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[Zip] PNY Verto RTX 4080 Super Graphics Card $1402.50 Delivered @ Electric Bay eBay


This is an all time low for the 4080 super.
This is a big card at 340mm long.
Just be sure to check case capacity before buying.
I was really hoping this price for the zotac trinity 4080 super.

Product Specifications

CUDA Cores

Clock Speed
2295 MHz

Boost Speed
2595 MHz

Memory Speed (Gbps)

Memory Size

Memory Interface

Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec)

320 W

Not Supported

DisplayPort 1.4a (x3), HDMI 2.1


7680 x 4320 @120Hz (Digital)3

Power Input
16-pin (One 16-pin to Three 8-pin)

Bus Type
PCI-Express 4.0 x16

Card Dimensions
13.06" x 5.42" x 2.8"; 3.5 slot

Box Dimensions
15.94" x 7.83" x 4.06"

Original Coupon Deal

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      Thanks for asking!

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        All things considered, I couldn't be better I must say.

  • Assuming the 5k series comes out one day and the 4k series start to go on clearance, will we get much lower than this?

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      The 5000 series will be 40% faster, and cost 40% more.

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        Or 80% more… nvidia doesnt really care about gamers anymore

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          they still do care about gamers market

          they have an apple attitude

          ie gamers will still buy cos we (nvidia) are top dog in GPUs with the best hardware and software features..

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            @pinkybrain: Apple isn’t number one in any market though…

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              @smartazz104: I meant top dog as in having the best hardware and software not just market share (which nvidia does have in gpu market)

              ipad is considered top dog in tablet market
              most people's home have ipad or android tablet?
              and which would be desire more?
              many tech reviewers have agree apps runs better on the ipad etc..

              point of my comment is apple and nvidia knows that they got the best hardware and software compared to their competitors
              so they believe they can keep their prices high and average consumers + fanboys will still buy it

              also this

              Apple #1 In Global Smartphone Market For First Time Ever

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                @pinkybrain: really - i just went amd because plays better on games, especially the retro games i have.

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                  @Retarded Lunatic: I have both nvidia and AMD GPU
                  and I find that nvidia continues providing driver support for my older nvidia cards much much longer than my much newer AMD card.
                  I feel burnt by this, so my next GPU will likely be a Nvidia (if there is a good deal or when prices are not at a rip off price like it is currently)

                  Nvidia invents many newer software/tech features first before AMD and it tends to run better or has higher quality (e.g. cuda, physX, DLSS, RTX).
                  DLSS is consider more better quality than AMD's implementation…

                  The main shit downside is nvidia only puts some of those software features only on their newer GPU (which may also require new hardware chips to run those software features).
                  This designed to drive sale of newer GPU (e.g RTX etc)

                  If given the choice between similar performing GPU and price,
                  I think many people would choose nvidia.

                  Also according to this, in Q4 2023, NVIDIA owned 80% of the GPU market share

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                    @pinkybrain: your motivation is different to mine. i didnt care support - after much research even though i have many INtel and nvidia cards and cpu was purely on game play. Amd + radeon always trumps intel + nvidia for game play from what ive read.

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          Jensen has high market share and underestimates my HODL. I will HODL 80% more!

          • +1

            @ozdog64: I won't buy anything offered at a ridiculous rrp that is. But I don't think that much HODL is worth our time. I'd rather get a ps5 and get on with it. ymmv ofcourse ;)

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          Considering how poorly the 4080 sold, i highly doubt they'll make the same mistake again. Dont forget they also have to compete with themselves in the second market with 4090 which will have a lot more vram. If they price again over $1,000 it will be another DOA dud again, even worse now being only 16gb in 2024 when games are already starting to push that limit. I think they'll price it the same as the 4080 super, greedy…but not dumb. They cant push consumers too hard, a.i bubble will pop eventually and theyll want gamers to fall back on, and they dont want AMD to gain any momentum either. If they increased the price by 40% it would come out to a huge amount of backlash and bad reviews lol

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            @S1nn3r86: They won't make the same mistake, they will reserve their highest tier cards for the compute market and not even sell them to gamers. It's already started if you look at their entire product line.

            They only need a product 20% better and 20% more expensive than AMD/Intel (or whatever their marketing team dictates).

        • +2

          True, they don't have to.

          If you look at their revenues, they now make around 10% from gamers. All the money's in AI.

          They are gimping the memory in gaming cards to stop them eating into the bottom of AI. Luckily for them, their competition, AMD and Intel don't have much business sense.

    • How long do you want to wait seems like the more appropriate question.

    • NVIDIA has been known to launch artificially high rrp to get maximum value out of existing stock

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      DVI port on rtx phased out long time ago

        • ?

          • -5

            @michaelTito: He said they phased it out a long time ago - but the RTX2060 still has DVI and that card was still being sold until a couple of years ago.

            • +19

              @Mondorock: The RTX 2060 came out in 2019, that's a long time ago for GPUs.

              • -5

                @ldd-mn: He's talking about the date that they were phased out though, which is not 2019.

                • +5

                  @Mondorock: DVI is ancient. Move on to a current standard

                    • +9

                      @Mondorock: Stop living in the past. It's time to move on. It's just a cable

        • +24

          Were you under the impression that when a port type is phased out that the manufacturer drops by your house to remove it?

    • +4

      Just get adapter as dvi doesnt come out on newer graphics cards as its a) takes more space b) has limited resolution compared to modern video output standards such as 4k / 8k / daisy chaining through display port / hdr / etc

        • +3

          Monitors don't have DVI anymore. But more importantly DVI doesn't support whatever video encryption standards the major movie studios want to shove down our throats so it's not coming back

        • +1

          I don't make up the rules… If you're so very unhappy about it perhaps write to nvidia / amd about. They might offer a solution

        • +2

          Why not a VGA port for good measure.

          • -3

            @smartazz104: I have a 15 year old monitor and it doesn't even have a VGA port.

            • @Mondorock: Does it have DVI?

            • +8

              @Mondorock: There's no way you're buying a 1400 dollar gpu just to pair it with a 15 year old extremely outdated monitor. Even a 300 dollar gpu would be overkill for that.

              • @JerraJones: I think he's trolling. He's got to be for this very reason.

    • +22

      No VGA port?

      • +5

        No serial port? Outrageous!

      • +3

        Yeah, I was going to get one, but lack of composite, CGA and Hercules output made me look elsewhere ;-)

      • No parallel port.. no deal.

    • +1

      Woah. Way to give me a blast from the past there.

      • -5

        Yeah because 2021 is such a blast from the past.

    • +4

      What year is it?

      • -8

        Just because it's a new year doesn't automatically make everything from the previous year obsolete.

        • +3

          I mean that's pretty much exactly how technology works.

        • +10

          I think what you're missing is that DVI was included for several years after most new monitors stopped using it. It was just being included on GPUs as a legacy option for people with old monitors.

          The same thing happened with VGI ports for a good decade after new monitors stopped using them.

          It's also why new motherboards today still include a PS/2 port, even though you haven't been able to buy a new PS/2 keyboard or mouse for well over a decade.

          The reason everyone is having fun with this is because it's pretty much the equivalent of someone buying a graphics card from the last generation that included VGA as an option, a decade after people stopped making VGA monitors, and then complaining that new graphics cards don't have VGA ports anymore.

          Actually, the port had been in decline for years prior. You just happened to buy a card in the last gasps of DVI before it died completely.

    • +3

      If you're still using a DVI monitor, you're not gonna be using the full capabilities of a 4080 in resolution or framerate 😅

      Get a cheaper GPU with an adapter. Otherwise, it's time for a new monitor.

  • OP did you see that the Zotac trinity was $1565 or something last week with a coupon code at Centrecom? Surprised no one posted it - I couldnt get around to. I’m watching that one too - almost pulled the trigger with rumours that 50 series might not come out to 2025. I know, HODL….

    • +2

      I saw that, almost pulled. I'm just aiming for sub $1500

      • +1

        yeh I reckon that was prob the best we'll get for now, until closer to black friday/50 series launch…. will see.

    • Is the zotac better than the pny?

  • +14

    the more you buy, the more you save.

  • Whys OP after the Zotac trinity over this? Aren't all cards the same? Is it just aesthetics?

    • +8

      Size of zotac 307mm vs 340 doesn't fit in my case

      • formd t1?

        • I'm after it for my A4 H20. White T1 for me one day…. one day…..

        • +2

          Torrent nano. It holds up to 335 but 307mm gives me wiggle room

          • +2

            @maverickjohn: Don’t be like me lol… I bought mine thinking it would fit. Forgot to double check the length.

            I had to take a part of my case apart to install the video card. Luckily theres like a 2mm clearance on the inside once the case was put back together.

            H1 V2 with a Gigabyte RTX 4080 Super Windforce V2. Didn’t hodl but got to play my games looking nicer earlier.

  • Looking at using the same zippay coupon to get a discount off something that brings it to $1,500.

    There's a $1,000 credit limit on zip pay without having to open a zip money account and possibly pay an establishment fee. Am i correct there's up to $1000 compayment option so i can use my card for the remainder?

    I have no debt and usually like paying things off in full and a bit wary of BNPL. Can i use zip pay with copayment to get the coupon, immediately repay in full then just close out the zippay account?

    Understanding is that it doesn't affect credit history but lenders will often ask if you have used BNPL

    • You can use eBay gift cards to reduce down the balance or pay most of it

    • Just tried what Kallo recommend and it works, I got an ebay egift card from prezza for $400-500, so it was brought down to sub $1000, and then i paid the rest with Zippay, just set it up in less than 5 mins

      And yes, you can pay the entire amount

      • You can get ebay giftcards directly through zippay as well

      • Nice, thanks!

  • +4

    Thank you, finally pulled the trigger.

  • +1

    Thanks for sharing, I am going to send back my gigabyte windforce from centrecom, cop the delivery fee and get this

    • +2

      I'd be interested to hear how you go, centrecom isn't known for being good for aftersales support. Prepare for a 15% "restocking fee" BS

      • ill update you when it's done but they do explicitly state their restocking fees and delivery fees back. Restocking is $0 if I havnt opened it, so ill take a bunch of photos before sending it back but delivery is the fee that was spent too send it here

    • Which model of card?
      How long ago did you buy from them?
      Did you open and use it?
      Centrecom's CS is BS, hence the questions in case that ever happens to me.

      • I got the winforce V2, same gpu model.
        Purchased it 6 days ago, its still otw, so im not going to use it now that I have this.
        Whats CS?

        • Ohhh, good luck, I wonder what happens if you choose to not accept the delivery. Wondering if the restocking fee BS applies.

          CS = Customer Service. Good luck, let us know how you go.

          • +1

            @lordra: Yeah i think Im safe with the restocking fee, heres their email reply to me:


            We don't usually accept GPU for a change of mind but in this case we are willing to look on it.

            Once you have received the item just give us an update and please do not open the parcel to avoid a restocking fee.'

            • @Buggy D Clown: I'm cautiously happy for you mate. So far so good. You may need to pay for postage I feel, or if you're local, can drop it off if you're near.

              • +2

                @lordra: Thank you haha, Centrecom has so many policies its crazy and some seems really harsh but their support team has been great in communicating and clarifying things so theyre been amazing thus far.

                I paid with Afterpay so I wasnt charged the card surcharge but yeah delivery is a bummer but its about $22 to send back so ill take that for the $200 ill save from returning the gigabyte and grabbing this PNy

  • So tempting. Still quite happy with my 1660ti though. Hmmm…

    • +3

      Probably dont need a 4080 if you are happy with that, save some money and get the 4070 Super for nearly half the price. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/225965062445 $833

      • +1

        Yeah. Am actually considering that too. Thanks.

        $833.85 final price after coupon code $147.15 off. Hmmm…

        • +2

          If you are using a 1440p monitor, the 4070s will do, if you are on a 4k monitor (Doesnt sound like it) then the jump to 4080 would be worth it.
          The 4080 will last longer but at $833 for 4070s just upgrade is 5 or so years to the new 4070s (6070 or so) equivalent and it will be the same price equivalent as a 4080 super now but only more powerful

          • @maverickjohn: What about for running an ultrawide, 3440x1440? I'm still rocking a 1080TI but getting tempted to upgrade.

            • +1

              @Pry: Id probably go the 4080 but the 4070S would still work, it might just show its limitations sooner than you may want

          • +1


            the same price equivalent as a 4080 super now but only more powerful

            Very sound reasoning. Agree 100%. 👍

            • @pacificstorm: So which one are you going for? I'm in the same boat too, rocking a 1660ti on a 1440p and I probably won't go 4k.
              Really tempted to upgrade but torn between Nvidia or AMD - 4070S or 7900GRE..

      • +1

        Hey @maverickjohn the 4070 Super for $833 or the 7900GRE for $805?

        • +1

          Choose your drug, both quite equivalent, better raster performance for 7900 gre, better dlss/ RT with 4070 super.
          https://youtu.be/tFKhlplCNpM?t=1038 good video showing them head to head.

          • +2

            @maverickjohn: Yep, I just finished watching it. They seem to go in favour of the 4070, but the 7900 has 4gb more ram, and is a bit more future proof, plus the overclocking potential. Sigh, such tough choices.

            • +1

              @lordra: The only issue is that the bigger VRAM could be useless.
              If the chip itself would not be able to run the higher settings/resolution then the lower size model would be used which make VRAM usage less.

              Back in the day, I had RX570 with 4Gb VRAM and then switched to 1060 with 3Gb VRAM. Radeon could never use full 4Gb as the chip was not able to handle the higher models. Overall, nvidia had higher FPS, even with lower max memory.

        • +2

          Where is this $805 GRE?

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