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[Zip] Breville The Barista Express Coffee Machine $507.45 + $10 Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus/C&C) @ Bing Lee eBay


36% off RRP $799, the Barista Express hasn't been this low for several months. Sale ends tomorrow.

Excludes: Northern Territory, QLD Far North, QLD Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote

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    Anyone know if the grinder on these are decent?

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      Good enough!

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      Grinder is solid! Not going to be like your free standing high-end grinders but does a very good job. Had the machine since 2020 and running like a dream

      Only wish would be for it to be dual boiler but that’s me asking for to much at this price range 😂

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      I'd imagine you wouldn't want to use light roasts with it, but I'm sure it would do the trick for darker roasts

      • Why so?

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          I think brittleness would be the main factor


          If you look online you'll see people mention that even Breville's standalone grinders aren't really up to scratch for light roasts either

          Most people tend to drink darker roasts, so this is really more of a concern if you're getting into specialty coffees

    • Works well enough. I've changed out the hopper on mine to a single dosing one with Bellows (3D print). Much more convenient if you change beans regularly.

      Breville/Sage Barista Express Single Dose Silicone Bellows Hopper

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        That's brilliant..thanks

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    Had it for 12 yrs now, still running strong.

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      In that case, lower your coffee to milk ratio.

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      12 yrs , you're either very lucky or your hardly make coffee on that machine. This machine last me only 6 yrs before it start giving me the shit.

      • I had one run five years in an 80 person office, they are pretty reliable. The one I have at home has been going strong for 8 years now.

  • This or pro?

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      I had the Barista Express in NZ and upgraded to the Pro when we moved here - secondhand in both cases. Depends how much you're into coffee, I guess. The Pro has a number of QOL things that I personally think it's worth it to me, but there's no way I would have spent that much on a coffee machine when we first bought it.
      Quality of the coffee seems about the same, it's just easier to get things set up, there's less waiting time boiling, more consistency etc.

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        Thanks, so the Express is enough then for having a coffee machine for the first time.

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          Absolutely - this is coming from someone who owned the Barista Express as a first machine (I currently own the Dual Boiler and the Bambino Plus). They can all make comparable coffee in the right hands, but the Barista Express' steam wand was a bit annoying in that you need to turn it on, let it build pressure over 10 or so seconds, quickly shut it off, and then dip your milk jug back in and turn it on for optimal milk steaming.

          The other units release steam at pressure on demand. Aside from that quirk, a very capable unit and a great entry into coffee, however if you can reach for the Pro, I think the QOL is worth it. If budget stops you from doing so, and you're happy to deal with the steam wand, it can still make excellent coffee.

        • I'd say so, and it holds its value pretty well if a few years down the track you want to upgrade too.

        • Certainly, the pressure gauge is a bonus on the Express also.

          The Pro has an automatic low water shutoff, unlike the express. That's one of the main things to keep in mind, check the water level regularly or you could easily kill the thing.

  • my grinder broke after a few months of usage after i set max fine levels, had to send it to a service shop to get it fixed (the guy told me he replaced the grinder)

    • What kind of coffee were you using?

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        I am assuming the strong one!

  • Decent price!

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    This vs bambino plus + grinder? Have minimal bench space

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      last week i boughtt bambino plus + grinder. bambino plus has thermojet where it only takes 3 sec, where has this one has thermocoil which takes around 40sec. i got bambino plus + grinder for 770 (with 15% cashback from goodguys, so total around 650).

    • Bambino + grinder requires 2 plugs with cables if that matters. Also express is cheaper if that matters. They take the same amount of space.

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      Depends if you think you'll want to upgrade later as well. Having grinder and coffee extraction separate allows you to sell one and upgrade without having to ditch both.

      If you're not against hand-grinding you could do a Bambino Plus and a hand grinder like Kingrinder or a Hario Slim or Skerton for minimal bench space occupation.

      I have the Bambino Plus and the Breville Smart Grinder doing daily duty and I have no desire to upgrade, have easily done over 1k cups of coffee over the past 2 years.

      Bambino Plus is also a very quick few-second startup to extraction, and the automatic milk steaming is pretty good for a press-button-get-good-coffee kinda machine. No messing about and partner can make her own coffee. Slow startup times on other machines - I ain't got time for that!

      • Bambino Plus is also a very quick few-second startup to extraction, and the automatic milk steaming is pretty good for a press-button-get-good-coffee kinda machine. No messing about and partner can make her own coffee. Slow startup times on other machines - I ain't got time for that!

        This sums up my experience with the BBP too - especially the part about partners. My partner didn't like making coffee when we had a fully manual Italian machine, but is happy to make coffees now

        I really, genuinely can't fault it for the price.

        Currently using a fairly crappy grinder I got cheap on Facebook Marketplace. Eventually going to upgrade the grinder to something like a DF64 or Eureka Mignon, which will be fun

    • +4

      I have the Bambino Plus and my sister has this one - I prefer the Bambino. It's much easier to use and much quicker. The auto milk frothing means you can go about doing other things while it steams the milk too. If it were any easier to use, it'd be a Nespresso machine.

      Highly recommend, especially if you share the machine with others who don't want a complicated coffee making experience.

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    This is a fantastic machine. Takes about 4.5 minutes to start up / grind / pour shot steam and clean , before i shoot off to work.
    Beautiful coffee, but read the book, get some scales and set it up 1st time correctly. Eg shot takes 20-30 to pour out 30ml / 60ml etc.
    If you dont see creme on the coffee, grind finer.
    single shot is 30ml, Double shot is 60ml. I see so many morons who have no idea what to do( Its all in the 15 page Manual) and use it for 3 years intil someone shows them its not to look like half a cup of coke in a glass. FFS!!

    • +3

      No crema is often due to old beans.

      • is this the real hames joffman?

        • @ Cre8t etc etc etc… no way, but i bet he is a fan like myself. LOL …@ HamesJoffman.. But you will also get no crema if you grind too course, and the water pours through the shot like an McDonalds coke machine.

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    After my research, I went for the Express Impress, which is essentially the Express with in-built tamper.
    Yes, every coffee connoisseur will talk about puck preparation until the cows come home but every review I watched or read about the Impress' tamping, said the even water flow through the puck was impressive.
    The benefit of the Impress is the more efficient workflow. It grinds the right amount of beans and you can tamp perfectly, every time without any mess. For my skill set, and my needs it's perfect.

    There's some really good reviews on YT for the Express, Impress or the Pro. Some people were wanting to upgrade from the Pro to the Dual Boiler.. It's really horses for courses.
    From my research the Pro's main benefits is the quicker heating and better milk frothing.
    Though, some have said the ThermoJet technology in the Pro has less consistent temps than that of the Express/Impress.

    In any coffee machine, you're going to have a learning curve.
    There's a bit of an art to dialing in your beans/coffee machine, puck preparation and milk frothing.

    Here's some videos that helped me get started:

    Dialling In Coffee:
    1. https://www.tiktok.com/@riverina.fresh/video/737206391852656…
    2. https://www.tiktok.com/@alternativebrewing/video/72206558532…

    Milk Frothing:
    3. https://www.tiktok.com/@goldenbrown.coffee/video/71872478480…
    4. https://www.tiktok.com/@goldenbrown.coffee/video/73241545329…

  • Anyone with one already who did the OPV mod for 9 bar. How did it go?

    I recently did the mod by loosening the screw. What I found is the flow rate decreases as a result of the lower pressure. Thus I would have to either grind coarser or grind less. Thus contradicts with everything I have read.

    • It useless, as the OPV simply purges water into the bottom tray. So emptying the bottom tray every couple of cups!

      Add a speed controller or dimmer to the pump. Then set the flow pressure to water you like …heaps better, and really should be default on all machines.

      Also adding a puck screen is advantageous on this, as the shower head is the other short fall off the BES.

      I'm now using 9 grams in a single basket, which tastes better/ stronger than 16 grams. In default mode, a decent shot with the single basket isn't even doable.

    • +1

      just do preinfusion only shot (holding button down)

    • Are you aware that Breville changed this machine a while ago and it now tops out at around 9 bar? My old machine used to always go to the end of the pressure dial, around 2 o'clock. And, even though the cleaning disk had a small hole in it, the pressure would max out and water would leak around the portafilter, when cleaning.
      When I read about the new version I sold the old one. My new machine tops out around 11 o'clock on the pressure dial and the new the cleaning disc doesn't need a hole.
      So no need to do the OPV mod if you have a recent machine.

      • How recent? I bought mine in 2020 and I'm sure mine still runs high as the pressure dial is around the 2 o'clock position when brewing and the cleaning disc doesn't have a hole in it.

        Everything brews well and I get a 36g extraction in around 30s. Just looks like the pressure runs a little on the high side.

  • I got mine for $529 several years ago. It is definitely worth it for the money. Never had any issues with but make sure you clean, descale and look after it. I don’t think anything comes close for the money. Whilst some machines like bambino are quicker, they feel more like a toy, no weight or substance, and need to be held down to lock in their toy-like portafilters. The pressure gauge is a godsend, The step up from here would be a dual boiler and grinder if you have the space a can part with around $1500 and can wait for it to heat up.

  • still waiting for a deal on the BDB

  • +1

    Got one of these that is approaching 10 years old. Serviced once and solenoid replaced in 2018.

    Pressure gauge has stopped working and grinder is now very very loud. But still produces a nice coffee. Will keep using it until it dies.

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    I bought one in 2011, thinking it will be a waste of money, a coffee is 3.50, this thing cost me 799 after discount, I need to drink 200-400 coffee from this machine to make my money back.
    now 13 years later, the only regret I have is I didn't spent more on a higher end model on a Breville coffee machine.

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