside, here is a first and third party games seller site aggregator for sites like GMG that can be useful to find deals: https://www.cheapshark.com/

      Whoever just down-voted me needs to eat their cornflakes.

      • +2

        Never heard of cheapshark, Allkeyshop seems a lot better: https://www.allkeyshop.com/blog/

        • Thanks for the tip off. What about Cheapshark don't you like? I've used it for years.

        • +3

          To add another to the mix, I use gg.deals - https://gg.deals/game/horizon-zero-dawn-complete-edition/

          Really useful due to the risk monitor with each key store and clearly defining between official sellers and key resellers.

      • +2

        Thanks, I've been using https://steamdb.info for price comparison.

        • +1

          That site is sick. I should look at it more often.

          • @Budju: Yea but only aggregates official steam store pricing. If you’re trying to support the devs like @GandalfTheCheap this is the tool to do it and buy direct from Steam.

            • @monkeyjaja: Yes, but I was noticing it provides a heap of user data as well which is difficult if not impossible to find in steam client. I was looking at Palworld player numbers which have dwindled to <1% of their peak in January.

      • +2

        To say it's generally fine and one of the better gray market sites is fine. To say nobody has ever had an issue is an outright lie. I don't eat cornflakes.

        • I agree with the first point. On the second, what's your issue?

          • +2

            @Budju: Some people have had issues. Why say otherwise?

            • +1

              @ozbs25: Some people probably had issues with Steam as well. It's not an issue that we need to worry about. I've used CDkeys on and off for 13 years, they've never failed me.

              • +3

                @Budju: Then say I've used them for 13 years and I've never had a problem.

                • -2

                  @ozbs25: I guess you'd have to produce evidence that CDkeys has jabbed someone proper before I make that admission.

                  • +1

                    @Budju: 1

                    Again, of course you can get other problems from other stores but to say noone has ever had issues is wrong.

                    • +1

                      @ozbs25: From what I gather these people posted their complaint to reddit instead of just resolving it with customer support. At least one was simply resolved with customer support within a few hours of making the post. The one about GOG key being already redeemed was also able to be resolved by another user. It sounds like this is good performance from CDKeys really that you can't find a decent recent example where they did somebody wrong which wasn't able to be resolved by customer support.

  • Good playability the Disco on Steam Deck?

  • +1

    Thanks, grabbed Disco and Hifi Rush. Should be great on the deck.

  • +1

    Bought Disco Elysium for my Mac. Was a bit worried because CDKeys lists it as a PC game, but it activated fine and is running on Apple Silicon natively without issue. Activates as "Disco Elysium - The Final Cut - Retail (RoW)" and includes the Mac version.

  • No man's sky is also $35. I just started playing. Boy, I might be playing a long time. Now it is all fixed it seems pretty good

    • Nice price for No Man's Sky. I bought it on GOG last year for $42.49 and i can't believe that i hadn't got around to playing it yet. At least on GOG it's DRM free which is good.

  • +1

    The problem with the cheap "key" sites is that many of the keys are sourced from fake "reviewers" who, instead of reviewing the game, sell them, giving the developers no income from the sale.

    Which is a bit miserable.

    • +1

      Or many are just from other parts of the world where the currency is cheaper.

    • Just because a game is reviewed doesn't mean that it's going to sell. A game sells because it's good and people want it. I for example never read a game review as i know those can be biased because the reviewer is paid out by the developer. I buy because it's actually good. A game should be so good that it sells itself.

  • A$18.73 on epic for Horizon

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